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Australia is now considering a draconian new law which will effectively strip all its citizens of the ability to express themselves anonymously online, and force them to register their social media accounts with the government.

As reports:

The Australian government reckons the internet is full of bad things and bad people, so it must therefore surveil everyone all the time in case anyone sees the badness — but someone else can figure out the details and make it work.

“If the service permits the use of anonymous accounts, the provider of the service will take reasonable steps to prevent those accounts being used to deal with material, or for activity, that is or may be unlawful or harmful,” it says.

Those “reasonable steps” could include “processes that prevent the same person from repeatedly using anonymous accounts to post material, or to engage in activity, that is unlawful or harmful,” or “having processes that require verification of identity or ownership of accounts”.


Thankfully American citizens are protected against similar tyranny by the US Constitution, a luxury Australian citizens lack.


  1. It’s no coincidence that tyrannical measures like this and the COVID lockdowns are occurring after Australians were disarmed by their government.

    1. Remember we the People are 99%. The weasels who took money form corrupt Globalists are 1%. AND WE HAVE GOD ON OUR SIDE. They only have Satan

  2. Aussies have been going downhill (religious persecution of catholics) as have the canadians (religious suppression in general). The Brits long ago sold out the tights of their own in favor of their ragged former colony immigrants with dangerous behaviors. Sad. I hope the US is not next. If you have a brain and a spine vote republican

    1. All Americans with a brain and a spine voted and elected Trump in 2016 and 2020, globalists ran out of ballots to count for their puppet, chester biden and simply projected globalist puppet, chester biden to win the election .

  3. Our own Bill of Rights are also under assault and violated by not only the federal government, but in some cases, by state and local politicians. About 20 years ago, one prominent office holder, when told something he wanted to do was unconstitutional, exclaimed “It’s just a G** damned piece of paper!”

  4. The environmental Taliban use every weather event to justify their demand that we surrender our freedom of speech and property rights. The elites, the bureaucracy, and the politicians, have decided that freedom is too dangerous to be allowed to interfere with the will of the ruling class, after the voters picked loud mouth Trump over Crooked Hillary.
    Is the coming nuclear war with China, which Biden’s weakness will likely trigger, God’s way of clearing the vermin that infest our major cities? Hopefully, our counter strikes will destroy China’s polluting coal fired power plants, and remaining nuclear weapons.
    After the war, China must be broken up into independent provinces.

  5. You will find disarming Americans of their voice and arms a deadly task that will annihilate the perpetrators of that attempt. To the death. I for myself will live free or die fighting tyranny…Come and take them…A Vietnam Combat soldier wounded 4 times in the name of FREEDOM NOT OPPRESSION….

  6. Wow! With all of these rules everyone in Australia must be related to Al Capone. Don’t worry. Before Biden finishes up his first year he will have outdone you.

  7. That’s the same thing Biden, Pelosi, the squad and the test of the socialist/communist Dems are itrying to do to the American people. Once again they were underestimating the American people and certainly are ignoring the world of people but Karma is heading their way big time

  8. The Australian and New Zealand Government have taken money to turn Australia into a Draconian Communist State. Rather remove the Government and let the people live. That goes for South Africa, Canada and other Countries bought by Gates and WHO, EU, CCP and CDC Covid is an excuse. Sadly Israel too.

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