A Dallas, Texas salon owner had the opportunity to avoid a week-long stint in jail if she admitted she was wrong for defying lockdown orders that keep her from operating her business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead, Shelley Luther offered a stirring response for why she defied the judge’s temporary restraining order against her business.


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After Dallas Judge Eric Moye told Salon À la Mode owner Shelley Luther that she had the option of acknowledging she was wrong and had been selfish, and should apologize to elected officials for violating their orders, Luther responded, “Judge, I would like to say that I have much respect for this court and laws and that I have never been in this position before and it’s not someplace that I want to be. But I have to disagree with you, sir, when you say that I’m selfish because feeding my kids — is not selfish. I have hair stylists that are going hungry because they’d rather feed their kids. So, sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision but I am not going to shut the salon.”

Court documents stated, “On April 8, 2020, this Court entered a Temporary Restraining Order. Defendants were served with said Order that same day. The Order specified that the Defendants were ordered to case operation of their business ‘Salon a La Mode.’ The Order further enjoined and restrained the Defendants from continuing the operation of their business the salon.”

Moye sentenced Luther to seven days in jail for criminal and civil contempt. CBS Dallas reported, “She and her business are also each being fined $500 for every day… seven in all so far… that it was open in violation of the governor’s order.” That daily fine will end May 8.

Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins had sent Luther a cease-and-desist letter, but last week Luther publicly tore it apart. Last Wednesday, Luther stated, “Apparently there’s a very good chance that I’m getting arrested today and I will do everything I can to keep the shop open because I’m not closing the store. If they arrest me I have someone that will keep the store open because it’s our right to keep the store open. It’s our right for those women to earn income for their families.”

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  1. Civil Rights afforded by our Constitution and Bill of Rights violated by the State of Texas. Release Criminals only to make room for honest law abiding citizens of our country. WOW that is what the Communist Chinese And Russians do, and is exactly what the ***** Gustopo did to their people. I get it pandemic, but people still need to feed their families.

    1. This is all about POWER of the dictator Clay Jenkins. He will not tolerate anyone not obeying him. No matter that the lockdown has not saved a single life in Dallas or that Dallas has one of the highest rates of infection in the state. It is not a matter that what he is doing IS NOT WORKING. It is a matter that this demigog Democrat wants to hurt the economy. And he is doing it. Dallas is now in a terrible state as their revenues have fallen. The only solution would be to OPEN BUSINESSES BACK UP. But that would be admitting that what he did failed. While Sweden, Taiwan and Singapore NOT closing down resulted in the same level of infection. PATHETIC.

  2. Wasn’t the shop owner eligible for the stimulus funds? Some were grants, if her people remained employed.

    1. Things have been shut for months. The small amounts the govt is doling out ( and taking their good time doing so) its not enough for people to pay all their bills. All but the most cowardly and hysterical in our society know this to be true. The Libs , including the dopes who run (down) our major cities, dont give a crap. I agree with AG Barr who says this nonsense is coming close to house arrest for the entire population. Anyone with a brain knows it makes no sense to destroy millions of lives to save a few thousand. So in NY and California they are letting loose the criminals but arresting and ticketing normal citizens ( Texas too now it seems) , in addition to asking fellow citizens to snitch on others and using drones to survey what people are doing. If you dont see this as communism you are ill informed or asleep.

      1. These “law” experts from SMU who claim that in order to have a civilization, we must obey LAWS, failed to admit one thing There WERE NO LAWS since no elected body PASSED A LAW. All they have is dictator county judges who make declarations AND THAT IS NOT A LAW. So when are we going to get real experts who know what the constitution says???? Never. That is because the MEDIA works at finding talking heads who spout out lies and disinformation

      2. Here is fact. Dead are about the same as from the usual annual flu. They claim that the shut down will flatten the curve but not save lives. Ventilators and Trump’s drug and a few others will SAVE LIVES.

    2. Her business was not deemed essential. So, no she wasn’t eligible. She could safely operate her business by following good hygene. But, the government doesn’t want to give her that option.

