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Years have passed since what 45th President Donald Trump dubbed the ‘Russia Hoax’ occurred regarding the now-debunked Steele dossier.

But now The Washington Post has finally been forced to correct its heavily biased reporting on the topic, which included loads of false information regarding the dossier’s origin.

Here are all the facts about the Russia Hoax that WaPo has now been forced to admit they were wrong about:


  1. Of coarse none of these so called news organizations will ever apologize in print to Donald Trump for what they did to him and this country during the four years of his Presidency. Even now they are going out of their way to cover for Biden’s incompetence, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and a vice president who is totally out of her depth. The so called MSM is destroying this country.

    1. Absolutely right! However, Harris needs to go back to her Communist City of San Francisco, she would definitely be back in her element.

  2. I thought this Communists propaganda pusher went out of business a long time ago?? You mean there is still people reading this garbage???

  3. I thought the msm investigated Before reporting, BS. What makes them think by correcting years of false stories, future stories have any truth or provable facts.
    You ruin people’s lives and finances, then expect forgiveness. The only redemtion possible is being sued out of business for those being maligned & voters.

    Now, they are doing everything possible to obtain results they want from the judicial system no matter what the evidence. Trial by the mob and msm.. Stoking violence from antifa and blm. Need to put 50cals on top of roofs and take the rioters out. They will think twice about smashing and burning.

    1. Mustang….I agree with your statements I have been saying that all along…They would be getting no more than they deserve…..

    2. Thirties will be way more than adequate and at much, much less expense. Have you ever priced a 50BMG round? The Antifas and BLMs, by definition, have to be pretty soft in the head anyway.

  4. When Media goes down, the Country will go up! And that is World Wide. media are the arm of the NWO or devils voice and must be closed down We dont need them

  5. This and all of these communist democrat pedophile racist propaganda outlets didn’t get anything wrong, they just printed and said what they were told to say and print by the communist democrat pedophile racist cult party!

    However…….THEY MUST GO TO JAIL………
    Shut the bast**ds down….

  7. Trump is no longer President.
    Washington Post: Sorry about the thousands of intentional lies.
    The public once again the useful idiots.

    So they get together and laugh themselves into hysterics.
    Their hatred and distain of the voting population is total.

    The laughter eventually dies down as they excitedly talk about the military dictatorship they crave moving ever closer.

    Open borders with a couple of million Democrat voters pouring in.

    The weakening of the military into a national thug team and handcuffing the local police forces.

    The brainwashing of 90 p.cent of children has been in place for over 30 years.

    The destruction of the U.S.A. financially and morally is the result.

  8. They have published Demonstrably false information in a Malicious and Conspiratorial Manner, They Have NOT published printed or verbal Retractions Of Their LIES, WAPO is a Propagandist RAG, in The Finest Nazi and Communist Fashion

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