Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

According to a recent Rasmussen survey, it has been disclosed that almost half of the American population is of the opinion that Congress should promptly take action and initiate impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. Specifically, 42% of likely voters support the idea of impeaching President Biden. In terms of party affiliation, Republicans showed strong support for the hypothetical impeachment, with 70% favoring it, whereas 71% of Democrats responded that they would not be in favor of such a potential impeachment. The stance of independents remains divided, as 40% oppose impeachment while 39% support taking steps toward impeaching President Biden.

Interestingly, 53% of respondents, including a considerable number of Democrats and independents, recognize that it is more than just a possibility that President Biden has committed offenses that warrant his removal from office. This sentiment is shared by 38% who firmly believe that it is “very” likely. Notably, a significant portion of Democrats, approximately one-third, along with 48% of independents, have doubts regarding President Biden’s actions.

According to Brietbart:

Four in ten likely voters believe Congress should begin impeachment proceedings on President Joe Biden, a Rasmussen Reports survey revealed on Thursday.

The survey found 42 percent of likely voters indicating that Congress should begin impeachment proceedings against Biden, while 45 percent said lawmakers should not. While most Republicans (70 percent) believe Congress should and most Democrats (71 percent) believe Congress should not, independents remain relatively divided. Forty percent of independents do not believe Congress should begin impeachment proceedings on the 80-year-old president, compared to 39 percent who believe lawmakers should do so.

Further, 53 percent across the board believe it is at least somewhat likely that since taking office, Biden has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors that would justify Congress impeaching him.” Of those, 38 percent said it is “very” likely. Notably, more than one-third of Democrats also believe it is at least somewhat likely, as do 48 percent of independents.

However, when asked how likely it is that Congress will pursue impeachment proceedings against Biden, voters have their doubts. Most, 66 percent, believe it is at least not very likely, and of those, 29 percent believe it is “not at all likely.”

Republicans are increasingly discussing the possibility of impeaching President Joe Biden, driven by his policy decisions. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene filed an article of impeachment, focusing on the issue of border security. Greene accuses Biden of deliberately compromising national security by neglecting immigration law enforcement and border security. She also criticizes his immigration policy, citing over five million encounters with illegal aliens during his presidency as evidence of his inadequate handling of immigration issues. These factors have fueled the ongoing conversation among Republicans regarding the potential impeachment of President Biden.

There are several additional reasons cited by those who believe that President Joe Biden should be impeached. One such reason is the controversy surrounding the FBI’s alleged surveillance of Catholics who attend Latin Mass, which has drawn criticism and raised concerns about civil liberties. Additionally, the recently released Durham report, which presents findings related to potential misconduct during the 2016 election, has also contributed to the discussion of impeaching Biden.

Furthermore, Biden’s handling of polarizing political issues has been a point of contention, with some arguing that his policies and actions have further divided the country. These divisive issues serve as a basis for those who advocate for his impeachment.

Another factor that has been brought up is Biden’s age, with critics questioning his mental fitness for office, particularly given that he is 80 years old, as he currently makes frequent mistakes during speeches, and is unable to take questions from reporters at random.

Overall, these additional factors, including the FBI’s surveillance, the findings from the Durham report, divisive political issues, and concerns about Biden’s mental fitness, contribute to the diverse range of arguments put forth by those who believe that President Biden should face impeachment proceedings.


  1. Impeached? He should be tried for treason and sentenced accordingly the old fashion way.

  2. Based on what is public now, not just about his family’s questionable foreign dealings but also his knowledge of Hillary’s plot against Trump that is now in the Durham report, which he was informed and he did nothing to stop the criminality of it, he should be impeached. Colluding with criminals makes a dangerous person to be given much power. May God bless us with wisdom.

  3. Hell……This is news? I said that 3 years ago…….This turd is going down as one of the worst presidents in history……Take that to the bank…..

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  6. No, he should be removed and placed in dementia care because he is mentally incapable of performing his duties, and has been since day one. His wife should be brought up on charges of spousal abuse. Those who are really running things, (into the ground) need to be removed and indicted.

  7. Joe Biden is nothing but a front man for Obama and the Democrat party. He is the fall guy while the rest of them go along their merry way! Shame on Jill Biden for letting this happen! They all need to be exposed for what they have done and are doing!

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