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Fox host Jesse Waters made a provocative suggestion on Tuesday when he claimed that rumors were spreading that the Biden Administration was seeking to replace Vice-President Kamala Harris with someone else.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Fox News host Jesse Watters said Tuesday that President Joe Biden may be considering removing Kamala Harris, who has been flagging in the polls, as vice president, saying his network has heard “whispers” that confirmation hearings are coming up in Congress.

“Our Capitol Hill Correspondent Chad Pergram tells us he’s been hearing whispers suggesting there could be some new high-profile confirmation hearings on the horizon in the House of Representatives,” Watters said on Fox. “Why is this a big deal? Because the house does not confirm normal nominees. But it does confirm vice-presidential nominees. Does this have something to do with Kamala Harris? It’s been no secret she’s been running out of favor with the Biden team.”

“There is a lot of conjecture right now about the future of Vice President Harris and her lagging poll numbers,” Pergram said. “So I got a message recently from someone who knows Capitol Hill very well and they suggested I should familiarize myself with the process to confirm a vacancy for the vice president in the Senate and in the House.”

Watters’ comments come after two CNN reporters penned a piece on Sunday headlined “Exasperation and dysfunction: Inside Kamala Harris’ frustrating start as vice president.” The article cited nearly three dozen officials in Harris’ office and the White House as their sources, and few had nice things to say.

The rumor comes in the wake of new poll numbers that show Harris’s approval at an abysmal 28 percent, the lowest of any Vice-President ever.


  1. Oh no, keep her there, we conservatives insist! Anything that helps drag down this dismal, false, administration is fine with me.

    1. She is the poster child for equity hires. Our country needs her as the shining example of what you get when you only worry about identity and not qualifications.

  2. Her replacement will likely be just as incompetent as her. I wouldn’t be surprised if her replacement ends up being Killary…

  3. Biden chose Harris to get both the black and womens vote if anything Harris should be bringing Biden up on the 25 th amendment. Brandon is definitely not capable of running this nation. Give him a bib and put him in adult diapers and give him ice cream let him watch cartoons in his cellar!

  4. She is elected. He can’t fire her. If she doesn’t resign or get impeached, tuff sh*t for Biden unless he can convince her to resign. It’s a close call, but doubt she’s THAT dumb.

      1. “She’s also not a natural born citizen” A natural-born citizen refers to someone who was a U.S. citizen at birth, and did not need to go through a naturalization proceeding later in life. OK now tell me where was Kamala born? when did Kamala became a naturalize citizen? It must out there somewhere the date she became a citizen. the Constitution limits the presidency to “a natural born Citizen.” Not one word about parents and where they are born.

  5. the master plan appoint Hillary as vice president and at some time have Biden quit because of poor health so the hillary beast can then become our queen I mean our president, god save us!!

    1. Tell me how can Hillary become our next president if Joe takes out Kamala? There are rules on how a president and VP can be taken out and replaced. Tell me, do you think a VP can be taken off the street and replace a elected VP just like that?

  6. I heard that they were going to try to put her into a Supreme court position. That means. Someone is going to misteriously die. (We had a conservative judge do that if you remember.) or he is going to try his pack the court bullshit.

    1. “(We had a conservative judge do that if you remember.)” What did a conservative judge do that you are referring too?

  7. While Biden is “removing” people, he ought to remove HIMSELF as well. He seems to be suffering from advancing dementia and has no business being the President.

  8. Guess who is in line after VP Harris to be President and she is retiring!!! SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that why she is retiring???????????

  9. It would have to be someone outside the house or Senate, since the Dem’s need to keep as many of their people in congress as they can. Any guess what female of color can fit the role? (Ans: Stacy Abram) Be careful what you wish for.

  10. this is a woman that just exudes hate and disdain……her very voice is offending………and her thoughts are evil and it ozzess out of her like sweat……..mean and hateful. where or what happened with,,, you catche more with honey than you do with vinegar……this is in my impinion the most hateful mean spirited woman in our political scene and keep her there because she taints everything she touches……….believe it or not…….PERIOD PS JILL ARE YOU READING AND LISTENING.

  11. Do you not suppose that Kamala Harris was deliberately chosen to be with Biden when he was forced on us because of her complete inept, intelligence? She was the least unlikely to make any waves as the power behind Biden goes about the agenda of destroying America. Both are fake and un-elected buffoons. Biden the bewildered dementia patient and Harris the Ho.

  12. Be very very careful what you wish for. He could replace her with someone who will be a Heinrich Himmler (under Hitler) or Beria, whom under Communist Stalin oversaw the extermination of up to 20 million people under Soviet Rule. For all the disparaging remarks generated about Harris ( coming from INSIDE the Biden Regime) and those in the public who have legitimate reason to fault her, Harris DOES know the Law, and I will wager she brings up Constitutional and Federal Statutes during Regime meetings that make the Communists in the Regime despise her. Count on only one course in the Regime: things WILL goes from very bad to something yet unfathomably horrible.

  13. Look, Kamala ain’t going no where. That’s who Obama wants there. He’s got his cabinet back in place and his front man reading the teleprompter. Rushing through everything he can before the next election when the people take the country back. Obama HATES the UNINTED STATES OF AMERICA and will do everything he can do to destroy it. It’s gonna get WAY WORSE before it gets better.

  14. Here’s a scary thought. Joe replaces Kamala with Hillary. Joe commits suicide. Hillary becomes the next president. Kinda makes you wanna puke, don’t it?

  15. I can see it now crooked Hillary as V P old fool Joe Biden will die and crooked Hillary will become the next president

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