      1. Our freedoms are gone. Taken by Clay Jenkins who operated as a dictator. Note that Sweden, Taiwan and Singapore all DID NOT CALL FOR QUARANTINES. And all of them are doing as well as those who did, BUT they are not destroying their economy.
        The blqck federal judge exceeded his authority. Time to impeach him.
        Oh, and the numbers of deaths in MYC????? Not actually from corona. They were told to count all deaths as from corona. Check to see how many deaths were from FLU.

    3. She was not allowed to be open. That was the problem. The payroll protection program was for “essential businesses” who could be open to remain open and pay their employees. She was being forced to close her doors and receive NO MONEY. So how is she selfish if she has to pay bills and feed her kids? She may not have received the $1200 stimulus check if she filed taxes as a business.

      1. She is a patriot who knows the constitution. They had NO right to shut down anyone. They already know that children are not in danger. Only lost one at 17 years of age. And that was from MALPRACTICE as she went to the hospital and was sent home with pills. She was NOT provided with any medical care. It was a hospital in SOUTH DALLAS.

    4. Just to simplify the issue.

      BOTH the State AND the courts have DECLARED HER, AND HER EMPLOYEES to be “NON-essential” both the State AND the courts have relinquished any and all authority over them.

      “NON ESSENTIAL” is exactly the same as “OF NO VALUE TO THE GOVERNMENT”


      (not shouting, just adding EMPHASIS!)

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

    6. If you are big company you have much money from government, if you are small you get so little that you can not survive on this.Millions of people do not have savings not because they do not want to save, they earn so little they can’t save.Remember, many jobs are part time only and paid minimum. Our jobs are taken by illegals, many citizens fight to survive to catch part time only temporary. But politicians and you too do not see it, because you or politicians have much money and they do not have idea about what is going on with regular people any longer.

  3. Crazed liberal judges dont follow the law, they make their own. Idiot Eric is supposed to administer justice, not humiliate citizens. I applaud this lady for trying to keep her business and feed her kids, and ditto the stylists who work for her. I suggest everyone get the address of this salon in Dallas and send the lady a check. The judge can stuff it. And then he should be disbarred.

    1. In Texas, judges are ELECTED, not appointed. Next election cycle, vote this doufous out!!

      1. You’re way too kind. If I lived in that area, I’d organize a march on the courthouse and drag his butt out! Then apply the HOT TAR AND FEATHERS!

        What the LEFTIST JUDGE DID WAS ILLEGAL!!! There is NO LAW IN TEXAS stating someone who opens their business during a stay-at-home order must go to jail. It’s a misdemeanor offense handled with a citation. I hope she sues the living crap out of the judge!!!

    2. I’m a retired attorney and I think the judge just wants to show his power. He should be jailed for a week to see what it’s like. Her Constitutional Rights are being violated by this jerk.

    3. You can tell that she is on the RIGHT side. Sarah Palin showed up and contributed. Sarah is a Republican. Clay Jenkins and the state judge Eric were proud avowed Democrats.

  4. This mean-spirted, arrogant, and insensitive judge should be forced to work without pay for 3 months thereby having ALL his income and his golden-parachute perks donated to a destitute minority community food bank. He’s bloated enough to go without a few meals for a good cause because he’s lost touch with economic reality, hard times, and life in the grass-roots trenches where many people live and work pay check to pay check while dealing with a vicious Wuhan-Coronavirus that has robbed so many of their dignity and work ethic while engulfed in a survival effort mode. Whomever has oversight over this judge should take him to task and see that this insensitivity is not tolerated and corrected in light of the fact some legislators are releasing criminals onto our streets whose wrong doings far exceed this woman’s struggle to see mouths are feed, rents are paid, and her source of income in not totally destroyed while he’s able to enjoyed his lifestyle because of tax and spend bureaucrats.

  5. its time to send that judge a packing on a rail across the border and not let him back her and fellow workers and customers are all adults and know the risks and not the judges job to stop her from working and feeding her family especelly if they are taking all the proper precautions

    1. The judge was elected, and will someday have to run for re-election. I’m not a Texas resident, but I’ll still donate to any candidate who pledges to uphold and defend the Constitutions of Texas and the USA and, won’t make up his/her own laws.

