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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is working overtime these days.

Federal immigration authorities and the State Department are involved in a two-fold effort to deport illegal immigrants to their Central American countries of origin and return with Americans stranded there by the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw reports:

ICE, working with the State Department, has brought home 209 U.S. citizens on the return leg of two deportation flights to El Salvador and Honduras, the agency said in a statement. Those flights took place on March 22 and 24, respectively.

Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli touted the moves in a series of tweets where he posted pictures of the Americans being brought home.

“This was an ICE flight repatriating Hondurans to Honduras, & ICE arranged your bring stranded Americans home on the return flight from Honduras,” he tweeted.

Both countries have placed significant restrictions on movement and travel over the coronavirus, with Honduras closing its borders entirely — leaving some foreigners stranded.

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  1. Good – these people were criminals to begin with. Trying to break into our country illegally, so they deserve the inconvenience.

    1. Instead of flying them back to their country of origin they should take them as to the southern tip of South America so it’s a longer walk back to the borde…r

      1. SW,
        Fly them back in a C-130 with those uncomfortable “jump-seats”, when you get over to their country, open the back door at altitude and let them “walk” home. That way they will never sneak back.

        1. I’m a latina and I agree they should go back but wishing evil on a people then we are doing the same as they are with their flags waving taunting us. We have the upper hand. The Cov19 has its silver lining and their government needs to take responsibility for their own. The democrats are partly responsible for all that is happening in the US borders. They still are causing division. Good things are happening inspite of this evil darkness that has infiltrated but God has not abdicated His throne. President Trump deserves a second term and he will get it. Joe Biden has been a career politician and appears to have dementia. Have a wonderful day!

      2. Better yet, land the plane in Syria and kick them off the plane. Let’s see how fast they’re back in America then . . . . . NEVER!!

  2. DO. IT ! Keep doing it ICE! And take out the rest of the trash i.e. Obamas, Clintons, Soros at the same time, and deport to HAITI. or Africa, and banish them from USA forever!

    1. If I remember correctly, Soros was originally from Austria (which the Nazi’s took over), and aided in the removal of Jews to concentration camps. He (IMO) is a war criminal, and since many of those he helped “relocate” died, then he should be returned for trial and (hopefully) execution. There is no statute of limitations on murder. JMO

  3. This is GREAT!!! If you have ever known a Honduran, you will understand 3 exclamation points!!! Mexico shut their border to the south to keep the Hondurans OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY!!

    1. Don’t forget shifty with his uncle soros. They can walk Holding each other’s hands to soros’s Hungary, ???

  4. I hope ICE deports as many illegals as possible. Now is a good time to do it as the news media is too busy reporting shortfalls for the coronavirus to notice. Otherwise, they would be screaming bloody murder about deportations.

  5. The democRATs are pushing for the easiest way to defraud voters. Mail in ballots and harvesting votes. They can’t win honestly and they know it. If Peelousy gets this through Congress we will be a communist slave country by next year.

  6. Before we become a communist country the America people will rise up and fight again!!!! No way in Hell they will take this country!!!

    1. Yes so if they win they did it by cheating no one would vote for them now they showed their colors so maybe the people would fight for something right and keep the country but don’t look good

  7. FUCK CHUCK THE FUCK who is a SHMUCK…….and NUMB NUTS NANCY, as well……..TWO disgraceful, disgusting, FUCKEN, USELESS, SCUMBAGS………

    LOL. LOL
    A 21-year-old Tennessee woman who bragged on social media about not taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously has been diagnosed with the coronavirus after bragging about not social distancing.
    A 21-year-old Tennessee woman who bragged on social media about not taking the coronavirus outbreak seriously has been diagnosed with the deadly illness, according to a report.

    1. the blind lead the blind they all run in the dicth sounds like karma to me it’s just sad to the ones that don’t deserve to get it

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