A group of Republican lawmakers are pushing back against a Biden administration scheme to
use the military to promote taxpayer-funded abortion by claiming it is necessary for national

Republican members of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee are demanding Defense
Secretary Lloyd Austin come clean about June 28, 2022 memorandum claiming the Supreme
Court’s June 2022 ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson that overturned its 1974 Roe v. Wade decision
“will have significant implications for…the readiness of the Force,” by allowing states to
regulate abortion.

Neither Austin or the memo provided any evidence to support this claim.
“In what can only be seen as a disturbingly political decision, the Department released a
memorandum on October 20, 2022, less than 20-days before the midterm election, asserting that
the Dobbs decision has ‘readiness, recruiting, and retention implications for the Force,’” the
senators said in a letter to Austin.

“Again, the Department gave no justification for this claim and announced significant policy
changes related to the prevention and termination of a pregnancy,” they continued.
The memo was followed by new rules and decrees from the Biden administration, such as using
taxpayer funds to traffick servicemembers across state lines for abortions.

There are also proposals from liberal lawmakers, to use the military to promote taxpayer-funded
abortion, such as providing free abortions on federally-run military bases to evade state laws on

“The policies the Department outlined would force taxpayers to subsidize abortions by paying
for service members to travel to another state to obtain the procedure, and by granting additional
leave for this purpose,” they write.

“Facilitating a service member’s abortion in this way not only violates the spirit of 10 U.S.C. §
1093, which prohibits DOD from funding elective abortions; it also departs from the
Department’s historic interpretation of its travel authorities in 37 U.S.C. §§ 452 and 453. These
regulations authorize official travel for many activities, but notably say nothing about funding
travel to receive an elective abortion. This is because Congress never intended for these
authorities to be used to facilitate abortion,” the lawmakers reminded Austin.

The lawmaker also want Austin to provide actual numbers to back up Biden’s claim that women
will not enlist in the military if they can’t have abortions.

“We ask that DOD provide us with data on the number of women or military families who have
refused to be stationed in Germany, South Korea, or any other country because of their abortion
bans or abortion laws. Also, please provide us with the data on the leave and travel expenses

provided by the Department to service members so that they or their dependents could receive an
abortion,” they write.

They also warned Biden’s push for a “woke” military focused on liberal activism is the real
threat to national security.

“The United States is at a pivotal moment for national defense and there is no time for
distractions. When DOD becomes sidetracked by politics, its ability to win wars and deter
emerging threats only suffers. The Department’s focus should always be on our national defense,
and not on circumventing federal law to facilitate abortions. Therefore, we ask you to rescind
this memorandum immediately,” they conclude.

Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


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  2. Do the military branches not have enough men to defend our Country? Are we now dependent on women to do the job and defenseless if women in the military are pregnant or raising children? If military women don’t desire children, are they not responsible enough to avoid becoming pregnant. If they are not responsible adults, I don’t want to be dependent on them for our national security anyway.

  3. The threat to national security and military recruiting comes from this idiot Austin and his even more idiotic Wimp-in-Chief.

  4. It’s hard to digest that the greatest military in the world has turned into a big WUSS. The woke hokie pokie activists that includes high level military leaders turning the country upside down. I think everyone recognizes that we the American tax payer are taken for a financial ride , forced to pay taxes that fuel the dereliction of duty & the woke agenda. Both Austen & Milley with the rest of the woke flag officers should resign & wander off into the sunset The damage is done.

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