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A group of conservative senators is sounding the alarm about a potentially fatal error in the Senate’s $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill.

Sens. Rick Scott (R-FL), Ben Sasse (R-NE), and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) claim there’s a significant drafting error that encourages employers to lay off employees during the coronavirus pandemic.

This story is developing. Stay with American Action News for the latest updates on the coronavirus aid package.

UPDATE: A press conference held by Sens. Scott, Sasse, and Graham on the emergency coronavirus legislation has concluded. Their full remarks are available here:

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  1. The DEMON-RATS will do all they can to destroy the best of President TRUMP.
    I dare say they are in cahoots with china as they were in cahoots,( COLLUSION for those who do not understand), with the russians and ukrainians.

    1. Get the mother F****N bill passed immediately you do nothing dolts who obviously don’t give a rats ass about the American people and sadly it shows. If this isn’t a national emergency, someone with half a brain explain to the American people just what constitutes a national emergency. Cash talks, BULLS**T walks! And make these payments TAX FREE to all recipients and not a ‘loan’ silent speak for it’s got to be repaid in the form of a tax in the future as ‘ordinary income’. The banks, insurance companies and the auto industry got their tax free bail out in 2008, it’s about time for middle class America to get a break, and a much needed one at that. Get this done now!

  2. EVERY WORD OF THIS MUST BE READ AND UNDERSTOOD.. the democraps are laying landmines everywhere trying to screw this deal up in their favor. NO MORE SIGN THEN READ BULLCRAP FROM THE COMMUNISTS.

  3. Democrats care more about getting re-elected than they do about the people the are supposed to represent

    1. I sincerely hope you are right! It will take a massive effort by We the People to be vigilant at any and all voting booths and places to watch and stop any and all fraudulent means by the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! Do Not take for granted that President Trump will be re-elected! Even car pooling people to vote for President Trump! Do Not be lazy and stupid Americans or you will loose big time!

  4. Purely intentional by the democrats so they can get millions laid off from their job. Dems – they hate America, hate people that work, Hate the un-born, hate God…. It never ends.

    You people are the lowest form of debris there is.

  5. I left the party 40 years ago specifically because at a D.C. meeting they told us they would need to ‘bend the truth’ to win that election. I left. My father in law left BUT this was acceptable to the rest of the (In-law) family. The Democrats have proceeded to lying about everything and those family members still accept them. UNTIL one of their lies adversely affects a Democrat they will never change. Even if the effect is tragic it still hangs at 50/50. Better to just pray for them. They are lost and their lives are desperation.

  6. This is what happens when they ram bills through. Also 2 Trillion dollars and Cumno and others say its not enough. Fine give them more but the federal tax rate goes up in that area after this calms down.

    1. Everyone from the top (CDC) down to state governors and city mayors are telling people to stay home. They’ve essentially declared martial law without the attending military troops.
      But why those senators fail to realize is that those ‘layoffs’ are the result of locally and state enacted orders that make it a crime for businesses to stay open

    2. I think Congress should put a limit on how long (in # off pages) a bill can be — say, 200 pages. If they need more page, break into parts. It was reported the House bill was over 1400 pages long — and most of that is in the form “sec. xyz of the ABC Act is replaced by:.” I think all bills that make changesto existing laws should contain the new text of that law, with a summary of what was done.

  7. Ms Pelosi & Mr. Schumer,

    We want you to know – you two are the reason this family that has been Democrat forever will be voting for President Trump – never in my 75 years have I witnessed such blatant hate and selfishness you two have displayed toward all Americans as what you two have put forth. You both need to leave our government and let honest people step in. You two and many more like you should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.

    1. I left the Democratic Party many years ago when I started reading about politics. The dems are extremely worse now. Me and my kids (13) vote red now.

  8. She looks to happy lately… I’m concerned about something else at this point… A number of Senators are now testing positive for the coronavirus.. It looks like they are all Republicans… Seems strange I don’t see any Democrats at this time. What if this was planned… What if the Dems have a cure and they are keeping it a secret for themselves. The reason why I’m think about this is they are so desperate would they stoop so low to do something like this… We know they hate all of us who support Trump and Trump himself… I just don’t trust them… Let me know if anyone knows of any Dems who got tested positive…

    1. You are right Tom. The Democrats would go to any extreme to get Pres. Trump out of office so they could be in control. Nancy Pelosi has even said as much. They are inside traitors and evil people. I hope none of their family members get this virus. They might sing a different song, or not. Is it possible the Democrats paid to have this virus created to help get Pres. Trump out of office? Makes one wonder. I would not put it past them.

    2. I wouldn’t put anything past the democrats. They are pure evil and as trashy as it gets. And yes I do believe the democrats colluded with China over the coronavirus. It is very strange that not one democrat senator or representative has tested positive for the coronavirus even though they have been in close contact with the Republicans that has.

    3. Tom, it was planned. Just like Russia and everything else the Socialist Dems have done.
      How about the “news anchors” on CNN, NBC MSNBC and the rest of the liberal stations. Everyday, they ALL tell the same lies. Do their bonuses really come from the DNC, HILLARY, OBAMA and GEORGE……you bet they do!

  9. I can see what people are talking about. It is for people that make 75,000 a year. What about the people that make less, what are they chopped liver. Pelosie wanted to impeach Trump for withholding aid to Ukraine. Now she is withholding aid to the US taxpayers. Get rid of all of the Democrats in house. Sick of all the lies.

    1. Finally, a comment that directly pertains to the story headline (and most other headlines). People that just want to complain should go to a different forum.

