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On Friday, anti-Trump Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) announced he will be quitting Congress after this term and not running for reelection in 2022.

Check out some of the best responses to the pro-impeachment, anti-America First representative’s departure:


    1. Yep, But Y’know, they gotta make a little drama off of it,…. More money to be made and like that dontchaknow ?, to paraphrase my Kids and Grand-kids,…. Great-grandkids gotta new one but it escapes me just now.

  1. The guy actually put it out on a Friday to try and bury the news like all of DC does with Friday news releases, except no one really even cared Adam, you are not just one of the dumbest members of congress, but of the country. I am sure your greatest accomplishment will be the pension you scored for being a member of congress, that and the CNN gig you will end up having for a year or so before even they say this guy is dumb, and they employ Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo!

    1. They “might” keep him around for the Other Anderson Cooper’s in the company. Never CAN have too many that are good with their mouths around. Lemon’s ALWAYS lookin’ for “greener pastures”, I’m Sure.

  2. He would have lost anyway had he run. If he wants to pursue politics, he ought to switch parties. The democrats can help him cheat to win.
    Republicans are better off without RINOs. The less the better.

    1. All globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos are as popular as a turd in the punch bowl and that is why globalists need to use their voter fraud to appoint/reappoint them .

  3. Let’s hear it for Adam! He’s harmed our nation enough. Time to go back to where he’s more comfortable as a w us sy boy.

    1. Oh, I’m SURE Illinois will come up with someone else EVERY BIT AS DISGUSTING.
      They Obviously have QUITE the Breeding Ground for SHIT DINGIES there.

  4. A disgrace to the armed forces, a disgrace to the United States a disgrace to God’s creation. Wow must be a demonicRATS

  5. globalists know that their globalist puppet kinzinger can’t win and so they will use their voter fraud to attempt to replace him with another globalist puppet demonrat or globalist puppet rino .

    1. 👍👍 Illinois’s got some friggin’ GEMS, don’t they? Wooooow. That Lightfoot should just be strung up. Exile Pritzker to Russia to be the “Piss Man” for Putin.

  6. That video was comical, and those who are well informed with the facts know that those who can’t argue their principles and philosophies, because they are inferior and harmful for the majority, then attack the character of their opponents, instead of policies and agendas, as was over 95% of the attacks on President Trump, as whatever he did always put the USA and the American people first, and was always a tremendous success for those he served, and was always recognized as such by those same people he served.

    Jesus said He came to divide, not unite, as He did with the sheep and goats, and so the division has and is taking place. The division is as such, the Democrat Party that promotes abortion (the killing of the innocent unborn, and now killing them if they survive an unsuccessful abortion), promotes abomination (the promotion of sexual deviancy that GOD has labeled an abomination, yet Democrats claim GOD made them to be sexual deviants), and unrighteousness (the disobedience of GOD’s teachings, precepts, and mandates), or the Republican Party that stands for just the opposite of these things that the Democrats promote. So which group will Jesus and His Father accept in Heaven, and which group will GOD condemn to Hell, as they are opposites in what they believe and promote?

    All will live of die by their decisions of who and what they support, as supporting those who promote the aforementioned is just the same as promoting the same things, as many will be condemned to Hell for supporting others for what they promote, evil in GOD’s eyes.

    1. Satan RULES Here. It is NOT going to End WELL Here. As long as you DON’T fall prey to it and stay committed to Jesus Christ and God and LIVE IT, ALL WILL BE WELL WITH THEE. He PROMISES!

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