Elon Musk. Photo by JD Lasica from Pleasanton

Tech Billionaire Elon Musk has now become the largest shareholder of the social media platform Twitter, leading many to speculate that Musk’s bigger role could lead to more free speech protections on the platform.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has become Left-wing social media platform Twitter’s largest shareholder, taking 9.2% stake in Twitter Inc.

Musk now has four times as many shares as Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who owns 2.25%.

“Twitter shares surged about 26% in premarket trading after the regulator filing released Monday detailing Musk buying the holding,” Bloomberg reported. “The stake is worth about $2.89 billion, based on Friday’s market close.”

The move comes after Musk teased a shakeup at Twitter, or possible plans to build a new social media platform that promotes free speech.

Musk had previously tweeted out a poll hinting at his true views on free speech on social media:

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
8 months ago

What Id do if I took over Twitter:
o Rebrand, rename
o reinstall Pres Trumps account
o Fire senior mgmt
o Hire new blood
o layoff excess staffing
o Move Hqs OUT of CA
o New guidelines

8 months ago

If you’re going to fight a war, then fight it to win and lay all your weapons on the battleground except that secret weapon up your sleeve. Thank you Elon Musk for being America’s person who is willing to lay it all on the table. We know you have that secret weapon hidden and you’ll use it when you feel it’s necessary. The “Woke” won’t know what hit them when it’s time to really play war for all the marbles.