Photo edit featuring the potential 2024 match up of former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden © Alexander J. Williams III

With President Joe Biden reportedly moving ahead with plans to announce his 2024 re-election campaign a new poll finds Democrats just want to move on.

The latest Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll finds only 22 percent of American adults believe Biden should seek another term.

But it’s Biden’s numbers among his own party that are most shocking.

Only 37 percent of Democrats want Biden to seek another term and 62 percent oppose a re-election bid, a stunning rejection of an incumbent party leader and a complete collapse of support just months ago.

In October 2022, weeks before the midterm elections, 52 percent of Democrats wanted Biden to run again.

The rock-bottom plunge appears to be tied to the Democrats’ loss of their majority in the U.S. House in those elections, and lingering problems with inflation.

The poll found only 27 percent of Democrats had “a great deal of confidence” that Biden could “accomplish major policy goals,” surprising given Biden’s success in passing the massive “Inflation Reduction Act” left-wing spending bill that had been given up for dead.

Another 27 percent of Democrats expressed “a great deal of confidence” that Biden could “effectively manage government spending.”

When it came to specific political issues Democrats expressed strong confidence in Biden’s handling of his job, but the public at large did not share that sentiment.

Biden’s strongest marks came from his handling of “the coronavirus pandemic,” with 53 percent of the general public and 82 percent of Democrats believing Biden was doing a good job.

While he still held the support of a wide majority of Democrats, public support for Biden’s job performance collapsed on other issues, with most Americans giving Biden overall negative marks on “race relations,” “climate change,” “foreign policy,” “U.S. relationship with Russia,” “health care,” “the economy” and “immigration.”


  1. Don’t underestimate Biden and the Democratic Party and their mainstream media allies. A lot of folks are extremely fed up with Trump’s antics. For example, his attack against Desantis using the old photograph with three students was disgusting.

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