  10. Gee, Sec’y of Treasury Mnuchin just said at the daily coronavirus press conference that it had been determined that this was the “most efficient” way to get the aid out to the American workers.

    I guess these Senators must be RINO’s.

    1. Do you not understand Democrat legislative extortion? It is what has given us our greatly bloated Federal debt and declining culture. Any time there is an important bill to consider, the Democrats insist on loading it up with their pet policies that are designed to buy votes from those who will vote the identity politics line. If they don’t get what they want, they refuse to vote for the bill, regardless of how good a bill it may be. They won’t even allow a vote on a good bill that would be approved by the majority, if it doesn’t include their Christmas tree of goodies. They won’t propose the “extra” goodies in a separate bill that would be considered on its merits.

  11. Cut ALL the pork out of this bill! Focus on relief to the American people! ANYTHING not for relief MUST BE CUT OUT! PERIOD FULL STOP

  12. My Fellow Americans, The Democrats and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is and will Destroy America as we know it . They are NON STOP at trying to Destroy this country as if they were Communist and only opposing Trump 24/7 at every chance they have . The Country will soon be divided as a whole . Make no mistake in what we are all seeing with the Democrat party today with all the lies, corruption in the news media as well , it’s as if they have no concision at all as each day its gets worse. Now is the time to saver your country . Help support TRUMP and let’s all work together and not Let America become a Socialist Country . TRUMP 20/20 is our only chance we have

  13. For Democrats, whose objective is to buy the most votes possible with our money, there is no such thing as an “error” so long as it advances the power of the Democrat party and its identity politics. They adhere to the motto that a crisis should never be allowed to go to waste when more power can be gained thereby.

  14. AMEN & AMEN! Concerning TERM LIMITS for all elected officials!!! 10 years should be the max regardless of the party you serve in…even if it is a combination of all the parties together! Because the U.S. Government has become SO CORRUPT, DISHONEST, and DOWN RIGHT EVIL in so many ways; it is impossible for a rational thinking human being to rap their minds around the things that some of these DIRTY politicians will DO, SAY, and the LOW LEVEL to which they will STOUP; in order to try and gain POWER, CONTROL, and yes– MONEY!!! WHY? What is the PURPOSE for all this MADNESS?!!! From the WHITE HOUSE to My House; there is No Reasonable Answerable for it!… BECAUSE EVERYONE WILL DIE A PHYSICAL DEATH! No One Will Escape! (Heb.9:27). However, what MAN fail to realize and believe is the FACT that; once a person (male or female) is conceived in the mother’s womb, that person will live as long as God shall live, because that person is made in the image (likeness) of God.(Gen.1:26-28; 2:7,18-25). FACT: GOD is a Spirit (Jon.4:24). Since God will never die neither will man! (Mtt.16:26)…Jesus’ followers were not able to give a positive answer to the questions that were asked here in this verse more than 2,000 years ago; and as long as the earth shall stand, you and I, nor will anyone in the ages to come be able to do so! FACT: God has given all of mankind who knows the difference between RIGHT and WRONG the POWER of “CHOICE.” God said in the long ago; (paraphrase)”behold I set before you two ways; a way of life and a way of death….Choose ‘Life’ that you may live. However, a person may choose ‘Death’ even though it is not God’s desire that the person makes that choice! You see, God made us in His image, Free moral agents, and has given us the right to choose and make decisions and will not infringe upon our right to do so.” Therefore, when we choose God’s way we choose the way of ‘Life’ and when we choose any other way that contradicts God’s way is a way of ‘Death’ which means separation from God. When we carefully read; (Luk.16:19-31), one will see that is exactly what God is showing us. This is the only place in the Inspired Holy Scriptures that God literally drew back the curtains of physical death and allowed man to see what it is like after physical death. The word “death” in the biblical context simply means; “separation.” While we are in our physical bodies here on earth and make choices that are in harmony with God’s word we choose life even though we are still going to die a physical death, but after we separate from this physical body on earth we will continue to live with God eternally. It is just the opposite with those who choose to make choices that contradict the word of God while living here on earth, likewise will also at some point die a physical death and therefore will have chosen to be eternally separated from God! Even though this the case, God is not willing that anyone should perish…that’s why “He Gave His Only Begotten Son, Jesus The Christ” to leave His glory in heaven, and come to this lowly earth, and live among sinful men, and He never Committed any sins nor was there any guile found in His mouth. He lived here on this earth somewhere between 30 & 33 years and finally He was crucified on a cruel cross between two thieves for the sins of the whole world, in order that every sinner could have a CHOICE NOT to be separated from God eternally after physical death!(Luk.16:19-31). God has made it possible that everyone who is teachable (Jon.6:44&45) can choose to submit to the ONLY POWER that God has given to us here on earth to SAVE everyone that will make the choice to do so! That One Power is found in (Rom.1:16 & 17; Gal.1:6-9; 2Thess.1:3-10). As Jesus said in (Jon.6:44&45)…”no one can come to God unless they first be taught; therefore, he that has HEARD and LEARNED…comes to God.” “Go into all the world and teach the GOSPEL…” (Mrk.16:15 & 16). (1) Must Hear The Gospel……..(Rom.10:17; 1Cor.15:1-5).
    (2) Must Believe The Gospel…..(Heb. 11:1 & 6).
    (3) Must Repent of Past Sins…..(Luk. 13:3 & 5).
    (4) Confess With Your Mouth That you Believe What You Have Been
    Taught, (i.e) Jesus Christ is The Son of God…(Mtt.10:32-39).
    (5) Must Be Baptized in Water for the Forgiveness of Past Sins…
    (Acts 2:38)
    (6) Live Faithful to God Unto Death….(Rev.2:10)

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