President Biden utilized his primetime speech to attack, what he now calls “Mega-MAGA” supporters; as opposed to old nicknames including; “Ultra MAGA,” or “MAGA Republicans.

Biden is attempting to shift the narrative away from himself and failures to this point as President and towards the now nearly two-year-old incident of January 6th. Many called out President Biden’s move to utilize the time and important position he was given to attack Republicans a week before the Midterms. Currently, the United States is battling inflation which is the highest it’s been in years and many Americans are struggling to make ends meet financially. Biden’s decision to bring up an incident that occurred nearly 2 years ago is insulting to those who are struggling while he’s in office.

According to Fox News:

“He is woefully out-of-touch with the American people who care about what is happening in their communities as they suffer from an inflation crisis, an energy crisis, crime crisis, and border crisis because of one-party Democrat rule.”

“Unless he’s talking about inflation, gas prices, crime, or his self-inflicted border crisis, Biden is proving he’s just as clueless about what voters are focused on as we thought,” Senate Republican Conference Vice Chair Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, also told Fox News Digital. 

“Biden is totally out of touch,” former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also said. “Instead of calling half the country evil and preaching to DC insiders he should be focused on unleashing American energy, securing the border, lowering inflation, and fighting crime.”

Election Day is Tuesday, and control of both the House and Senate is at stake. Republicans are favored to win the House and the Senate is considered a toss-up.

If nothing else, this speech proved that Biden and his administration are only concerned with staying in power – not improving the lives of Americans. They’re well aware of the struggling economy and how Americans feel about current issues, however, they’d rather try to stay in power than actually support Americans.

With Midterm elections taking place next week, the Democrats are in an even worse position than they were in before. Biden has had an unproductive Presidency by almost every standard, and with a Republican Congress and possibly a Republican Senate, that is likely to continue. No amount of saying “mega-MAGA” will end American’s financial troubles.


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  2. My, my, my. The new party communists are worried – as they should be. Be prepared for massive voter fraud by them.

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