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The left-wing Chicago prosecutor who tried to drop charges against hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett could face sanctions and a possible loss of her law license after a special prosecutor found she made numerous false and misleading statements regarding the case.

The investigation came after Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped false reporting charges against Smollett, when it was discovered Smollett’s claims to have been attacked by two white men in Trump campaign hats was a hoax, created to advance his acting career and liberal political agenda.  

It became a crime because Smollett filed a report with the Chicago Police Department.

The charges were reinstated and Smollett found guilty after a court removed Foxx from the case, citing her political behavior.  

Foxx, an outspoken leftist, was elected with the support of a political action committee funded by liberal billionaire George Soros pushing soft-on-crime policies.

Special prosecutor Daniel Webb is referring Foxx and other prosecutors to the Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) for ethics violations, finding “evidence that establishes substantial abuse of discretion and operational failures by the CCASO in prosecuting and resolving the Initial Smollett Case.”

Webb specifically pointed to Foxx’s public claims to have ceased speaking to Smollett’s sister.  Text messages secured by the special prosecutor found Foxx was still communicating with Smollett’s sister, giving her details of the case and coaching her on how to help Smollett dodge charges.

Webb “cites multiple examples from March 2019 and at the end of May 2019 in which Foxx told the media that she stopped communicating with Smollett’s sister. However, the report says she sent five text messages to her and talked with her on the phone another three times through Feb. 13, 2019, five days after she claimed she cut off communication,” Fox News reports.

“Retired Judge Sheila O’Brien, who successfully filed the motion as a private citizen to have a special prosecutor assigned to the case, slammed Foxx, calling her a ‘liar,’” Fox News reports.

“Kim Foxx should resign. This report shows she is a liar, that her administration is in chaos and that she’s blaming everyone else,” O’Brien said. “She should resign. Taxpayers deserve better…”

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  1. How does this old reprobate get away with this? How does he influence these left leaning Attorneys? He funds them with his billions, floods the cities where they live with this money, the people listen, vote them into the office and then, they stop protecting the citizens. Who in the ABA association allows this to happen, or maybe the ABA people partake in this bribery? I’m a citizen, and if charged with a crime, can I get an attorney who will give me a Just Decision? She, Kim Foxx, has been caught with trying to usurp the law and should be disbarred! AND GEORGE SORROS SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON!

    1. It’s a damned Nazi war criminal like it’s father. It can’t enter several countries or it would be arrested for NAZI WAR CRIMES. Why the US gave it sanctuary is beyond me.

    2. Can’t. In the Constitution, there is very specific requirements for treaon, and our wonderful Soros, (you know, the guy who ratted out his parents to the Nazis?) has probably very carefully, avoided qualifying. He’d rather buy people to do it for him. Soros and his money are like venereal disease. You get money from him to do something he wants done, and, yes, you enjoy it, until you become the victim of it. (may he forever have the clap……Come to think of it, he IS the clap, politically.

    1. He came here from Europe with the trillions he stole from there and is trying to create the same turmoil he crated there to allow him to consistently steal Billions from each country in Europe he fled Europe because there were no countries in Europe that he had not ripped off and had an arrest warrant in each of them! It’s not that he hates them its that he has to create mass turmoil everywhere else so people will not look into the area he is stealing money from!!!

        1. At the age of 6 him as his daddy pretended they were catholic to avoid being killed by the german army, and they reported all of the other jews to the german army and after the german army rounded up the other jews, him and his father stole their valuables .

          1. But he has one foot in the grave and when he DIES he cannot take one penny with him. And he must face the Judgment alone.

    2. He sold out his Jewish neighbors in eastern europe to the Nazis then stole their property and sold it on the black market to get all his millions

    3. He just hates and is the Enemy Within. He just happens to operate freely in this country because of our own corruption. Several countries want to arrest him, we should deport him to Hungary for certain! Crimes against humanity would aptly describe him! Sick, delusional, criminal sick puppy!

    1. Follow the money, Clinton’s are tied to Soro’s through marriage . There are others who are tied to Soros also . The root of all evil is money. Soro is as evil as they come. His family will take over when is gone.

  2. He must have great security. Or he has dirt on everyone in Washington. We the people really need to turn up the heat. He can’t stop 80 million people with guns. Let’s roll.

  3. When you sell your soul to the devil, he may escape retribution but you won’t. Soros is destroying this country piece by piece. He should be put on a boat and set to sea as the man without a country. No country wants him anywhere near their borders.

  4. “Soft on Crime” is a way for George ‘the felon and former Nazi collaborator’ Soros is using to undermine law enforcement and our U. S. Constitution. He is trying to destroy our country until it is extremely weak then he and his confederates can re-organize this country to suit their socialist/communist/globalist intensions!!

  5. There is at least a half dozen DAs and AGs owned by George ‘the felon and former Nazi collaborator’ Soros that should be fired. None of them respect the law and take “soft on crime” literally!!

  6. Foxx should be fired and lose her law license. But it is Chicago, so she will be exonerated and given a good citizenship award by the Australopithecus mayor.

    • Soros was a Hitler youth. He was born in 1930 and was 15 when the war ended. He has been ruthless and actually bankrupted one country through currency manipulation. Since he’s 91, I wake up every morning hoping to hear he passed in the night. I would be happier though, if he was eaten alive by a pack of hyenas.
  7. If this “commission” is run by DIMMs, don’t expect any penalties to be imposed. In IL, DIMMs do as they please without ANY repercussions!

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