Photo edit of Sen. Ted Cruz. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Sen. Ted Cruz. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/ Pop Acta.

After President Joe Biden’s classified documents have been found carelessly stored on multiple occasions, many have been outraged over the response that law enforcement officials and the media have had towards the situation. Of course, when it was alleged that former President Donald Trump has classified documents from his presidency in his Mar-A-Lago home, the FBI waited until Trump left the premises, then, raided his home. During the raid, the FBI broke Trump’s locked safe, and also raided his teenage son’s bedroom, invading the privacy of his family as well as destroying property.

In the end, the FBI managed to find nothing of value and the allegations largely fell flat. While Trump was treated like a criminal, many are looking for loopholes for President Biden, in the end, he’s been discovered to do the exact action that Trump was accused of committing after leaving the White House.

At this point, law enforcement and Biden’s personal lawyers have found classified documents from his time as Vice President at both the Penn Biden Center, as well as in his home garage in Delaware, next to his Corvette. However, (R-TX) Sen. Ted Cruz believes there’s a third place the FBI should search. Cruz, while appearing on “The Verdict” believes the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI should search President Joe Biden’s Senate records that are stored at the University of Delaware.

The FBI conducted a raid on Biden’s Delaware home on Friday, which lasted 13 hours. Following the raid, the FBI said they believe they found “six items consisting of documents with classification markings.”

While appearing on “The Verdict,” Cruz said:

“Let me tell you what the next step in this scandal is going to be…The next step in this scandal is going to be, okay, if Biden’s Senate documents include classified documents outside of classified settings — which is illegal — how many more classified documents are illegally in his Senate papers? And here’s where this matters in particular, which is the University of Delaware has more than 1850 boxes of records from Joe Biden’s Senate tenure which he gave to the University of Delaware.”

“Now the University of Delaware presumably does not have them in a SCIF,” he continued. “It does not have them in a secure location. During the 2020 campaign, there was a concerted media effort to try to get access to those documents in particular, there were allegations of sexual harassment raised against Joe Biden, and the media wanted to examine the documents on those allegations of sexual harassment. The University of Delaware has said, ‘Nope, they’re not releasing the documents to anybody until two years after Biden retires from public life.’”

“I am right now calling for the Department of Justice, for the FBI to examine all 1850 boxes of those Senate records to see how many additional classified documents are in those records. The answer should be none. But given Biden’s pattern, we should have zero reason have any confidence that there are not multiple classified documents within those 1850 boxes of Senate records.”

There is a strong possibility that Cruz is correct in his assumption that there are more classified documents in the Senate records, and wherever else they may look. The White House and Biden’s personal lawyers have been choosing to not communicate their findings until convenient times, leaving the media in the dark and underreporting the number of documents that were in different locations. While the White House and some media outlets have been trying to paint the situation as if Biden has been fully corporate, the President and his personal lawyer have been doing anything but that, and it’s time for a full search to be conducted.


  1. Why does EX-VP Pence have Classified Documents? What prompted his Lawyer to even search for them? Which Rich Democrat is paying for the search? When will the USA become known as the DSA? What does Kringe Jean Pierre know about this? Does Obama know?

  2. Who has been authorized to “handle these documents” with regard to shipping them? Does anyone have enough Security Clearance to handle this stuff or do the “Moving men” belong to the FBI or CIA?

  3. No doubt Biden has been funneling information to Hunter since day 1. Now Pence (The Weasel) is confessing, really just to minimize the impact on Biden

  4. LMAO! It doesn’t make a difference where they are sent to look! They would first send a cleaner crew in so they wouldn’t find anything! And if they did! They would pretend they didn’t! Nobody trusts the FBI to do anything! I am amazed the are even let in a court anymore!

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