The Summit 2013 - Picture by Dan Taylor / Heisenberg Media. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Elon Musk, who now sits as the majority shareholder of Twitter, is floating potential changes he wants to see on the liberal leaning and censorship happy social media network.

An announcement which could mean potentially reinstating personalities formerly banned from the platform.

Here are the biggest names Musk could get reinstated on Twitter if he decides to do away with liberal censorship at the company:

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  1. Love Elan Musk, smart, patriotic and good business and common sense. Not hateful and
    mean and lying as most liberals are. Good luck Mr. Musk, we need you at this time.

    1. Good luck Stay Safe these left loons are dangerous not just to the freedom of speech to everyone in the wrld because they are spreading the chos of communistic takeovers everywhere. doing the right thing takes courage being a follower is cowardice!

  2. Musk needs to ban some of the regime that previously were at the top of Twitter. Ban them to hell for what they did to good people. Evil Twitter against good people. Evil against good. A war! They declared war so we are going to fight!

  3. I IS NOT the majority shareholder. He owns more shares than anyone else, but FAR LESS that half of the shares.
    Such a blatantly inaccurate statement is ammo for those looking for a reason to dismiss whatever you say.

  4. Elon Musk,
    Might reinstate some folks and probably wont others,…. but from what I have seen his “Majority” is under ten percent which really gives him NOT MUCH juice,…. any two stock holders could jam him up,….Let us hope for the best, but really,…. In this screwed up political fight I certainly would NOT hold my breath

  5. free speech is better than communism . Unban them all and let the market of ideas sort them out.

  6. He should reinstate all of them. They said nothing worse than the elitist pigs say on every social media page about republicans who disagree with them. We conservatives should have a voice as well.

  7. The bannings dumbfound me when anyone who does not want to listen to someone they don’t like can delete them without dragging the whole universe into their own mental problems…

  8. My comment below was meant for Elan Musk not Sandi L below in support of Elan’s buying up Twitter

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