Photo by Sgt. Dana M Clarke via Wikimedia Commons

Former President Trump praised Katie Arrington on Sunday, a candidate competing in the upcoming GOP primary, in a last ditch attempt to topple incumbent congresswoman Nancy Mace.

As The Hill reports:

Former President Trump on Sunday called former South Carolina state Rep. Katie Arrington’s (R) policies “perfect” in a last-minute pitch for her primary challenge this week to Rep. Nancy Mace (R), who has blamed Trump for the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

Trump endorsed Arrington in February one day after she announced her now-closely watched primary challenge in the coastal district, which will on Tuesday test the influence of Trump and debunked claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.


  1. And why is the republican party in that area having Mace running. Her reputation for fighting against conservative republicans period should have had the party remove Mace from the party and Trump should not have to straighten out the party which should have the guts to clean out the rino or bad party members.

    1. The party doesn’t want purging.
      They love their establishment RINOS.
      It’s up to us, the voters to get rid of them.
      Unfortunately, name recognition seems to go a long way.

  2. The minute I saw Nikki Haley endorsing Mace…I knew Arrington would be in some deep dark waters. On the other hand, Haley endorsing Mace should be eyes ‘wide open’ going forward. Both Haley & Mace are not to be trusted…not now, not ever.l

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