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The Biden Administration sent a message to federal agencies on Thursday to prepare for a potential government shutdown in the coming weeks.

The news comes as Democrats and Republicans in congress are set to go to war over the White House’s proposed budget.

As Fox Business reports:

The Senate is expected to vote as soon as Monday on a House-passed bill that will keep the government funded through early December and raise the $28 trillion debt ceiling. But the bill is almost certainly doomed in the upper chamber, where all but four Republican senators have promised to vote against it. Democrats would need to secure the support of at least 10 GOP lawmakers to overcome a filibuster.

It’s unclear what comes next: Without a short-term spending bill, the government is set to shut down next week. At the same time, the federal government will run out of cash to pay is bills sometime in November unless the debt ceiling is raised or suspended, according to multiple warnings from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Democrats have said a shutdown on their watch is not an option and have pledged to do whatever it takes to keep the government open. That could force the party to delink the debt ceiling from the short-term spending bill.

Republicans have argued for months that with a monopoly control on power in Washington, Democrats need to go it alone and raise the debt ceiling as part of their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill, which is not subject to Senate filibuster rules.

Others, including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have warned that any such shutdown could have catastrophic consequences for the economy.


    1. Shutting down will be good for America, keep the idiots from additional damage. That would be fine for dementia Joe, he can take more vacations

  1. Gee, its not as if this is an annual event, and a glowing tribute to the dysfunction of our leadership. The “Two Party” ruse has done more damage to America than all the wars, economic debacles and ‘pandemics’ combined. Maybe we should shut down this regime permanently, and finally install a government that will adhere to our Constitution, and not the Manifesto.

    1. There are supposedly “two” parties, R and D.
      There is a third party, and it is of equal numbers to the Rs and Ds, and it is the C party.
      The Catholics are all traitors and are third of congress and senate. 
      Half the “C” traitors call themselves r, half d. 
      A third of all elected are “C” traitors. They invite the illegal alien “C” invaders. 
      The only difference between Muslim and “C” is the Continent they destroy! Vote for ANY Muslim and you vote to destroy your nation. Vote for ANY “C” and you vote to destroy your nation.

      1. Your Catholics notwithstanding, there should be no ‘parties’ within our government structure. They have specific functions defined by our Constitution, and they swear to support and defend the same . Once a government divides their constituents along cultural gender/race/sexual orientation lines, they are revealing the teeth of tyranny and oppression.

      2. You can’t tie every conversation to Catholics as much as you want to. This is not a religion discussion as much as you hate them.

      1. Biden is CATHOLIC. Pelosi is CATHOLIC McConnell is CATHOLIC. The SCOTUS is CATHOLIC. Catholics do not compromise. It is the Bi-babble and the VATICAN or death. (be “C” or be dead).. This has been their tactic for a thousand years.
        You are hitting close to the problem, so the solution is workable!
        You have to know who the enemy is before a solution can be given.
        All Catholics lie. When elected and sworn in they say they will defend the Constitution. This is alie.
        All Catholics say ‘god before country’ This really means ‘ VATICAN before the USA’. This is treason.
        YOU have to acknowledge the threat. YOU have to do away with political correct.
        Coming across the borders are illegal alien VATICAN “C” invaders.
        The VATICAN oppressors is the largest, most powerful most corrupt corp. on earth.
        There is not one successful “C” nation on earth. 

        1. Soros is just about to check out from natural causes, as is Numb Nuts. That is why their proteges are being groomed for the continuation of their agendas. Our schools have churned out the most egregiously reactionary liberal “Useful Idiots” on the planet, and they’re playing the roles of their sociopolitical ancestors, who ushered in oppressive regimes that played no favorites among their pogrom decimated populations.

  2. Wonder if the Lame Stream Media will vilify Biden like they vilified Trump. You know Biden doesnt care and Biden should be held accounatable and Biden and the democrats spend way to much. Wait for it.

  3. We are 1/4 of an inch, about the size of Biden’s attention span, from full out civil war, heed my warning, Democrats, and their dual citizen, Hungarian Drug Lord, unelected leader, we strike like a thief in the night!

    1. Maybe just a national rock fight, but you’ve touched upon a topic about how tyranny is introduced within free nations. The beginning of America’s decline into chaos was signaled by social movement recognition and sanction by our government. Add to that process a media which is now in cahoots with our government (Until Trump, who knew how the media works, bravely labeled them as purveyors of “Fake News”.) We’re talking about “Civil War” when we should be uniformly demanding the removal of tyrants now entrenched within our governing bodies. It’s more like a race between our finally formulating the consensus needed to restore our freedom, sovereignty and our Constitution by rousting these commissars from power, and the complete domination and collapse of America under their oppressive rule. As each faction among our now-divided and dystopian culture realizes we’ve participated in an ages-old scheme to erect an unyielding and tyrannical regime, they’ll collectively engender the righteous zeal to “Make America Great Again”.

    We don’t need any more debt or stupid spending ? We are being invaded at the border
    by illegals and giving them more than American citizens ! Time to STOP !

