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Catholic officials must deny Communion to President Joe Biden until he repents from the sin of supporting abortion, says the American Life League, who describes Biden as “no more Catholic than is Lucifer.”

“Pope Francis needs to hold Biden accountable and demand he spend every moment he has left on this earth publicly repenting and atoning for the evil of abortion that he has empowered,” said ALL founder and president Judie Brown.

Brown, and ALL Executive Vice President Hugh Brown, say the Church and Pope Francis must deny Communion to Biden until he denounces abortion.

“The Code of Canon Law refers to this situation of a manifest lack of proper moral disposition when it states that those who ‘obstinately persist in manifest grave sin’ are not to be admitted to Eucharistic communion,” said Judie Brown.

“Joe Biden has helped usher in the culture of death and is responsible for the deaths of 65,000,000 children by abortion,” said Hugh Brown. “Denying Joe Biden the Eucharist is not only necessary, but required, as he has direct participation and responsibility for these millions of abortions.”

Hugh Brown says offering Communion to Biden “would be an abomination to faithful Catholics.”

“Joe Biden is no more Catholic than is Lucifer,” he notes.

Judie Brown, a devout Catholic, was twice appointed by Pope Saint John Paul II and once by Pope Benedict XVI, to the Pontifical Academy for Life, which promotes the Roman Catholic church’s respect for every human being’s life. 

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  1. LISTEN UP….GOD is Going to TAKE DOWN the DEMOCRATS….the CHINESE GOVT and the TERRORISTS. With GOD All Things are POSSIBLE. The HEALING ANGELS are S till HEALING PEOPLE on EARTH. GOD ‘S Separation on EARTH Continues. From SamuraiQueen. 😄☺☺

    1. I fully agree, all things are possible with God, and God still heals; however, before the Chinses government is taken down, God is going to allow the heathen nations of China, Russia, and possibly North Korea to destroy the United States government, which has become every bit as evil as the others nations…
      God has been sending His warnings of our destruction since the mid-1980s, but very few have been listening… The hearts of this people has waxed gross to where they neither hear with their ears, and neither do they see with their eyes, I am beginning to think that even their brains are out to lunch…
      The worldly protector of Israel must be done away with to advance the new world order agenda.

      1. Watchman48, you surely seem to have Godly wisdom! It’s very likely that we’re in the very late times. I’ve always believed the USA would prove to be that “Mystery Babylon” described in Revelation 18 and other biblical prophesy. One Nation under God has turned away from God and elects evil politicians, including fallen Catholics like Biden & Pelosi. Meanwhile, the present Pope appears to be a “false prophet” who clings to the long-discredited, Marxist-inspired “Revolution Theology.” He simply cannot “stand firm and hold fast” to all our nearly 2,000-year-old traditions & beliefs. And yes, Globalists wish to weaken America, which will allow the forces of darkness to attack Israel. We all need to pray unceasingly and commit to changing our corrupt ways. Perhaps we can forestall the just judgement for a generation or two…

  2. The True Holy Christian Church would not allow Biden, nor any other openly, unrepentant sinner to the Lord’s Supper. So what does that make the Roman Catholic Church?
    When a Christian goes to the Lord’s Supper he is in fellowship with all the repentant sinners at the Communion rail who receive the True Body and Blood of Jesus Christ shed on the Cross for the forgiveness of your sins.
    If you, or your pastor, knowingly Commune a consummate liar and baby murderer like Biden you say you believe the same thing – you are also an unrepentant sinner, no different than he is.
    Remember, you who Commune with Biden, what happened to Judas Iscariot who ate and drank the Body and Blood of Christ in unbelief!
    Don’t commune with Biden!!!

  3. Pedo Joe and the pope as well as any Democrap who is Catholic prove that Catholics are not CHRISTIANS. See a REAL CHRISTIAN follows GOD and tries to do what GOD says is right they DO NOT. Catholics do not even follow their own bible much less the words GOD left for man to follow. GOD said man to be a pastor or Bishop a leader met of any kind in his Church they had to be the Husband of one wife yet a priests do not marry. How can they give advise on Marriage to anyone??? Next and most importantly ONLY CHRIST can forgive man’s sin. That means Confession is a load of FECAL matter. The pope speaks only for himself. The BIBLE(AV1611 KingJames Version) was written by men lead by GOD and has been the TRUE BIBLE since it was written. See 47 from a start of 50 of the GREATEST Bible Scholars of their time agreed to 100% of what was in that BIBLE. Even the italics written words are what is supposed to be there. The BIBLE Scholars proved them to be the right words when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found and translated. So anyone claiming that MURDER of the UNBORN, GAY MARRIAGE, Women as Pastors and anything not in the BIBLE are LYING to themselves and the World. Transgenderism is calling GOD a LIAR and not PERFECT. This is one of the Worst things man has ever done. GOD is PERFECT and MAKES NO MISTAKES EVER. These people are in for a real shock when they pass away . See they believe the LIES of Catholic Priests and that man they call the Pope and they are just sending them to HELL and when time ends the Lake of Fire. Now if one wants to avoid that all one must do is ask Jesus into their Heart after admitting they are a sinner and only bet Christ’s actions on and after the Cross will pay their sin. Then after that try to live as Christ did and wants one to. This man called the pope makes Catholics call him Holy Father despite the FACTS that GOD says to call NO MAN Father and that man’s Holiness is Filthy rags. So that is a GIGANTIC NO NO.

  4. As a Catholic one can’t help but wonder why the church has not excommunicated Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who advocate, totally support and encourage abortion even late term abortions? Many Of us expected an anticipated the pope during his meeting with Biden to it very least chastise him but instead he celebrated him. So what’s going on with us? Are we now all to assume that the Catholic Church now supports abortion? Because they’re certainly acting like they do

  5. Vatican is closed down, no more Pedophile/Satanic Pope and cardinals Children have been removed from their sick vaults. Biden and Pelosi are poor excuses for faith In God

  6. Think the Bible says something about, “God is not a respector of persons”, sooo the pope is no better than a person that tries to live a good, honest and Godly life here on earth!! Also says, “not all things are for our understanding now “, so I think we should ALL try to live a good honest Godly life while on earth with love, compassion, foregiveness and honesty to our fellow man!! HE knows we are not perfect and will stumble along lifes path, so be sure to say your daily prayers asking forgiveness and guidance for our remaining days!!

  7. The correct names of the church headed by the Pope are the Roman Catholic Church or the Church of Rome. Neither are truly catholic in the real definition of the word. It is truly run by Lucifer.

    This is clearer now then it has been in some time. This is why the leadership has not called out to Biden, Pelosi, and others that do not follow the Scriptures. The Popes and Cardinals have historically twisted and distorted Scripture to lead many in the ROMAN catholic church to their destruction. Some members are Christian, but many members may be surprised at the verdict they will receive at the Final Judgement.

    1. The Katholikos of Constantinople was appalled at the heresy, gall and chutzpah of the Bishop of Rome to split from the Church. He warned the Bishop what he could expect if he forced priests to be celibate. Some loyalists can say ‘my Church, right or wrong’ all you want, but there have been Roman Popes who were hypocrites or cruel and wicked monsters. I am happy that most of my family have been in a state of righteous excommunication for four centuries.

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