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Now that a new bombshell investigative report from the New York Attorney General now shows that Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women, including a New York State trooper, dozens of Democrats have now joined the growing list of public officials demanding that Cuomo resign immediately.

Here is a list of all the top Democrats who are now demanding that Cuomo resign:


  1. Gov. Cuomo is of Italian Heritage.This is by no means a criticism, but it is my experience that Italian Americans are and have always been emotionally demonstrative. In this age of apparent hyper-sensitivity where a pat on the back or a hug imediately is determined to be sexual harassment, this is the unfortunate ( for everyone ) outcome.
    I’m not a Cuomo Fan; I think much of his behavior was boorish, and not in keeping with what should be the best level of decorum in his Office. I also didn’t like the debacle with the Nursing Homes….BUT….and here’s the But…come on Man, Biden has done MUCH worse and that’s just met with a shrug, and the usual; Oh that’s just Joe being Joe…..so to me this thing with Cuomo sounds absolutely pure POLITICAL……if there was an election held today, he’d be re-elected.
    LeTittia James, is looking to boost her profile, by all of these “actions”…against Trump, against Trump’s employees, against the NRA, and now against Cuomo…..think she has higher Political ambitions?…….sure looks that way…..and anytime these things are driven and have a POLITICAL motivation, it simply STINKS.

    1. WAY too much Truth, Stephen!!!
      UNfortunately, our society is now SO incredibly Dumbed Down, they have No Clue what the Truth is. We are in a World of Hurt…. figuratively AND literally.
      Or should I say “Liberally”

    2. Would Numb Nuts groping/sniffing/kissing little girls be ‘understandable’? Not only that, a staffer recalled Biden backing her up against a wall and sexually assaulting her. And let’s not forget Clinton! Sometimes these whiners display a rather selective indignity toward their political luminaries.

  2. Democrats are like sheep they follow the leader. Now if Biden (after being told by Pelosi) said let the courts decide, then everyone of them would say the same. Really pretty funny how Robotic they are.

    1. In other words, CATHOLIC TRAITORS are in lockstep with the Vatican, a foreign, hostile NATION that is at perpetual, undeclared war with the USA.

  3. Why weren’t they after him for killing all those old people in nursing homes? Probably because many of these Governors are also guilty of that crime too! So they go after him for this and with no trial or a defense they pronounce him guilty from an investigation by the Attorney General and then these people that hate the rule of law decide to just make up their own system of justice. I do not like Cuomo but he is entitled to presumed innocence.

    1. Pretty INCREDIBLE, isn’t it? Has One Thing to this point amounted to MORE than an Allegation?
      I too, think the man is an arrogant, unscrupulous ass, but Nobody should EVER go down on Allegations.
      Just KEEP VOTING DEMONRATS INTO OFFICE, America. I Reeeeeally ENJOY all of the Life ruining Turmoil and Strife caused by them. They’re Undoubtedly still laying awake nights in hopes of going back to see if they can impeach Trump on some New made-up BS.
      I Shudder. OFTEN.

  4. this is a democrat wrap. they will call for him to resign, while a gop member is to be impeached and ruined. this is one thing that will unite Americans, the rule for thee, the crime, the border and the hate of children by not educating them, and keep them masked, the cdc ruling that landlords can be cheated from rent as the states are not releasing funds, better buy for the big democrat landlords. this will change as the American spirit is not one of cheats and liars. I know the Italian culture, and they are touchers, this guy is a boss, big difference as he made laws against harassments, and can’t follow them. watch the democrat party tricks and realize the gov’nor will endure as he brings the money to the dnc. it a ruse of manufactured shock.

  5. just a show for the democrats. Why did they not do the same to Biden. When that woman complained. Just drama on the democrats part .It will be swept under the rug just like everything else the democrats do Just look at OMAR

  6. All just a cover so as not to look into the finger rapist dementia jo that has been hidden for years and paperwork of the complaint destroyed by politicians!

  7. And the cuomo name showing up in the little black book of Epstein! Probably should also look into the covered up case of the finger rapist dementia jo!
    All communist democrat cult members are perverts!

    1. Wish the “little black book would be exposed”
      Why is the lady affiliated with Epstein, who’s in jail not singing yet? I want to know???

  8. These fools should look in the mirror first! Handsy Andy is entitled to his day in court! All of these Democrats should be worrying about the time when they will no longer be a “useful idiot”.

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