  6. THE LADY IS RIGHT THIS IS NOT RUSSIA,CHINA,VENAZULAINA (SP) damn judges set on their fat asses and are paid very well and here he is trying to not only close her down but to fine her $500. A DAY ,7 DAYS-$3,500 , WHERE DID THIS JUGHEAD COME FROM, RUSSIA, CHINA OR

  7. Not as easy as it sounds. Have applied for every grant and loan as well as self employed unemployment. Have tried local, state and federal, no money, rejected or no response as of now. 3 families with no income at all due to state shut down since mid March, nor may 5th. We have to do something very soon, credit cards do have limits.

    1. When the government gets involved common sense goes out the window.
      My wife and I got our stimulus checks already. We are on social security retirement.
      We don’t have mouths to feed. But, our children do and they haven’t recieved stimulus yet. My oldest son is a DJ and had weddings booked and regular gigs shut down. Meanwhile Congress is playing politics and filling the stimulus bills with pork.

  8. Enough is enough, this has to stop the people run the government and we pay the bills. If we can’t work we can’t pay.So if you are tired of socialism lite then it is time for all of us to get in the street and tell them your experiment is over we will not be ruled by the government not now not ever

  9. Never heard of such a sophomoric demand from a bench while in Law School. This woman will make a lot of money when the dust settles.

  10. More power to ya, Shelley, these Governors an political shit heads think they own the people, they need to b taught a lesson on the constitution of the United States, an the freedoms they are squashing everyday ,we hv enough responsibility to open our businesses an b safe at the same time, get rid of these ******* by voting them out, all of them Democrat assholes!!!!! Power to the people!!!!

  11. This is absolutely crazy. Are we still living in America? I never thought I would see the day when this would be happening. She is absolutely right. Her business is a legal ligament business. There is nothing illegal about it.
    This has got to stop! How much longer are we going to have to put up with this kind of nonsense. More people are being hurt by some of this kind of behavior, than by any virus we have ever had in this country. People will, or already are. having to do without the necessary things they need to provide for themselves and their family’s. When we have kids starving because we cannot work to provide food for them, their deaths will probably be added to the list of virus deaths.
    This is insane. The people who are promoting this crap are still working, like the Judge who issued the order, still drawing their huge salaries, just like all the politicians that are causing this kind of behavior. Take away their paychecks and see how long it is before this stops.
    They are not doing this because they care about the American people. They love the power it generates. Open this country back up, let people go back to work, before it is too late, if it isn’t already.

  12. There are other Jobs that the people that worked for her could have applied for. and her also. if feeding the kids is the problem. I also think it is asinine for the owner of the shop to be put in jail when they are reliceing the real criminals.

  13. Hasn’t anyone thought that the Virus could be a conspiracy between China and the Democrats. After all, Trump has been putting pressure on China lately and the Coronavirus is supposedly worse for the aged (senior citizens). They are supposed to be more vulnerable and generally speaking would likely be the more conservative and Trump voters. Think about that pertaining to the upcoming November election !

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. There is something very suspicious going on here. They haven’t been able to take Trump out and I believe these evil demo’s would do anything to prevent his getting re-elected – including letting out a killer virus to destroy our economy and blame it all on him, which by the way, they are already doing.

  14. These FORNICATING Operatives of the Democrat-Communist-Islamic-**** Terrorist Organization, will not be happy until they FORCE Americans into another CIVIL WAR.
    There will be no prisoners this time around.

  15. Someone please start a “Go Fund Me” account for this brave lady! I will be glad to donate. I am 75 years old but I would gladly support anyone who does not agree with the way the government has treated its citizens. The Constitution states with extreme clarity that the power of the government comes from the Governed (citizens). If the citizens do not agree — then the government needs to “back off”. Our rights are being trampled! Only the politicians and the rich will survive this kind of lockdown.

