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Two top figures in an anti-sexual harassment group have been caught helping embattled New York Governor Andrew Cuomo smear one of his alleged victims.

A report released by New York Attorney General Letitia James reveals the Time’s Up Foundation’s cofounder Roberta Kaplan and CEO Tina Tchen helped Cuomo’s office draft an op-ed publicly attacking a woman who accused Cuomo of forcibly kissing her.

The foundation was founded in 2018 that has raised $24 million to support women sexually harassed and assaulted by powerful figures and provide them with legal assistance.

Despite raising millions claiming to support sexual harassment victims, Kaplan and Tchen signed off on the op-ed, which smeared former Cuomo adviser Lindsey Boylan, accused her of lying, attacked her credibility, and claimed her accusations were politically motivated.

The attorney general’s report found Boylan’s claims credible and the piece was never published.

“Cuomo asked Melissa DeRosa, his top lieutenant, to reach out to Kaplan for advice about the letter he had written about Boylan. According to DeRosa, Kaplan said she shared the document with Tchen,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

“[Kaplan and Tchen] allegedly suggested that, without the statements about Ms. Boylan’s interactions with male colleagues, the letter was fine,” the report states.

Despite helping Cuomo smear his credible victims, Kaplan represents E. Jean Carroll, who claims that former President Donald Trump raped her in a department store, even though she has no evidence or witnesses and isn’t sure in what year it allegedly happened.

Cuomo even praised Kaplan in a Washington Post report, hailing her as “indispensable in the fight against the cancer of hate and division that Trump spent four years exacerbating.”

The Times Up Foundation has not addressed the role of their own executives in attacking an alleged sexual assault victim.

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  1. the me too. movement is to attack those who are not liberal… that’s it.. the DNC folks don’t really care about sexist attacks …

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  3. Talk about “The pot calling the kettle black”. The Time’s Up Foundation should give all their donations back and close their doors

  4. Any allegation can be bought. The “me too” movement just showed it is not worth its words or weight. They might as well close down because their testimonies will, from Cuomo on out, be questionable. Girls you shot yourself in your feet. You’re limp, at best.

  5. Not surprised how the DNC and the Me 2 movement supports the sexual predator in New York. They believe if you are a Democrat you can do anything you want. Laws don’t pertain to them.

    1. That’s what Trump vowed to do, but liberals conducted a coup. Trump’s 2nd term would have been the death knell to many of our liberal swamp dwellers. They knew that, so they arranged his political demise.

  6. Does anyone know where the Me Too Movement was when this very same conduct was brought up about Joe Biden? Whatever happened to their battle cry to “Believe All Women?” I guess that the real slogan is “Beleive All Women, unless they accuse a Democrat/Leftists/Liberal/Socialist.

  7. Looks like Hillary’s New York tenure was not a total loss. They learned how to intimidate their ‘Bimbos”.

  8. This sort of behavior will only serve to make America a bigger cesspool! When victims are afraid to come forward because they will be harassed and belittled they will never come forward and worthless POS’s like Cuome will come out of the woodwork and there will be even more crime because of it! These activists who are defending this lowlife POS mayor need to be exposed and THEY are the ones who need to be smeared!

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