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VIce-President Kamala Harris demanded that abortion be made the law of the land along with a truly bizarre justification.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Harris also used the word “women” to describe those getting pregnant in an apparent contradiction to White House messaging that men, too, can become pregnant. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this point.

“Listen, women are getting pregnant every day in America, and this is a real issue and we need to act with a sense of haste about what is at play, what is at stake, and codifying Roe will be an important moment in terms of putting back in place protections for the folks who are at risk right now because of what the Court did in Dobbs just weeks ago,” Harris said.

The vice president announced Monday that she is traveling to Indiana to meet with abortion supporters “who are fighting on the frontlines to protect reproductive rights” as the state legislature convenes for a special session.

Lawmakers have proposed several bills that would ban most abortions but increase access to contraceptives.

Harris met with lawmakers in Virginia on Saturday to assure them that the Biden Administration would do everything in its power to better promote abortion.


      1. God sanctioned sex between a man and a woman in marriage to reproduce (multiply the race). There is no reproduction in abortion, only death. Death is the result of the sin of humankind. God only gives life.

      1. This article has nothing to do with women’s healthcare. it is about Kamala Harris (nobody) trying to justify killing babies.

  1. Democraps want Abortion legal for two reasons 1) Pandering to the LAZY when it comes to responsibility and Birth control and 2) Keep the number of Blacks low. Well all Minorities but Blacks most of all. It also why Democraps do nothing about Black on Black Crime. Democraps HATE all Minorities and that FACT applies to the Minority Democraps 100 fold just look at how they treat non-Democrapic Members of Congress.

  2. KAMALA HARRIS: “Women are getting pregnant every day in America, and this is a real issue.”

    Wow after 10,000 years Kamala finally noticed!

  3. The truth is, these supporters of abortion are Satan’s servants, and they seek to fulfill his every wish, which is to steal, kill and destroy all that belongs to God, our Creator.

    1. so then how do you explain that abortions are fine when the mother’s health is at risk being part of the religion that god chose to make Jesus?

      1. Come back when you learn how to make sense. When it becomes to a choice between saving the mother’s life or the baby’s (which is rare) it only makes sense to save the mother, but tthat has nothing at all to do with what Kamala is talking about.

  4. I’m beyond words with this, did women just figure out that having sex would make you pregnant, do they not know about contraception, I think most people have crossed over and just really don’t care about dignity, morals, respect, pride, and most of all loving children!!!!!!!

  5. I still believe the real reason the Demon-crats love abortions is that they see every aborted baby as yet another human blood sacrifice to their god and king Satan.

  6. Definition of reproductive (Entry 1 of 2)
    of, relating to, or capable of reproduction
    They have the right to reproduce! They do not have the right to casually kill.
    They can’t even get their words straight.

  7. She acts like there all being raped…This statement when children from other countries pour over the border… Some women, or pronouns get pregnant like it’s a sport…There are legit reasons for abortion…Most Americans agree with that….

  8. You can count on any statement coming from Giggles to be bizarre regardless of the topic. This, however, is the prime example, the Ground Zero. To say that she is dumb as an anvil is an insult to anvils everywhere.

  9. So, we already have turned into Sodom and Gomorrah. I guess we have also turned into the Cannaanite worshippers of Molech, who sacrificed their children to their pagan god. Abortion is murder.

  10. There are TONS of birth control options, to avoid getting pregnant. There are several options even AFTER you get pregnant. Abortion should NOT be one of them. Abortion is murder.

  11. This also is ludacris! For those of you who don’t see what really is going on here; well you have mental issues, that or ignorant from lack of knowledge. May God have mercy on your souls. As far as Harris she is just evil like the rest of the leftest to condone MURDER of any kind. Women, start being women again. Gain your morals, self respect and independent thinking along with resposibility back. Don’t forget spirituality also.

  12. Kackling Kamalala acts as tho’ women becoming pregnant is the same as catching a deadly disease and wants to declare a health emergency over this epidemic. Why doesn’t she suggest to ol Biden that he mandate lockdowns or at least quarantining women to make sure they stop mingling with the opposite sex which causes this terrible disease? I wonder if she thinks of little kids as germs when she looks at them. She always sounds like a terribly stupid woman.

  13. That is what happens if you are fertile The issue is that them and their partners need to use a contraceptive That is the problem You don’t get pregnant and you don’t have to live with any consequences The time for their decision is before the have sex So all of these idiotic excuses don’t play If a woman gets pregnant from normal sex then she lives with the outcome I do not feel sorry for these women that fuck all they can and then whine that they need an abortion No that is not the answer because if they are old enough to have sex then they either use a contraceptive or live with the results It does not give her the right to take a life If a woman is killed while pregnant then they are charged wit a double murder and this is not a bit different They can spin the words all they want but it comes down to responsibility of the woman to make the decision right then and there

  14. So because women are getting pregnant every day, there should be a law to enable abortions? Abortions are not a form of birth control, however obviously has been used as one for decades. Also, there is nothing in the United States Constitution that speaks to or speaks about abortion. Dig up the quote by ginsberg as to the reason they decided to review the case . She cited paraphrasing – it was so too many of one kind of people would not be born.

    Also, there is a youtube video and if necessary I can find it where Roe while being interviewed stated she LIED about everything. She also went on to tell the interviewer how she was a scammer and stole from people. It was all for a lie.

  15. Why is it you can kill your baby with a abortion but not with a weapon ? Dead is dead no matter how you look at it. Killing baby’s is for votes but gun control is for controlling the people. Ask any Indian you see if you can trust the democrat party. Or hell even black slave when freed. You see how blacks have to live now. Well most blacks that is. The blm leaders live pretty dang good thanks to your donations. 92 millon reasons to live good

  16. Irresponsibility should never be protected by law, let alone be sponsored by government. In a case of rape, criminal law takes over to make abortion available. In the case of a health issue for the mother, that is a medical issue that will be addressed.

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