  16. The court is an ass. Giving her the option to appologize like a child caught misbehaving is controlling. I agree with this woman. We need to stand up to officials who are enjoying their power trip.

  17. If someone provides a personal service, follows similar social distancing as those dealing with corona virus patients (Gowned, gloved, masked, etc.) follows universal precautions, and frequent cleansing of commonly touched services (just like the cashiers in our grocery stores, the postal workers who collect our letters and sell us stamps, the folks in the bank who deal with us across the counter, and the vendors of essential items) why is it a crime for them to provide personal services to willing customers? As far as the story goes, she wasn’t roping folks in the street and dragging them into the salon for a bob or a manicure. People go to salons by CHOICE. Let the buyer beware. Don’t clip the seller for performing a service unless they have violated the health precautions guidelines for others that work just as closely with sick. Gad!

  18. Actually I’m pretty sure that the “rule” and / or “advice” is NOT a “Law”.

    Regardless of the City or State’s newly created “Regulation”, this should rightfully fall under the heading of “Commerce” which is Federal … NOT “State”.

    Failure to comply with an “Illegal Law” is NOT “Breaking” ANY “Law”.

    That is not to say that there won’t be Hundreds … Thousands … of attempts to enforce such “Illegal Mandates”.
    All I can suggest is that, as soon as possible, ANY Arrest, Arraignment, Detention and/or Court Decision based on an “Illegal Law” should be appealed and, where and when possible, a Countersuit Against the Police Department, City and State … and Arresting and Detaining Officers and Judge(s) should be filed for “Illegal Arrest and Detention”.

    It looks like this is going to be a Long Lasting Situation so the process should be started immediately. The “Authorities” should be put on notice that overstepping the bounds of their Actual Legal Authority will have consequences.

    1. IMHO, respectful non-compliance to a NON-Law, is not a crime. However, the treatment that was dealt to those who respectfully abide with out U.S. Constitution, is a crime!!

      1. …correction, that should read: “those who respectfully abide with our U.S. Constitution.” …..definitely WITH.

  19. Good for Ms. Luther. She embodies the spirit of what a hero is. She was working to feed and protect her children. Now if the judge would have had a lick of sense (which he obviously didn’t) he would have released her back to her family. Incidentally it’s telling that the judge is not starving, and will continue to collect a pay check even while passing judgement on others. Can you say democrat?

  20. AMERICA if we the people don’t Unite as one and put our differences aside, we are going to loose freedom for good and become like the rest of the world “Fascism Socialist” I know I lived it. I thank my parents for giving me freedom by coming to “AMERICA” 48 years ago
    What you are witnessing with the salon lady is the beginning of power grabbing government. A message to the young American people you are being DUPED by the Democratic party and the main stream media by telling you nothing but lies. they are the enemies they are “Wolves in sheep clothing” All they want is your vote to be elected and than stab you in the back. Vote for the one that will protect OUR ” CONSTITUTION ” you have no clue how much power it gives you us we the people FREEDOM . DO NOT be persuaded by being offered free this, free that, free everything . Be smart GOD gave you the freedom preserve it! don’t fall into their Trap. UNITE AMERICA AS ONE “WE THE PEOPLE” be proud and HONOR FREEDOM protect it.

  21. She should sue for malicious prosecution. Ask that those responsible be removed from what ever office they occupy and banned from ANY public office be it elected or appointed for life. See if they like being unable to feed their families.

  22. My heart goes out to those who are not deemed as “essential” services, because they are falling in between ALL of the cracks that exist… between the various “stimulous” programs. THIS…is the reality that this woman, and her independent co-workers, find themselves now.

    President Reagan’s words, sure fit here: The most dangerous words are, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

  23. That idiot judge just violated this lady’s constitutional rights under the first amendment to the United States Constitution. People have the right to assembly and work. You cannot restrict movement without a formal hearing to show cause. The order of the moron Clay Jenkins is also unconstitutional. I think that this lady should file a federal lawsuit and demand reimbursement of any fees that she has incurred for representation and also seek damages for pain and suffering for violation of her constitutional rights. She has redress and she should hold the judge and city accountable. I think she is outstanding for not allowing infringement of her constitutional rights.

