By USAID Afghanistan - Kabul Official July 4th Celebration, Public Domain,

The US Embassy has reportedly issued an order which only days ago would have been thought unthinkable: ordering the destruction of sensitive documents and objects like American flags which could potentially be used by the Taliban once the building is captured by the Taliban.

An outcome that is looking more and more likely as the forces of the Islamist Extremist group begin to close the noose around the Afghan capital of Kabul.

As CNN reports:

The US Embassy in Kabul is instructing personnel to destroy sensitive materials as well as items “which could be misused in propaganda efforts,” according to a management notice sent Friday to embassy staff, seen by CNN and described by another source familiar.

The notice comes as the embassy prepares to withdraw a significant number of diplomats and as the security situation on the ground in Afghanistan continues to deteriorate, with one diplomatic source telling CNN that one intelligence assessment indicates that Kabul could be isolated by the Taliban within the week, possibly within the next 72 hours.
The notice said facilities would provide “destruction support” daily and called on personnel to “please take advantage and reduce the amount of sensitive material on the property,” including papers and electronics.
“Please also include items with embassy or agency logos, American flags, or items which could be misused in propaganda efforts,” it said.
The order is an ominous sign that conditions in Kabul are likely far direr than many in the Biden Administration are letting on.


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    1. Our Secretary of State, one Hillary Clinton, neglected to direct her security team to relay that statement to her employees as things heated up around Benghazi. Indeed, Jimmy Carter kept his diplomatic crew in Iran, and they were all taken prisoner, and held for over a year. The U.S. can “SAVE” ourselves lots of grief by staying out of those regions, and keeping our troops on American soil to guard our own country.

      1. Yes because before long we will need to guard our own with all of the illegals that have come into our beloved country. Shame on biden admin. They are worthless!!

    1. 👍 ROCK SOLID, Pete! But No…. they’ll come up with a New story for This one. Their bag o’ sh…. er, Tricks!…. knows NO bounds.

  1. The Biden Administration is a complete and total FUBR with a corrupt and senile leader with his equally corrupt members of the Democratic party fanning the flames of Stup_dity. I can only imagine that God has total control, and hopefully, his will for Good will conquer over evil in both the Middle East and in the United States of America.

    1. You don’t have to Imagine, Alfredo. He, IS in Total Control, of ALL, Always. He’s given us free reign, but when He’s had Enough of our miserable Failings, He’ll ‘step in’, BELIEVE ME.
      Reeeeal Good Chance it’s not all that far off.

  2. Of COURSE it will! Terrorism has Nothing to do with ANY of it! There’s NO SUCH THING as Terrorism or Evil People in the World. just ask BarrackCrock. It’s Actually OUR fault, don’t you Get It?!

  3. All of this because of some AH in the White House elected by another bunch of AH’s in this Country of ours. Prayers for all those left in Afghanistan including the Afghanistani-ees who helped our troops all these years, please, that they all get out of there safely. Our puppet president should be doomed to Hell!

    1. Yes, Pray for them ALL!
      Believe I said this Elsewhere, WHERE’S Hillary when you NEED Her?! She’s the Queen of Embassy Protection

    2. Donna he wasn’t elected. The election was stolen with help from rinos and crooked judges. That’s why that I’ll never comply with any laws or orders from retard joe

  4. At least they can’t blame it on some movie that never existed. They damn sure know about it, so no one better get hurt or killed. If that happens heads need to roll.

    1. Yeah, like Hillary’s head rolled for Benghazi. Riiiiiiiight.
      The present EVIL administration will Probably blame Donald Trump and DEMAND that his head !roll.

  5. Sorry for all our Embassy personnel, but they should have left Kabul days ago! Biddyboy Biden did the most insane and ridiculous move ever by removing our Military from Afghanistan!! What was he thinking! My bad, he is too feeble minded to actually think. He probably thought he was removing the Capitol Police from the DC Break In! Yes, that is how coherent he is. Duh.

    Afghanistan IS FALLING RIGHT BACK INTO THE TALIBAN’s hands and they are moving fast and taking no prisoners! Whoever told that old fart biden to remove our troops (probably Soros the snake), knew what would happen…and it is happening faster than they imagined!

