President Joe Biden delivers remarks at the National Education Association (NEA) 2021 Virtual Representative Assembly, Friday, July 2, 2021, at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz). Via Wikimedia Commons.

The Biden Administration is now set to start handing out ID cards to illegal migrants which will potentially allow them to fly freely within the United States.

As The Daily Wire reports:

The Biden administration intends to offer some illegal immigrants a temporary ID card that could eventually be used for travel on domestic airlines.

The program, titled the “ICE Secure Docket Card program,” is funded with $10 million for the program in the Biden administration’s fiscal year 2023 appropriations bill, which states, “$10,000,000 for the ICE Secure Docket Card program to allow noncitizens access to immigration files and documents.”

The card will ostensibly be offered to illegal immigrants waiting the final decision on their status, two government sources told Axios, which added that the Biden administration wants Congressional approval before October to forestall a possible blockage of the program if Republicans take back the House in November.

The card will include the illegal immigrant’s name, nationality, and a QR code.

It had previously been reported that the Biden Admin had been paying underage illegal migrants and their families for travel throughout the country.


  1. These ID’s will allow illegals, those who haven’t been citizens for 7 years, to become eligible to vote in primary elections. Even if they don’t vote at all the number of eligible voters will be used to increase Democrats votes, whether they voted or not!

    1. What’s unreal is that American citizens continue to allow this puppet to remain in office based on a stolen election. We continue to ignore the mounting piles of evidence of vote tampering and the liberal controlled mass media continues to sweep it under the carpet. When are American citizens going to wake up?

  2. This is criminal and an act of treason. He must know how many PLA Chinese, Iranian Terrorists, and other foreign hostile illegals and unvetted diseased criminals he will be unleashing on innocent Americans. But I suppose that is his plan and why they installed him in the first place. America seems so lost, as I am on assignment outside the US and see people laughing at him and gloating over the destruction of America on the news outlets and in many public places.

    1. Treason used to be classified as a crime against this country. When did we stop enforcing our laws against treason?

  3. Then, why do I need to get a real ID? Are we going need them to vote? I would actually support that, other wise this is just a waist of my time and money.

  4. I wish the virus had took his life. He will now resume destroying this once great country. We will not get out of this terrible mess unless we win a bloody war which shall be known as Civil War II.

  5. We now have the most immoral, anti- American government in America’s history. My gosh, when are we going to elect true patriots and christian leadership.
    America , your vote in November will decide which path you want our country to live with!
    Vote conservative, moral leadership. We cannot survive the current direction we are now accepting.
    VOTE like your life depends on it.
    Conservative, honest, christian committed leadership is our only hope!

  6. And with their ID cards comes their illegal vote because as Obamass told them no one will go looking for them or track them down.

  7. Why doesn’t Biden and the Democrats move to Mexico, Central and South America and rule over them down there? They would love to be based in Cancun.

  8. These ID’s will allow illegals, those who haven’t been citizens for 7 years, to become eligible to vote in primary elections. Even if they don’t vote at all the number of eligible voters will be used to increase Democrats votes, whether they voted or not!

  9. Biden can’t do enough for illegal aliens, while he hurts US citizens with all his policies.

  10. Yes complain about Ivanka Trumps dress but don’t say a FREAKING WORD about Joe Biden’s Crack smoking China back door dealing SON Hunter!! The democratic party in this country has become JUST A MARXIST PREACHING machine and it will take this country down IF WE LET IT!!!

  11. If Joe Biden thinks he is going to allow ILLEGALLS TO VOTE HE WILL have a bloody revolution on his hands! The Supreme Court needs to step in and stop this before it turns UGLY! He will never get away with this one PERIOD!

  12. Joe Biden is a traitor to this nation he has ignored the constitution since he was sworn into OFFICE! He IS OWNED BY CHINA AND RUSSIA he is selling us out!

  13. Nobody and I mean NOBODY, in this administration, can be this stupid. Seriously. What is wrong with these people and this fool in the WH? Everything he touches, turns to crap. He has made the wrong decision, EVERY time. Law of averages, would allow him to get lucky and get something right. Not the case. He has gotten EVERYTHING wrong, EVERY TIME. Wake up, people. The dems are destroying this country and it is being done, deliberately.

  14. I wonder… illegals with these new cards have to have COVID vaccinations in order to fly? An American citizen who is not fully vaccinated and boosted cannot fly. How about these people?? Hmmmmm………..

  15. Biden has been funding flights carrying illegal aliens across state lines in this country for years. Now he want’s to give them IDs which will probably be used as voter identification cards in the future. Why are American citizens supporting this traitor to our nation?

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