Senate Democrats via Wikimedia Commons

For the first time ever, President Biden’s approval rating has now dropped below Vice-President Kamala Harris’s.

As Mediaite reports:

President Joe Biden’s approval rating is below that of his Vice President Kamala Harris for the first time they took office, according to a recent poll released by Gallup.

The surprising polling results come from a poll in which just over 800 randomly sampled adults were interviewed by telephone between December 1st and the 16th.  The purpose of the poll was to ascertain approval and disapproval for U.S Leaders.

The poll showed that 44 percent of those surveyed approved of Kamala Harris, while only 43 percent approved of Biden.

Supreme Court Justice John Roberts earned the highest approval rating, while Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell were at the bottom of the list.

While Biden is only one point below his Vice President in approval ratings, it is no small thing that Kamala Harris is now considered on roughly the same level of approval as the Commander in Chief…

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