    As this story unfolds, the Taliban is laughing all across the land because the idiot Biden puppet made this the easiest job to take back their country and slaughter their opposition and any Americans still standing!

    Someone should airlift Biden to Kabul and drop him right in the middle of the fighting! Then drop Kamalalala in there too so she can show the Taliban all the latest clothing and accessories she has! She would not need any head gear after the Taliban was through with her — neither would biddyboy!


  6. Benedict Arnold the most infamous traitor of America until current times. We now have someone in our highest office who hates the American people, attacks American employment, attacks out energy sources, threatening our food chains, trying to bankrupt our economy with socialist idealism, and really has sold his soul to all foreign powers. Mr. President what do you think how the Biden name will be remembered in history? Our great border protector? Loved by all Americans? That bust you have in your office of John Kennedy who said “ask not what your country but what you can do for your country” Put it away please you do another disservice to our Country, memories and you own fake put on demeanor. Your policies do not represent Democrat or Republican or any American values. The Biden family will be forever known as the family who enriched themselves at the expense of the American Tax payor. That’s how 78 million plus American voters will remember not only you but also your entire family.

    1. How about enriched themselves at the expense of the United States of America, PERIOD.

      The Biden’s will be remembered as the Lying, Cheating, Stinking pile of shit TRAITORS that they ARE.

    2. It’s happened before, Charles: viz the Mestizo Moozlum Imposter in the White House scheming to sabotage us all. Now we have the MMI version 2.0 in the White House.

  7. No s..t. I just said this the other day. This shows how much these politicians. and more importantly the politicians bosses (the super rich like soros whom we already know is a killer and a nazi who hates America (US) and wants to take us down and has been working on this for years) care about the US citizens lives. What idiot would not have done this before the start of the withdrawal of the US troops. You would have thought that these political leaders would have figured this out from Clintons massive uncaring of our people when she left them in Benghazi and Obama let this happen and didn’t even send help when they needed it. All of those politicians should have been hung fro that and look what happened. So you think these dems now are going to act different? Hell NO/ My suggestion is to round up everyone that hjad anything to do with Benghazi and these New politicians that had anything to do with this incident now and hang them all. I would also declare soros, bloomberg and all the big teech owner (the supoer rich) as enemies of the state collect all of them and well they get the same treatment. I would also confiscate all of their wealth/possessions and then we would be out of debt, put us back on the gold standard, that is if we even have any gold left, and revamp the whole elcetion process buy outlawing any contributions to campaigns. Hopefully that will take these super rich out of buying elections as they did in this last presidential election.

  8. Just like Iran Democraps are giving the WACKOS Iraq as well. Pedo Joe believes himself to be like Obozo and making himself worse than Carter.

  9. All those cities fell one after the other without not one of our fleet of gunships flying op and down the roads making it a living hell for the Taliban. Even now why aren’t they circling the embassy 24/7 shredding them. Seems as though Hillary is still in charge.

    1. Seems a Hillary lover has been “offended” and demands nobody can be permitted to view my opinion.

  10. If this escalates into another Benghazi situation this administration is done. People will take to the streets.

  11. Isn’t the bid en – har ris COMMUNIST REGIME doing a great job?? I mean it, they are doing a GREAT JOB OF RUINING AMERICA AND STICKING IT TO AMERICANS!!! Everything they do is a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE!!! THE BORDER (the fake news says china virus not coming in with illegals) it’s due to the unvaccinated!!! UTTER BS!!! What about hunter??? Why the hell isn’t that IDIOT IN PRISON??? JUST ANOTHER garland smoke screen!!! Right now America is on a path to UNPRECEDENTED CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE, msm fails to report the news, all they do anymore is one sided opinion stories, these people are NOT JOURNALISTS, they sell themselves, they want book deals and that’s it!!! msm needs to be sued for MALPRACTICE!!! I know it can be done, I am a disabled veteran and live on very little money, I can’t afford to do it myself!!! PLEASE MY FELLOW AMERICAN PATRIOTS, LET’S GET AMERICA BACK FROM THE COMMUNIST REGIME!!!

  12. Someone stated a second Benghazi I believe it. America has a idiot commander in chief everyone in the world knows it.

