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A new report is now showing the pressure some white college students are feeling to lie about their race in order to get ahead academically.


According to a survey carried out by, 34% of college students surveyed said they had previously lied about their race on applications:

The survey found that 34% of white Americans who’ve applied to college falsely claimed on their applications they’re a racial minority.

The number one reason why applicants faked minority status is to improve their chances of getting accepted (81%). Fifty percent also lied to benefit from minority-focused financial aid.


The survey also showed that the most popular ethnicity to claim on an application was that of ‘Native American’:


And perhaps most shocking of all, a majority of students who lied about their race on applications were accepted:

Seventy-seven percent of people who claimed to be a racial minority on their applications were accepted by the colleges to which they lied.

While other factors may have played a role in their acceptance, the majority of applicants who lied and were accepted (85%) believe that falsifying their racial minority status helped them secure admission to college.

Despite the ethical and moral drawbacks, Scatton warns future applicants that trying similar ploys to increase admissions chances isn’t worth the risk.



    1. No, they are doing what they have to do. They pay more money than anyone to go to school in the first place and they don’t get any preferential treatment.

  1. If a man can ID as a woman and visa versa, why can’t someone identify as a race or ethnic group they don’t belong to?

    1. The same libby snow flake sheep that can’t determine which one of the two genders they are are the same that can’t determine which rac or ethnic group they don’t belong to .

    2. Thats right..perhaps it’s time people should start throwing the lefts own tactics back in their face…how could they fight against their own tactics?

  2. Just what we need to keep our country going in the future – a bunch of underconfident people. They’ll have to lie the rest of their lives just to feel they’ve accomplished something. Anything. Shame on them.

      1. They have to do something to level the playing field since this country is now bending over backward to give the minorities everything but the kitchen sink. we have 13% of the population deciding what the 87% can say, do, and even think. What a load of crap! Hope they made sure didn’t get too high a test score because if so the schools wouldn’t believe they were part of a minority group.

    1. I agree with you Mary, however, I think they lie more in order to get admitted to the university and also to get treated better (as all minorities are in America) rather than for the money.

  3. I once put other and when asked to specify, I put Australian. I could have put Pacific Islander, too, or Atlantic Islander for my other half.

  4. I did the same. Anything to get cheaper. No one person deserves anything over another. Just the fact jack. I’m Scott-Irish of the Williams/Pringle clan, and we were Indian fighters during the earlier era. Proud of my heritage,

  5. If these woke institutions would quit discriminating against white people, then this wouldn’t happen.

    1. You hit the nail right on its head! These students are trying to fight their reverse racism against whites. This incredible experience of my poor America doesn’t seem to end… 🙁

  6. I would have said: ‘34% of White Students.’ Abandonment of the plural is a growing, up-trending error in many communications.

  7. Oh don’t you love how well the Democrats taught our children? This is how Warren paid for her secondary education. Just lie about anything you want.

  8. Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, their ancestors were Native American, Afro-American, Latino, or Asian/Pacific Islander??? Just because their skin falls into a certain color range, it doesn’t mean they are lying. To be honest, there is no such thing as white skin. Even an albino human has more color than white!!!
    My best friend’s grandfather was Geronimo and even she can pass for what the left likes to call white. Judge people for people. We all bleed red and we all have the same type of anatomical structures, be you male or female. Excuse me liberals, but I follow the science!!!

  9. They have the right in Biden’s America to identify as whatever they wish to be that particular day! I do not blame them. Nonminority white people are tired of being discriminated against!!!

  10. Well, what a shock. NOT. When you give one race an unfair advantage as a matter of LAW, those who are being oppressed will find a way around it. I wish them much success. Blacks used to be biased against because people didnt know any better. Now people DO know better than to be racists, but the govt has decided that racism is OK as long as the person being persecuted is white. Disgusting. EVERYONE should get ahead on their MERIT. NOT their race. Period.

  11. If we are born here in America, and our forefathers have been here since the mid 1700’s and we aren’t “native Americans,” what are we? Skunks, Opossums, Meerkats?

  12. If getting into college were based on MERIT, as it used to be, this problem would not exist. Besides, isn’t “race” a social construct? Aren’t we all included in one human race?

  13. I am very proud of my Native American culture. I am Blackfoot and Cherokee. It has been proven many times that being caucasian is not a person or race to claim. The Federal and State governments have told and pretty much proven that very fact to me. EEOC stated it me that they will come closer to representing any woman in a case, but they will represent a black man where as they arent and will not take or consider a case from any man unless he is a black male. The racist bigotry from the U.S. and state government was pretty much set in stone in 2007 and before.

  14. Unfortunately, government support of Progressive racism is causing many of US to lie about a lot of things in order to either keep from being persecuted or be able to advance, or just survive. If we don’t put a stop to government funded racism and get back to just being a bunch of flawed human beings with different skin tones and facial features, we are doomed to become subjects of the fascist minded Progressives who desire to control US completely.

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