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According to a new report from ABC news it appears that U.S. tax payers are now spending over $30,000 per month to protect President Biden’s son Hunter from unspecified and potentially nonexistent threats in a mansion in Malibu California.

As ABC news reports:

Hunter Biden is apparently spending his father’s presidency living in luxury in Malibu — and so is his taxpayer-funded security detail.

The Secret Service detail protecting the president’s controversial son has been paying more than $30,000 a month to rent out a swanky Malibu, California, mansion for nearly a year, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

The agency responsible for protecting the president and his family — among other ranking government officials — selected the property in order to be located as close as possible to Biden’s own rented mansion where he is paying about $20,000 a month according to property listings, sources told ABC News.

Retired senior Secret Service agent Don Mihalek, now an ABC News contributor, said the arrangement is “the cost of doing business for the Secret Service,” adding that under the federal law, the agency has a mandated protective responsibility for the president, the first family, and anybody else the president designates for protection.

Questions over Hunter Biden’s lifestyle are growing just as a federal probe into his taxes has begun to intensify.


  1. After reading this, first thing that popped into my head is how does the Secret Service protect Hunter when he criminally hooks up with the criminal element that supplies his crack.

    1. Depends on how stupidly the law and regulations are written…
      Why would Biden have a Malibu mansion on monthly rent? Has he ever even been there?

  2. Who is going to protect him from God’s judgement if he doesn’t repent? You will reap what you sow and you can’t get around that.

  3. Is this really different than Melania and what’s his name being protected in NYC when her husband was in the WH???? (Answer- NOT at all)

  4. For all U.S. Presidents, immediate family members are always guarded by Secret Service agents, whether they like it or not, because such members could be held for ransom.

  5. How is this any different than Melania & Baron being protected by the Secret Service in NYC because apparently she did not want to pull him out of school?

    (Answer- NOT different at all.)

  6. The Biden mob is so out of control it is pathetic. We as Americans should not have to deal with as a political issue. Hunter Biden is a crook and needs to be in prison . No way should we be paying to have anyone babysit this moron . It is time for the Bidens to pay for their mistakes

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