  5. The Democrats are catastrophic for our economy!! Spend, Spend,Spend, and when that money is gone, Tax, Tax,Tax so they can spend more. It won’t be very long at this rate when one will need a wheelbarrow to carry the money needed to purchase a loaf of bread. But then, the Democrats will blame it on Trump.

  6. We suffered through last season, NCAA Football will be live with full stands, and Tailgating, you turned that virus loose like the criminal trash only the DNC Communists could imagine, and now you want to be tyrants? This Is America, WE THE PEOPLE will not broadcast our movements, there will be no further warnings!

  7. This premature action, when the Democrats have the votes to pass the needed legislation, is but one more attempt to damage the US economy, making more Americans dependent on government programs. Soon with all the new uneducated migrants and with the war on capitalism, the people dependent on government will outnumber the slaves forced to pay the taxes to support this. Welfare/socialism will replace capitalism, with the elites and the bureaucrats functioning as the ruling class. The Democrats seem to want a Soviet style perpetual lock on power and wealth, having failed generations ago to preserve Southern plantation slavery, when they lost the Civil War.
    No wonder China loves and pays so many of our corrupt politicians so well, through family connections.


  9. The only thing that happens is the lower employees are on an unpaid leave until “the shutdown” is over. Then they get back pay. We just can’t go to federal parks and such…. but, have no fear, the senate and house all get paid like normal – way too much and way too often.

  10. What a deal if it shuts down thew Buffoon wont be able to f**K anything up and he can get in his ityy bitty crib with this nappy and sippy cup and the Nation can be dammned.
    And maybe just maybe we will be able to keep some of out hard earned money away from the butt scorcher of the Buffoons regime. A regime by the way that was all of Obmays failures.

  11. Shutting the government down is like damage control. The buffoons of the biden administration can’t continue to destroy America with the government shut down. Shut it down till 2022 midterms & then throw out the traitors.

  12. The senate should force the idiot, Biden, to shut down the government. I can’t think of anything that would anger Americans more at the horrid Democrat Party, than this.

  13. The dems are spending trillions on BS, and inserting rules to make sure that no republican can ever get elected again. It is time for the second amendment to be used for what it was meant for, to remove a tyrannical government.

  14. Let the demoralrats all fall on their sword and go with out a paycheck and the RINO’S with them, no free hotels and free plane rides all at our expense. They are certainly not doing the work of the PEOPLE so shut it the F down!!!!

  15. Once again this administration proves they couldn’t care less about the seniors in this country that rely upon social security to survive.

  16. Shut it down to stop the idiots from doing more damage. All you lefties sure have a rude awakening coming from the INVESTIGATION FROM DURHAM .YOU SO BLINDLY BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU ARE FORCE FED BY THE MSM. SORRY BUT ITS GOING TO HURT YOU BADLY!

  17. Who Knew? We the People thought it was Shut Down for several months already! Or at the very least in a “Non-Functioning State”

  18. Stop spending now! ..and pay your bills.. I did not give you permission to spend money on illegal aliens. If Biden and his ilk run out of money it is because they are stealing it to spend on stuff they want but the taxpayer does not.

  19. Shut it down. Disband it. Trash the whole apparatus. Most of it is UNconstitutional and shouldn’t even exist! They are nothing but PARASITES existing off the labor and products of real people. The debt is imaginary based on imaginary money back by WHAT?

  20. Good shut down bidens administration and the house of representatives and the Senate We The People demand our country back from the Nazis AKA the democratic party

  21. I believe at this point and time, we might be better off if the government shuts down, at least the government of Joe Biden. Let the states take care of business.

  22. Biden doesn’t need to shut down the government in order to take a nap! He does that already, besides with him sleeping longer, he won’t phuck something else up!

  23. That is not a budget. It is the democracy’s and squad’s loony future for the country that ends with our country becoming a third world ghetto.We wont have to worry about natural climate changes.We will worry about food.

    1. Actually, its the trash, ghetto dude that has his fist up Odumiden’s rear that is running the Office. ODumiden, is just the face of the puppet.

    1. Funny thing about PBS, they air ‘documentaries’ about certain topics prior to movies being released, the plots of which embellish those same topics.

  24. This is what happens when u have very incompetent,worthless,spineless,politicians, called dumbocraps in charge, they are the enemy of the American people, that’s why we need to vote them all out for good.

  25. Yep. Shut it down. Vote on a continuing resolution, until a reasonable spending bill is brought before Congress.

  26. it is the same story over and over, and the loser is the taxpayer. DEMOCRATS proposes absurd ,Fiscally <rresponsible spending on total nonsense and want us to pay for their insanity. It is like having a teen who takes your credit card and goes nuts buying eveything they see. They have no plan, and no reason to buy these things, but it is fun to spend. With the <democrats, they love spending. It is like going shopping in plush Hollywood stores with Pelosi, and having a treasury Fool behind you to pay the store for all the nonsense items you want to buy. thw=e Bible says God provides all of our needs, noot all of our desires. The <government must adop[t the same thinking.

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