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The View’s Sunny Hostin made her latest racist remark while speaking on Friday’s show. This time her remark hits Hispanic Americans. Hostin claimed Hispanics who vote for the Republican Party are going against their “own self-interest” — a comment that has blatantly racist overtones. Hispanics in recent years have become increasingly more conservative, with Democrat gains with Hispanics dwindling.

The Daily Caller reports:

The panel discussed former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner’s remarks during an interview Thursday in which he condemned the alleged treatment of migrants as “political pawns.” Co-host Ana Navarro criticized Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for arranging for 50 migrants to voluntarily board a flight to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

“I’m a Floridian, as is Jared now, unfortunately. So that’s my taxpayer money that’s being used as a political stunt to schlep immigrants who are fleeing a communist regime like I did from Nicaragua many years ago … Republicans talk every day against communism and against socialism, and yet they have no conscience and no qualms about using victims of communism and socialism as political pawns and political stunts to get the base out, ” Navarro said. “That is inhuman, it is unconscionable, it is heartless, it is cruel — and I will tell you what it is not. It is not Christian.”

“Well that’s what’s so interesting to me that there are so many Latinos that vote Republican, because they vote against their own self-interest,” Hostin said. “If you really are interested in these types of issues, then you’re a Democrat,” Hostin replied.

A Wall Street Journal poll conducted in Dec. 2021 found that Hispanic voters were evenly split in their support for Democrats and Republicans, with 37% supporting each party. Hispanic voters were also nearly evenly divided about a hypothetical 2024 rematch between Trump and President Joe Biden, with 43% of respondents favoring Trump and 44% supporting Biden.

As noted below, Trump has increased his support with Hispanics, cutting huge gaping holes into Biden’s lead with Hispanics in 2020:



  1. It’s CNN enough said. I would not watch CNN if it was the only source, FALSE NEWS. All the people on CNN are totally in love With themselves. If Jesus was a Republican and Hitler was a Democrat, they would back Hitler.

  2. ”Hispanic Americans” who vote Republican ARE voting for their own self interest! It’s DemocRats, like bigot Sunny Hostin and other racist liberals, that are trying to hold back minorities by telling them that they are “victims” and cannot think for themselves and must be “helped”!

  3. Does Sunny Hostin know what the word “illegal” means? It’s not about her feelings regarding these people. Illegal means “Against the Law.”

  4. Navarro is no Republican, that’s one thing Sunny has ever gotten right. Man I wish this show would end already.

  5. what can you say about AOC that hasn’t been said a million times! What amazes me is these people voted to screw themselves and now they are cheering they are getting screwed! And they all still think the rich will be forced to pay for everything! Democrats been telling that same lie since 1949! And they always seem to find idiots to swallow that lie!

  6. The View still has viewers? I watched the first 2 or 3 shows years ago and that was all I needed. Haven’t watched them since.

  7. Well. there are different rules for different groups, you just need to hope you’re in one of the special protected groups.

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