  24. This is still agree nation. We are a sovereign nation, but there are those working toward something very different. Never in the history of our country, has it shut completely down for a virus. I am not saying there isn’t a virus that can be bad. I think the numbers are padded & even though I am a big supporter of our President & VP I think they were ill advised. Fauci is a big supporter of Bill Gates who thinks we should have a one word government & order. It is ridiculous that we the people have allowed in the past for all this to get this far.
    We are the government the politicians work us. Open this country back up completely, we are already in a big mess printing money, giving out money that is not actually all going to those in need. Some businesses well never open again. We had a good economy on the right track now it is chaos. This woman should be let go & let her get back to work. Wake up America we have to stop this craziness now!

  25. The Judge.
    I’m on full pay you get no money and sent to jail.
    You should have gone to law school.
    Then you would be superior like me not scum life.
    Oh I love this power may the virus never end.

  26. I think most of the people making comment are not reading the whole article. There is no trial by jury because this is a contempt of court. Which is the Judges discretion how long she sits in jail, no trail. All of the comment show a lack of understanding of our legal system and the events that have led to this. If more people were informed, then these kind of things wouldn’t happen. The lack awareness and educating yourself allows them to take away your rights. Stop making comment out anger and stop sounding ignorant and pay attention to what the politicians say. Stop being ignorant and educate yourself before its to late and the politicians and anti America crowd destroy our constitution.

  27. The judge committed humiliation on a mom feeding her kids who refused to let them and herself die b/c of KGB officials – that’s subversion and the judge should apply sentencing to herself. – it’s going to be a pleasure when the mom uses her humiliation and being treated as guilty by Stalinist law enforcement in these free United States where state officials Do Not have the power to destabilize the Bill of Rights in any way no matter what and she launches her trillion dollar lawsuits against them.
    The nation knows we’ve been rused – the covid-19 is SARS 2 – the nation was not shut down b/c of SARS 1 – and the Democrats have their answer that American Citizens are not in any way shape or form submitting to communism.

    1. JUDGE ACTED ILLEGALLY!! There is NO LAW in Texas supporting his act of placing her in prison for ANY TIME! At most, she should have received a misdemeanor citation. People of Texas must march on this court and demand he be removed!

  28. This is pure and simple the communist tactics that politicians, mostly liberal pols, are trying to force on Americans, using this virus as an excuse to control the government, the people, businesses, doctors, hospitals, BEACHES, PARKS, entertainment, and so much more! The Democrats are using this as an experiment to observe how easily it is to control the government and the American people. Many more millions die of the flu, but we do not “shelter in” or have most of our rights taken away from us! If people choose not to go to her salon, don’t go. But she should have the right to provide for her family!

  29. Since BOTH the State AND the courts have DECLARED HER, AND HER EMPLOYEES to be “NON-essential” both the State AND the courts have relinquished any and all authority over them.

    “NON ESSENTIAL” is exactly the same as “OF NO VALUE TO THE GOVERNMENT”

    And ‘of no value’ is ‘not worth worrying about’ in the eyes of the ‘powers that (wanna)be.

    She should counter sue and force them to PROVE an actual ‘health crisis’ was in fact occurring under the definitions used by the CDC in Atlanta.

    There is no “legitimate ‘PANDEMIC’.

    CDC list the three threat levels

    OUTBREAK – sudden increase of a disease in a local area.

    EPIDEMIC – same thing, just a wider area


    Large metro areas are having an outbreak….

    covid-19 qualifies as a SCAMEMIC because it is an OVER HYPED disease, driven by an hysterical media with the intention of PROVING THEIR ABILITY TO CONTROL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  30. Most people employed by the government are non-essential and should stop receiving paychecks during this shutdown, especially congress and judges (both Federal and State).

  31. Worse yet, there is NO LAW IN TEXAS supporting jail time for those who open a business despite stay-at-home measures.

    TAR AND FEATHERING TIME for the judge. NEVER let him sit on a bench again in any court of law!

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