    1. This tragedy will be blamed on Trump — initially — however, this is the event which will propel Trump back into the WH — God Willing! start praying for our allies in Afghanistan! for the women being set on fire, for the children witnessing the death of their parents, for all the animals being needlessly slaughtered…

  13. They are destroying US flags, but what about LGBTQ1A flags??? of BLM flags??? no doubt those will be respected by the Taliban?? ! Oh Wait, maybe not, they throw gays off tall buildings and sell blacks into slavery !

  14. Looks to me like this situation in Afghanistan is another Biden bungled incident of White House diplomacy that may be costly in American and other lives friendly to America!

    1. IF This is another Benghazi and these Demonic Barbarians kill ONE American, AFTER Complete Evacuation, it is truly TIME for the ‘Iraq Parking Lot Project’, ONCE AND FOR ALL.
      Then just STAND TALL, WAVE OLD GLORY and SCREAM FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE and HEAR, “WHO wants to be Next?!!!”

  15. they should have taken a lesson from the past and destroyed EVERYTHING they could or would not bring back when they left such as bases,gear , weapons I mean everything.

  16. They need to bring their dumb asses home.
    that country over there is a waste of time and a waste of our good soldiers. Those people over there will never stand up and fight for themselves. We have been over there trying to show them how for years and they still don’t have it.

    1. They CAN’T. They are AT the mercy of BIG EVIL. They are Powerkess.

      Just as WE can no longer fight Here.
      SEE “Stolen Elections”.

      The Deep State IS, as of right now, IN CHARGE.
      BIG, BIG EVIL that Somehow, if even Possible, MUST BE ERADICATED!

  17. There is one person and only one person responsible for this and that is the HALF WIT IDIOT DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN !

  18. Could we have gotten anyone anymore inept? My God, what a damn fool. Notice how every time we suffer a defeat, the president is a democrat.

  19. Why now should have been done Months ago minimum & set charges to Comms & crypto gear & give equip to Afghan Army IE arms & ammo minimum

    1. Of Course they don’t, they’re busy using their privileged position to commit TREASON for their personal gain and making porn movies.

  20. Another lost war, how pathetic, and a totally,incompetent,president, that tells the enemy our every move, runs in the middle of the nite, doesn’t tell the afgans were splitting, and has all our equipment,tanks,choppers,weapons,airplanes, everything,90 billion worth of firepower, and the Taliban has it all.Hidenbiden is the blame for all of it,and his incompetent,administration,advisors, and generals. They all need to be impeached or fired.

  21. Another Fuhrerbunker debacle moment in western history brought to you be the senile old crook, China Joe Biteme and his corrupt, incompetent regime of democommunist surrender weasels.
    Yet another global embarrassment for the USA. Pathetic.

  22. Our own country is being invaded and take over by cartels, human trafficking and Biden just puts them on a bus to go to your city. Incompetent deranged old man that was pushed into the presidency by criminal cheaters. He does not belong there and everyone knows it. Kick him out!

  23. Isn’t it weird, that these “Socialists” in our USA, are doing this exactly with our “Voters Information”, they are destroying all “Evidence” too protect “WHO” , it is surely not “We the People”, what do they have too hide?

  24. Why are the Biden’s so corrupt?.. The Clintons got away with it? Selling off their position with the Government? Money,? Power,? Hate for the American people ? Hate for the American government ? Hate for our Flag,? Hate for the American way of life? Love of China,? Love of Russia,? Do they really think they are the elites of our Country,? They are the ruling Class,? Till we hold these traitor’s accountable, this nightmare will continue. Biden screwed up our energy’ created inflation, ruined our Southern Border, not even going to go into world events and the disasters he has created that are still ongoing, no leadership skills at all, total failure ,in everything he has done, fun and games writing executive mandates, now we are all going to have to pay the price for his incompetence.

    1. iT’S because Americans have had it far too GOOD for far too LONG. All have grown soft, complacent and compliant and willing to accept anything the Swamp throws our way, as long as we get our allotted ‘bread and circuses.’ The Romans had it all figured out… Oh I’m so sorry; the study of great men of Greece and Rome used to be standard curriculum, but that Progressive traitor Woodrow Wilson deemphasized the ‘Classics,’ advising us that ‘we no longer need men of letters. We need proletariat workers who are just smart and well educated enough to follow orders of their supervisors but not to challenge them.’ Catch my drift?

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