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A liberal radio host caused a segment on Fox News to go off the rails after they began to meltdown over what they alleged was the network’s refusal to cover the January 6th hearings.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Mike Crute, a liberal radio host from Wisconsin, joined “Fox News Live” with host Mike Emanuel — and he argued that the ongoing January 6th Committee hearings should have been given top billing on Fox News as they had been on the other networks. But When Emanuel pushed back, Crute continued to attack the network.

Emanuel began the segment with an article from The New York Times — which asked whether President Joe Biden should seek a second term and posited that Democrats might even be souring on that idea — and turned that same question to his guests.

“Well, we absolutely need to take the fight to Republicans,” Crute replied. “Joe Biden should be out there fighting for democracy every single day. We should be talking about the January 6th hearings that go again live, that this network failed to cover because I tell you what, the real fight is for democracy. The real fight is for the soul and the real bull sh*t is that your network won’t cover it.

“Fox Business Network my butt, Mike!” Crute shouted back.

The January 6th hearings put on by Democrats have so far suffered from extremely dismal network ratings.


  1. More democrate lies exposed,The democrats caught in more lies,Report: Biden abandoned up to 9,000 Americans in Afghanistan JUNE 12, 2022According to a new Senate Foreign Relations Committee study released on Thursday, President Joe Biden abandoned as many as 9,000 American citizens in Afghanistan during the administration’s failure to retreat in August of last year. The report contradicts allegations made by the Biden administration that only 100-150 people were left behind. The report, signed by the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Jim Risch of Idaho, states that senior State Department officials overseeing the evacuation task force estimated approximately 15,000 Americans remained in Afghanistan around Aug. 17.By the end of the evacuation operations on Aug. 31, 6,000 Americans had escaped the country, which had been quickly taken over by the Taliban.

  2. The last thing Democrats want is democracy. Just look at how they are fighting tooth and nail to keep abortion out of the democratic process. If Roe is overturned, it will not outlaw abortion, the question will simply be in the democratic processes of the individual states.

  3. The new go to talking point for leftards. Jan 6th was a challenge to democracy/LOL..
    How about every day they REFUSE to enforce our immigration laws, and subvert our legal system, and demonize the police, is a DIRECT assault on our democracy and freedoms!

  4. Poor guy, he actually thinks that Jan 6th is a real story??? Or better yet he wants to try and convince America that its a real story, because if that is a real story and was an insurrection where no weapons were found then what is a guy showing up at Brett Kavanaugh’s house with weapons and an intent to kill him considered? That would appear to be a much larger threat to democracy than would be angry voters storming the Capitol building unarmed. Both are wrong but no one was taking over the country led by a guy dressed like a barbarian, but someone intent on shooting a Supreme Court Justice or someone that actually shot at Republican congress members on a baseball field a few years back is actually a threat to democracy. I guess it is only a threat if it hurts something the Democrats seem to control, but when you try to steal lives and votes from Republicans it is all OK, according to people like the leftist from the NY Times.

  5. The sideshow distraction AKA Jan. 6 protest brought to you by the Democrats is just that. They are desperate, they know they need to find something to smear Trump because their greatest fear looms in 2024. Trump over Sleepy Dementia Joe.

  6. This is so typical of a liberal who can’t defend their agenda or their party’s agenda so they raise their voice so others can’t hear the opposing side. You can’t defend the indefensible. The worst thing you can do is yell like that because it’s just proof you can’t defend your party’s agenda! Pathetic.

  7. Democrats are against both democracy and constitutional republicanism. They take multiple positions opposed by over 70% of the US population : school choice, voter ID, and and(at least some) regulations on abortion. ALL of the ones on the national stage are leftists; why do local DIMMs keep voting for them? Just because your dad or grandpa voted “D” doesn’t mean you should!

  8. Democrats claim they do everything to protect Democracy. The truth is they don’t know what Democracy is unless controlled by them with their version of Democracy

  9. Truth of the matter is,a reference in 3 U.S.C. 15 applies to those who were at the Capitol building on 6 Jan… The Kabuki theater surrounding the 6 Jan protest/demonstration/political circus and blaming former Pres. Trump is a distraction to the Populus keeping them from examining those actions that preceded that day…

  10. This is very telling. They don’t even want you to have an option of watching something other than the Party Narrative. How very Fascistic of them. It’s ALL about their control over us.

  11. I; for one, am all for destroying American ‘democracy’. Our forefathers; through the establishment of the Constitution, designed our government to be a compound Republic. Every state; every county; every township was to have a republican type of government-that is; a “government of the people, by the people; and FOR THE PEOPLE”.
    Progressives have been slowly pushing the concept of democracy off on WE THE PEOPE in order to weaken our resolve and confuse the understanding of what a republic is.
    In recent years the progressives have been more outright in their changing the meaning of words and sadly; far too many conservatives are just as guilty, due to their ignorance.

    1. FINALLY someone who “gets it”. I wish more people would read and digest your comment. What you said is EXACTLY what has been going on for years and years. A gradual shift from what we were meant to be, to what the commies want the public to ” think” we are, to what they WANT us to be. No one seems to get it. Even conservative news stations repeat “our democracy” over and over and over, driving the nail deeper into our coffin every time it.

  12. Compared to the RIOTS of 2020 and 2021, 6Jan was nothing, except for the murder of Ashli Babbitt, which was covered up. And the dismissal of extra security promised by President Trump. That was turned down by Pelosi, the Chief of the USCP and Mayor Bowow of DC.

  13. Nobody watches the crap they aired on Jan 6, anyway. Who gives a rip about Jan 6, anyway. It was all Nazi Pelosi’s fault for not having the natl. guard there!

  14. This TV show that the dems produced and he was defending also showed that congressal men and women used teleprompters. Why use teleprompters unless you want to promote a message and agenda to stay on topic? Why hire a TV producer to run a public hearing? The libtards can no longer talk their way to the reality they want and will have to recognize the reality they have created.

  15. Well, this headline was misleading. This wasn’t a meltdown. At least not by standards as applied to the left. They’re rude and they use profanity a lot because their standards for public speech is so low. (Their vocabularies seem a little limited too which could account for all of the profanity.) But I wouldn’t call it a meltdown. He was just living the sterotype.

  16. Anytime a judicial process is “scripted” to the point of needing teleprompters, we should all be worried.

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