Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

According to a stunning new poll from respected polling outfit Rasmussen, over half of voters now want President Biden to resign, and 60 percent favor impeachment.

As Just the News reports:

A poll by Rasmussen Reports found that 52% of American voters believe President Biden should resign following his handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, with 60% saying he should be impeached.

According to the poll, 75% of Republicans, 48% of Independents, and 32% of Democrats think Biden should resign. Those who disagree number 39%, with 9% not sure.

A total of 83% of Republicans believe Biden deserves to be impeached, with 58% Independents and 40% of Democrats agreeing.

Only 38% of voters think Vice President Harris is qualified to be president, 25% say she’s very qualified, and 33% of Democrats believe she isn’t qualified at all.

The poll of 1,000 likely voters, is more bad news for Biden Presidency, which seems to now be careening from disaster to disaster.


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    1. It is shocking. That’s what the White House and media have done, they are responsible for all the lies and people listen to nothing else and believe.

  2. The question would be, who misses Trump? This guy has been in politics all his life, he doesn’t know how to tell the truth and isn’t about to start now. Our last president told you whether you liked it or not.

    1. They couldn’t stand the way he talked. I said to a cousin, don’t judge him by the manner in which he speaks, judge him by what he’s accomplished. Besides that, he is a loyal American and really cares about the people, whether black, brown or white. Anyone contradicting that is lying. We had a booming economy, manufacturing restored, energy independent, law and order, minorities doing better than ever before in our history, because he gave them school choice, which the left will not. Employment was way up. It’s a tragedy that the Marxists are so entrenched and so evil.

      1. Right. Trump aggravated people with his speech and tweets.

        But consider, Adolph Hitler was a crowd pleasing master at speaking and stirring massive crowds but look where that went.

      2. Thomas and Mimi, you are so right. Trump was a once in a lifetime miracle. He scared the liberals/socialists/communists so much they all lost their minds and turned on our country. They are determined to destroy our beloved homeland. Since over 50% of citizens want Biden gone, then where are the impeachment orders? They come from Congress, so don’t hold your breath. Nancy Pelosi rules Congress with an iron hand and we don’t have enough real Republicans and absolutely no Democrats in the House with enough guts to buck her. Therefore, we will have to sit back and watch while this administration totally destroys our country. Any Ideas, ANYONE, on how to save us?

        1. We can ONLY Hope and Pray SOMETHING Good comes along/happens, Ruby. The Majority of our beloved country are now JUST PLAIN DUMB. Liberalism KILLS.

  3. I believe the Dems want Biden removed so that he doesn’t have to face a Military Trial for Treason based on fats & his longstanding relationship w China

    1. I don’t know if they really want to remove him, as long as he can stand upright. But look at the alternatives! They’re all the same! Unless we can clean up the voting process, we haven’t a chance in hell of getting rid of them.

      1. Ya’ got THAT Right! START with REGISTERED VOTERS having a PICTURE ID! Reeeeeeeal Simple! This system “they’ve” ALLOWED is an Unconscionable CRIME to a democratic republic!

  4. You have all these Democrat LEMMINGS in the House that blindly follow in lock step with whatever Queen Pelosi dictates………can’t wait for 2022, when the Public takes action of all of the Democrat failures and many, many of them get kicked out of office and have to get real jobs……it will be glorious. It’s happened before under her “leadership” and it sure is going to happen again…..but she’s a multi-millionaire, and she could care less about the Democrats she’ll drive right off the cliff. She’ll have a big smile at their “sacrifice”

    1. Plus the taxpayers will pay her house member salary for the rest of her life…we need serious reform in congress…


  5. It’s time for the human tater Tot biden and the Bimbo harris resign before they both are charged with Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution


  7. You democrats think you are going to keep the Congress and the senate??BRAIN DEAD people never seem to astonish me…Democrats are one stupid ass group of people…The next election let me give you a heads up, it is going to be the worse beat down you have ever seen….Democrats like to cheat, lets see who can cheat more…democrats lost 7 seats in California in 2020…Do you think that was a fluke???watch what happens to newsom and the story line the next day….”Democrats LOSE CALIFORNIA”…..WATCH AND SEE

    1. I wouldn’t so sure, the Democrats are already prepared to fix the upcoming election. If Newsom wins, it’s because it was fixed, plain and simple, typical CA election.

      1. And it ISN’T the Democrats. THEY aren’t Smart enough. They’re only IN control now because the REAL “Controllers” that are calling the shots, NEED them to be. The Dumbass, Immoral Democrats are just the vessel for the Super Evil, ‘cuz they KNEW the Democrats would be STUPID enough to fall for, and PUSH, their America destroying shit.

  8. It doesn’t matter what the poll says. Biden thinks that’s if he just acts tough he can, con, cow, & otherwise fog things up so that he will not just survive but thrive. Unfortunately, although I would like it to be otherwise, something else will grab people’s attention & they will forget.

