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Democrats are now reportedly looking into new ways to attempt to bar former President Trump from seeking office.

As The Hill reports:

In the year since the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, a handful of Democrats, constitutional scholars and pro-democracy advocates have been quietly exploring how a post-Civil War amendment to the Constitution might be used to disqualify former President Trump from holding office again.

Calls for Congress to take steps to strip Trump of his eligibility, which reached a crescendo in the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot, have since decreased. But those who remain engaged on the issue say discussions about applying Section 3 of the 14th Amendment have been ongoing.

“If anything, the idea has waxed and waned,” said Laurence Tribe, a constitutional expert at Harvard Law School. “I hear it being raised with considerable frequency these days both by media commentators and by members of Congress and their staffs, some of whom have sought my advice on how to implement Section 3.”

An analysis by The Hill found that around a dozen Democratic lawmakers have spoken either publicly or privately over the last year about how Section 3 of the 14th Amendment might apply to those who engaged in insurrection on Jan. 6.

Constitutional experts are still divided about just how such a measure could be enacted by the Congress. A step which is unlikely given how divided the chambers are and how emotionally and politically fraught of an issue the events of January 6th, 2021 remain.



  1. Are you kidding? The Demonrats have been scheming to bar Trump from office since the day he announced his candidacy. Or do you not know that Killary Clinton conspired with the DNC and their law firm Perkins Coie to LAUNDER MONEY to Fusion GPS who then sent the money to Christopher Steele, a known double agent with MI-6 and the KGB, to manufacture a smear campaign (“dossier”) about Mr. Trump, and cause the FBI to obtain an illegal wire tap on then CITIZEN TRUMP? What part about that don’t you understand???

    Where is the investigation into the lawyers and FBI personnel involved in lying to the FISA Court to obtain the ILLEGAL warrants to tap CITIZEN TRUMP’S phone calls knowingly based on the false dossier? When is the DOJ going to investigate that–just that!

    And the deplorable Demonrats wonder why a few thousand Trump supporters show up January 6, 2021 believing the election was stolen, when the Demonrats tried every criminal trick in the book, except assassination, to prevent Trump from being elected, and if elected, then to get him impeached and removed from office?


    1. these people are followers of Satan and the truth is not in them,period
      But take heart, ultimately God is in control and he wins, you can take that to the bank, I read to the end of the book.

      1. Dan, I am a Christian man but I want to see justice for our nation against the political criminals for their treasonous acts!

        I still pray for them, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see them behind bars for the rest of their natural lives or hanged for treason!

        1. Yes, there will be a judgement day, and God will be the judge. But, I feel that there should be justice here on earth as well.

    2. We will start getting truth and results when we start hanging the Attorney General for the crimes perpetrated by politicians but aren’t held accountable (e.g Hillary, Comey, Strock, etc)

      What do you think would happen if the AG had to prosecute the criminal and punish appropriately if proven guilt or face the charges himself/ herself?

    3. That is a question Johnarno, people have been asking, since the Communist Democrats started going after President Trump, as soon as he announced he was running for office. The Democrat Party, is nothing more than a title, used by Marxist Communists, to make people think Democrats are for the American people. Well, we have seen what the Democrat Party has given us and how the Media covers for every Anti-American activity, Bide, his administration and the radical left push on America. I think a question Americans should be asking is when will enough be enough. The Second Amendment is the guarantee against what the democrats are pushing. In time Americans will realize enough is enough and take our country back. America is not the solution to the world’s undesirables, unemployables and outcasts and I believe America will stop it very shortly. God Bless America and damn Biden, his administration and ther media.

  2. well i guess he civil war will begin anew and they better watch out because those billionaires that of facebook etc will not have enough money to fight the upsurge of power in this country. no one in their right mind would eve think such a thing. your woke business has driven you down a path of no return and destrution. bring it on baby we will fight to the bitter end…….PERIOD AS SAID BY OBAMA

    1. All these people (politicians and bureaucrats) who have acted as Communists against our nation and our Constitution after taking an oath to defend both, deserve nothing less than life in prison like GITMO or to be hanged in front of the Capital Building.

      Although he is not a politician or bureaucrat, Soros MUST BE TURNED OVER TO HUNGARY OFFICIALS and all of Soros’ assets liquidated and the money used to prop up our Social Security Program.

      After that, America MUST focus on those who aided ILLEGALS to enter our nation and attach themselves to our welfare roles, SSI and Medicare/ Medicaid programs even though they NEVER paid into the programs.


  3. That was NO DAMNED INSURRECTION! Insurrections occurred during the criminal riots of the summer of 2020 by BLM and ANTIFA both of whom should be labeled as domestic terrorists.

  4. It is the neverTRUMP politicians that are trying to commit their illegal insurrection BS and not by our Lawful US Constitution’s Insurrection Act

    and they must be successful whatsoever

    🥰CHRISTrumpOwens and all their US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020-2036 Reelected Landslide
    Amen & Amen🥰

  5. DeSantis for President, Trump Speaker of the House, Senate Majority leader Mark Meadows, Chuck Schumer errand boy, AOC unemployed

  6. How can the Democrats accomplish this? The FBI has already cleared Trump of any direct involvement in the Jan. 6 riots.

  7. And NO-ONE has been charged with insurrection WHY??? Come ON America, put your BRAINS in gear in order to get the TRUTH about the VERMIN regime and ALL of its supporters!

