Tyler Merbler from USA via Wikimedia Commons

A federal judge in New Mexico ruled that defendant Matthew Martin was ‘not guilty’ of all charges filed against him due to his involvement with the January 6th riot.

As Buzzfeed reports:

WASHINGTON — A federal judge on Wednesday found that a New Mexico man “reasonably believed” that police officers let him into the US Capitol during the Jan. 6 breach, finding defendant Matthew Martin not guilty of all charges.

Announcing his decision from the bench, US District Judge Trevor McFadden said that although prosecutors argued there were numerous instances when Martin would have been aware that he wasn’t allowed on Capitol grounds or inside the building — as he walked past fences with signs saying “AREA CLOSED” and recorded video of a broken window, blaring alarms, police in riot gear, and people who appeared to have encountered tear gas — those were outweighed by Martin’s “plausible” belief that he had permission because officers didn’t try to stop him from entering.

McFadden said that Martin’s conduct was as “minimal and non-serious” as the judge could imagine for someone who went into the Capitol on Jan. 6. He said that Martin seemed to be a “silent observer” of the scene and didn’t try to crowd the police, protest, or wave the “Trump” flag that he was carrying. Martin appeared “quiet” and “orderly” as he walked inside the building, filmed video inside the Rotunda similar to how the media would behave, and didn’t appear to interfere with officers as he filmed a clash with rioters later in the afternoon on a north terrace of the building.

The verdict represented an early test of efforts by some Jan. 6 defendants to argue that police allowed them to enter the Capitol, or that they believed they had permission because no officer told them to stop. It’s the third trial related to Jan. 6 to finish since the insurrection. Other judges presiding over Jan. 6 cases aren’t bound by McFadden’s findings, but other defendants could now point to his analysis of what it would take to find a nonviolent participant in the breach of the Capitol guilty of federal crimes.

Hundreds of defendants are currently awaiting trial on similar charges due to their own involvement with the events of January 6th.

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Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson
9 months ago

A decent conservative judge who see’s through the Nancy Pelosi rhetoric and the fact she has not come forward with all the video that was taken that day, more than likely because it implicates the FBI and Federal Capitol officers.

9 months ago

Now sue federal Jan 6 group for detaining you,an trauma they instilled in you an loss of financial, family anything you can. You can be a rich man very quickly.

Carl M Seibert
Carl M Seibert
9 months ago

Even before the nomination hearings she put her foot in her mouth — telling us in essence that, as the title of this 2-min piece puts it, “Judges are knowingly deceitful, per Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson“: 

Judges are knowingly deceitful, per Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

by Lev Tsitrin On the eve of nomination hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, New York Times’ Supreme Court …

This is a racist pick just like Kristina Clark in Department of JUST US under the O’Biden Cabal! Things are not always what you are told. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, the Biden pick for Supreme Court who was nominated due to her skin color, is an admirer of the racist, anti-white psychopath who helped create the critical race theory (CRT) blood libel against the American nation.

CRT whistleblower Chris Rufo noted that Jackson is an enthusiastic proponent of Derrick Bell, the unabashed racist who once said he lives “to harass white folks.” Bell is a trailblazer of systemic racism against whites in academia and helped to put CRT on the map.

“Professor Derrick Bell [was] a civil rights lawyer and the first tenured African-American professor at Harvard Law School, wrote a book in the early 1990s about the persistence of racism in American life that he entitled Faces at the Bottom of the Well.

Polarization is what both Hitler & Stalin did to generate hate to control via chaos.