Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Ilhan Omar Proposes More Extreme Measures to Combat Virus

Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar surprised the political world recently with effusive praise for President Trump’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic.

But now the far-left representative is advocating for measures so extreme even she’s calling them “radical.”

Per Fox News:

“All private hospitals should be made public for the duration of the virus,” the Minnesota Democrat wrote on Twitter.

She said a government takeover could help address “some of the pressures our healthcare system is facing.”

Omar offered no specifics on how the takeover of private property would be achieved, but critics on social media quickly reacted that Omar’s plan sounded like communism.

Omar has given her presidential endorsement to Bernie Sanders, a democratic socialist from Vermont who has drawn criticism for past statements in support of the late Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba, as well as Daniel Ortega’s socialist rule in Nicaragua.

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  1. Want to make USA into Somalia third world country. Got everything for free here.how about Omar taking over the super markets make it free for all..

  2. How about sending the Chinese virus to your house and YOU can TAKE care of them. Your BROTHER/HUSBAND,YOUR bigamy/husband could use some people to do good on, for once in your miserable muslim scum lives.

  3. She needs to be checked for STD, it must have gone to her head – She’s a hell of an example to follow. Can’t wait til shes voted out and is in prison with her new husband for fraud. Hopefully her kids are with their real father [not her brother]


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