According to a poll commissioned by POLITICO and done by Morning Consult, a majority of Hispanics approve of Republican governors transporting illegal aliens to “sanctuary cities” for criminal aliens.

Breitbart reports:

When asked, “Would you consider sending migrants to liberal U.S. states and cities to be appropriate [or] inappropriate?” more Hispanics said appropriate and did so by a six-point margin.

A plurality of 41 percent said appropriate, while only 35 percent said inappropriate. Twenty-five percent said they have no opinion or don’t know.

What’s especially hilarious about this particular finding is that Hispanics and whites are almost perfectly aligned on this question. White Americans said the policy is “appropriate” by a seven-point margin, 46 to 39 percent.

Overall, by a margin of 42 to 41 percent, more of the registered voters polled approved than disapproved of transporting illegals to left-wing cities.


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