    1. There’ll be NO Forgetting THIS Shit! Whether or not That does Any good remains to be seen.
      The Forces that are Really in power that control the Demonrats are ALMOST “untouchable” as of Now. A GREAT AWAKENING needs to take place to reverse this course of DESTRUCTION that we’re on.

  9. Utter rubbish! Not 50%. Make that 95% ! Surely the only people who actually still want this blundering idiot (whoever he is) to stay are those paid by China

    1. Now Madeleine, don’t EVER UNDERestimate the Blindness and STUPIDITY of Democrats!
      They’d support and vote for Satan before they’d “catch on in Life” and vote for a Republican, because Satan is Right in keeping with THEIR Unscrupulous m.o.

  10. Only half, what a bunch of liars these communist democrat cult party members and media are!
    Exile all communist democrat cult party members and media to Afghanistan!

  11. Harris isn’t qualified to be president since she is NOT a natural born citizen. She is an anchor baby. This is a HUGE problem and people need to start recognizing it. NO, being born in the US does not make you a natural born citizen – only a citizen – and those born to illegals, on temporary visas, or on vacation should NEVER be granted citizenship due to their birth! We are giving our country away to foreigners who would rather see this country fail!

    1. No, WE aren’t giving it away, THEY, are TAKING IT! And the Democrats are SO F’ing STUPID that they just push the Same EVILS, because THEIR doctrines aren’t that much different than the Reeeeeal Socialist EVILdoers that are our to take America down.

    2. That’s exactly right. But WHY didn’t the complicit cowardly GOP make an issue of that? And more, why didn’t they contest the legitimacy of the INELIGIBLE Obama? They stupidly accepted that phony Certificate of Live Birth as a genuine Birth Certificate which it is not!

      Do We the People actually have anyone on OUR side any more?

  12.  OleCriminalJoe was not elected. The puppeteers stole the election and placed this calloused, imbecile in the militarized zone of our White House. His record of 50 years of lack-of-service and knowledge of anything related to our country and citizens. showed that he was the appropriate Puppet!
    Wow – Joe and Hunter are one and the same!

    1. He truly IS, “their” Perfect PUPPET.
      But then, ‘Pick a Democrat, Any Democrat’, as they ALL will dutifully fall right in and carry out the REAL Evils plan.

  13. Even good ol’ Obummer had to warn us how good Joe was at effing things up. The stuffers of the ballot boxes in swing states unfortunately took no notice. And so here we are!

  14. I would like AAN to do something about all the ads that a listed under comments inappropriately. I am going to quit subscribing if all I read is work at home ads. We should be able to tag this as spam or scam. These people should have to pay to advertise like the rest of the advertisers.

  15. Does that ‘over half of the voters” include those democrats that voted more than once and those that mailed in dozens/plus of the mail-in-ballots?

  16. If ‘President’ Biden resigns then we get ‘President’ Harris. As bad/incompetent/ a Biden is Harris would be worse. Tough it out till 2024 [and thank God your not an unborn child that Biden/Harris/ 99% of Democrats MURDER calling it abortion/heathcare]when we have a shot at getting a real President!

  17. Sure he should be gone, but look who takes his place. Maybe that’s what the plan was in the first place. Damned Communist democrats.

  18. I wish I could believe it! I was positive President Trump was going to be re-elected, but the Democratic’s stick together and cheating is their strongest attribute. When Nancy said they had lots of arrows in their quiver, she knew the dirt that was already in place.

  19. Why is everyone in such a huge rush to dump Obidma? Look who steps up if he goes. The INELIGIBLE Giggle-Girl Harris who did nothing more constructive than “sleep” and party her way to the top. Since then she has RUN AWAY from every task assigned to her and every issue of genuine importance.

    And who slithers into the VP slot? Nancy Pelosi. ‘Nuff said there!

    The Democrat/Communist/Muslims have fixed us really good!

    All the while our “brave sworn defenders” stood aside watching it happen. Yeah, yeah, they were “just following orders” but that excuse was rejected at Nuremberg in 1946.

    And the GOP ……. LOLOLOL.

    Think this through. Getting rid of Obidma doesn’t help. AN HONEST ELECTION WOULD HAVE!!!!

  20. Biden should be arrested, put in chains, put in prison and tried for treason. Forget resigning and impeachment – he has committed treason. Then the appropriate sentence carried out per our Constitution.

  21. A poll sponsored my a trump lackey. As truthful as the Cyber Ninjas results in Arizona. They must think people are as stupid as these assholes look. Next thing they will tell you is that we will build a wall and Mexico will pay for it.

  22. I don’t think Biden should resign…I think he and his entire administration as well as those in Congress and Senate should be arrested and tried as traitors to our nation. They are thieves and liars.. they stole the election with the help of mainstream media and big tech to simply ignore and cover up (poorly) the evidence. They need to be removed…but unfortunately the CIA, FBI , and military brass are all politically compromised cowards who no longer watch out for “We the People”.

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