1. C’mon man! Remember when ”Deep throat” spilled the beans on Nixon. That was good, right?

  2. Notice timing of Disinfo Board when Musk brought Twitter
    Why not rely on Big Tech leftists?
    Someone is scared

  3. It’s difficult to pick which of Joe Biden’s myriad of disasters as President of the United States is the worst. 
    Bidenflation, record-high gas prices, supply chain shortages, crisis on the southern border, surging crime rates, the Afghanistan withdrawal, a radical SOTUS appointee,  pathetic administration picks, identity politics, mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Finally, it is worth commenting on Biden’s character; he is prone not just to embellishing the truth, but to outright lying.  Essentially Biden has attained virtually ZERO successes as president.

    A Democrat Vote Means You Favor:
    No fossil fuel production – Like the price of gasoline, heating oil and natural gas these days?
    Inflation at a 50-year high – The government prints money, hands it out and it becomes worthless.
    No freedom of speech – Say the “incorrect thing” and you’re sued. Or fired. No opinions allowed.
    No civil liberties – Don’t think the vaccine is right for you or truly safe? Sorry—you have no say.
    De-funding the police – Smash and grab. No bail for criminals. Policemen being shot. Feel safe?
    A weakened military – Our top generals are more concerned with “equity” than winning wars.
    Higher taxes – You think the government spends your money more wisely than you do, right?
    Unrestricted illegal immigration – Your taxes support their education, health care and housing.
    Choosing your gender – Do you like 45-year-old men in the girl’s room with your daughter?
    Woke corporations – Everything is racist all of a sudden. Color/gender far outweigh qualifications.

    Democrat Play Book Explained
    Democrats, Main Stream & Social Media Mantra:    Lie, cheat, steal, blame someone else, deny, deny, deny, and repeat!!!   
    Everything the Democrats touch turns to crap…
    Democrat Motto:   We’re not happy ‘till you’re not happy…
    The Words Democrat and Hypocrite are Interchangeable…
    Democrat Integrity: Doing the right thing Only When People are Watching or the Camera Light is ON.
    The Democrats love their Double Standard…
    Democrats Believe that ALL Americans are STUPID…
    Biden fails to meet the low standards he sets for himself.
    What has the Biden Administration done that’s improved your life?
    Biden’s expectations are American’s disappointments.
    In your lifetime, have you ever heard an entire sports stadium chanting such negative comments toward a sitting president?
    Let’s Go Brandon             FJB

  4. I typed in social issues on Google and up came the seven social issues are

    • Malnutrition Discrimination.
    • Racial discrimination.
    • The shortage of schools.
    • The lack of infrastructure.
    • Bullying.
    • Obesity.

    I see no mention of murder, and abortion is the murdering of the most innocent of all life in the wombs of their mothers.
    There is life in the egg of the female, and there is life in the sperm of the male, at the very moment of conception this is the first stage of human life. No other parts are added to make this life more human.
    The Bible says, the shedding of innocent blood will desecrate you land, and that the land must be cleanse of this innocent blood.
    Thanks to these godless people, there is coming a cleansing of this blood from off this land by fire; a fire that will fall from the East to the West…

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