    1. Do you really think Pelosi would charge herself for her part in arranging and setting up this alleged indirection ? It was her operatives who were filmed urging things on and leading the forced entrance of the Capital Building also a couple of FBI agents in Maga caps

  8. Donald Trump has already been proven NOT having anything to do with J6….democrats however….have not been found innocent of the activities at the capitol on Jan 6

  9. America Vote out the Nazis AKA the democratic party next election We The People demand our country back from the Nazis

  10. President Trump kept his promises to the American People. There is no denying that. This country must be run as a business. Politicians like biden are not businessmen. He made promises he never planned to keep. God help the United States of America!

  11. Let’s ban any democrat from holding any high office!
    This next time the people vote! Not the illegals and the dead!

    1. Any high office ? I guess my friend can’t run for washroom attendant . Hmm for that matter neither can Joe Biden 😃

  12. When blm were burning cities, murdering innocent people, looting, attacking police,blocking roadways, attacking government buildings, and threatening white people some democrats were backing them. Why are they still in office? Guess that law only counts against President Trump?

    1. Kamala was PAYING to BAIL THE B****rds OUT OF JAIL. Was she afraid they would tell everyone all about her FILTHY PAST AS THE AG IN CALIFORNIA? If you missed your chance of writing everything she is STILL GUILTY, try googling it. Her record will make you sick! Her butt should be in PRISON.

  13. I just can’t believe the Demonrats. They “never” let loose of their immoral ideas. These people are so stupid that they’d “double down” with a loaded gun against their forehead. wtf. Apparently the thought of Trump being president again is like their kryptonite. They’d rather turn U.S.A. into a banana republic.

      1. Hey why do Dems have flat feet ?
        From stomping out the fires of Trumps agendas .
        Why does Smokey the Bear have flat feet ?
        From stomping out smouldering Dems

  14. LISTEN UP….GOD Chose PREZ TRUMP to be PRESIDENT of the U.S. Whom GOD has CHOSEN NO MAN Can Put ASUNDER. GOD’S Dark CLOUD Remains on the WHITE HOUSE. It will be LIFTED when TRUMP gets HIS JOB Back. PREZ TRUMP is the RIGHTFUL PRESIDENT. GOD is NOT a LIAR. HE is the TRUTH. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

  15. Incompetent socialist Democrats, Braindead Biden and giggles Kamala, need to removed from office to get the USA back to being the leader of the free world!

    When the Republicans sweep the 2022 mid-term Congressional elections, they can begin the process in 2023 by impeaching Joe and Kamala! Then sealing the US Mexican border by completing the wall, tackle inflation, combat the spike in crime, and reverse all of senile Joe’s other asinine policies and mandates!

    Democrat crazy Nancy Pelosi to be replaced by Steny Hoyer or Jim Clyburn is a joke, as all of these politicians are in their 80’s! Chucky Schumer must also be ousted by the voters!

  16. The 14th Amendment was enacted to clear up the loose ends from the Civil War, which few have so far accused Trump of participating in. Blumenthal, on the other hand, was living it up a couple of days ago at an official function of the Communist Party, which was established by the Soviet Union to assist in its war against the United States.

  17. No wonder the Moon Bat pelosi is so hyped about keeping her medias in line and call it an insurrection this was most likely contrived but Pelosi herself.

  18. Any idiot that believes that Jan 6 was an insuraction, lets review, the vast vast majority of people were peaceful in fact the only ones that weren’t peaceful was the cops, especially te one that killed babbitt, the fbi, and the people that cause the problems. The cops let the people in the chambers and there was very little damage and no harm done. Now contrast that with the blm/antifa riots that left dead people, hurt people, billions in damage and stealing (that steaaling was an excuse to get stuff by lazy people), the country divided is what these suoer rich/eleites want. That makes it easy for them to control all of you whom are divided.
    If there was a true insurection all of those corrupt politicians whould have had it way worse than anything they every thought. The police that tried to stop it would have all had way too much to handle. There would have been way more people and they would have had real weapons none of these make believe weapons these lying politicians said they had. Now me, I hate to say it, would like to see the politicians see what something like that would have been. I still have some hope that we can elect people that will actually fulfill their oaths of office. Actually enforce the consitution and the bill of rights, up hold the law, not make bad/wrong good and good/right bad.These politicians deserve way worse. The stupid people that think it was an insuraction then they mmay learn what one really looks like. I hate to say that but when you have corrupt politiicians taking up the cause of these super rich and not upholding their oaths of office then they need to held accountable and it seems that money is making the very hard if not impossible . The main thing that needs to be done is to take that big money away and then see how powerless these corrupt officials are.
    I am niot saying that America is perfect by any means nor that we don’t have much room for growth and to be a more equitable, fair country on many fronts. The fact is you can’t change history and if you judge history by todays standaards then you are missing the point because history has made us grow. Owing people for what happened in the past is well, pretty much a lost cause. You don’t have to condone the past either, in fact that is what makes history change.

  19. Face it, it comes down to this: Trump is Anti-Socialism/Communism. He’s a nightmare to Democrats and is a speed bump in their way to achieving it.

  20. Fear ! Fear! Democrats are so afraid Trump will be elected again and will straighten out the problems created by the Democrats and Biden, they wont have a chance for 20 years or more. . .PEOPLE ARENT ALL STUPID ! ! !THEY LEARN FROM THEIR MISTAKES ! ! 1

  21. How much is this Progressive boondoggle costing? Will the Democrat coup attempt ever receive its far more worthy attention? Is subverting an election not a revolutionary act?

  22. If they do that you really know how crooked they are the people of America should be able to vote they want to that is democracy in our country

  23. They are running scared because they know Trump will go after them for all of their corruption when he gets control of both sides.

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