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Fox News has now reportedly cut ties with longtime Fox News star Judge Andrew Napolitano after shocking new sexual accusations were leveled against him.

As The Daily Mail reports:

John Fawcett, who works on the Kudlow show hosted by Larry Kudlow on Fox Business Network, is suing the network claiming he was sexually harassed by Napolitano who he claims stroked his arm and made suggestive comments while they were on an elevator together.

Fawcett said he was in an elevator with Fox personality Napolitano later that year when Napolitano stroked his arm and made suggestive comments.

‘You see these hands? They look clean, but they get really dirty,’ Judge Napolitano is alleged to have told Fawcett in a suggestive manner.

Napolitano went on to invite Fawcett to his Manhattan apartment or New Jersey farm. Fawcett ‘politely excused himself.’

After an internal investigation, Fox News announced on Monday that they had decided to fire Napolitano. A truly shocking fall from grace for a longtime star of the network.


    1. So it’s Napolitano’s religion that is the reason he did this, if he actually did it? Do you know how stupid you sound? First I would say there needs to be more proof than some guy saying this happened, I would also want to know why he didn’t report it when it happened. So sick of these people saying things happened months or years ago but they want to speak up after so much time has passed. I am Catholic and yes they allowed disgusting things to go on but these perverts aren’t just Catholics they’re everywhere and most have no religious affiliation at all.

  1. Oh, let me take a guess, Mr. Fawcett is a donating member of the Democrat Party? I am beginning to see a pattern here with FOX news.

  2. Napolitano will not be missed. But it is still a repugnant snowflake reaction. Doesn’t this Fawcett have any spine and just say “no thanks” instead of this unbearable I’m-offended theatrics? Snowflaking is a disease in society and among real human beings.

    1. This allegation is just one of many that have been voiced through the years…I’m glad he is finally getting exposed for the lying, sanctimonious, depraved jerk that he is. Good riddance!

  3. Comments made while alone in an elevator? Sure we all believe that. Did not always agree with judge Napolitano, but come on. This is becoming the Modus Operande for Fox to drop anyone with any conservative leanings.

    1. Judge Napolitano was a Trump hating Loser He begged Trump for a Supreme Court seat Trump decided against this thing

      1. I think most people know that. I have always supported Trump and really don’t like Napolitano but we can’t allow people to do this without some kind of proof. If you do someday they will come for someone possibly in your family or someone you support it has to stop. If someone has things like this happen speak up at the time or keep it to yourself and I am also including all the women that do this too. As a woman I don’t feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t speak up when it happens and then wants to bring it up months or years later.

  4. is the metoo movement of allegations against men still a thing? sounds like a kudlow staffer is testing how a comment, that can be construed with a tone, requires firing someone without a trial. shame on all the narrow minded haters and puppets of the left and militant metoo thugs.

  5. Oh good grief! I can’t believe anything in this article! Not the accusation nor that Fox would fire the judge on one accusation such as this was. I think there are too many who wish to gain fame from accusing someone for this. A crybaby for sure.

  6. That’s the New Fox way, believe the accuser and fire the conservative right away. It could be true, but it could be false. Another reason not to watch Fox any more, and they keep mounting.

  7. today anyone can say they were molested or touched and theyare guilty where the hell were these people when this happened. they are all trying to make money the easy way . when there is no proof why should he be fired Fox news is stupid to let these allegations seem true with no proof . This jerk Fawcett should find a boyfreind and get a life

  8. There are 2 sides to every story. Not saying it didn’t happen and if it did happen it’s perverse and unexcusable. However if it didn’t happen and the judge categorically denies it then his reputation has been destroyed. You have to get both sides before you start throwing stones.

    1. What you say is true, indeed a famous actor turned author opined in his autobiography that today it matters not whether one is guilty or innocent, all it takes to ruin someone is to be accused. Peter Ustinov in Dear Me. I am inclined to agree with him. Too many brain-dead individuals accept and swallow a mere accusation without hearing ‘the other side of the story.’

  9.  Did you hear about the CDC using a study from INDIA which was REJECTED from peer review to reinstate mask mandates? What about Joe Biden threatening to send federal employees door-to-door to try and force you to get the COVID jab? Sure, they might SAY they wouldn’t use force to get their vaccine in your arm, but what about the pressure they’ve already put on employers, your favorite restaurants, or even your kids schools to require vaccines? Many places are so eager to force you into wearing a mask and will use any means necessary to coerce you to conform to the Biden’s tyrannical demands.

    1. Indeed. There are the mask-a-zoids and the vax-a-zoids. The creep-a-zoid Mega-Government is behind both. The Great Pandemic from the beginning was never about disease. It is all about control and launching a frightening cascade of advances toward socialism. And the lemmings are lining up to rush blindly over the cliff onto the rocks.

  10. Placing Joe Biden as President was a serious mistake by those who chose him as their Pres! Given that Biden was never a person that should have been given the presidency, one has to wonder what these people were thinking when they chose Biden as Pres! They should have have had their heads read first!

  11. Good riddance! That guy was a liberal plant that skewed the law to a progressive bent, more often than not. Hopefully he gets his due.

  12. Unless Fawcett was an employee who answers to Napolitano, it isn’t harassment, it was an invitation of whatever means. I’m no fan of queers soliciting hetero men, but for Godsakes, man up and tell him in no uncertain terms where to f n go.. Two adults in an elevator, ZERO witnesses. Either FOX has more on Napolitano than they are revealing, and just want the liability gone.. This sounds more like a 3rd strike type of incident!

  13. WOW!! Nappitano gets into s sex scandal and is fired immediately YET NY Attorney General says that Cuomo is guilty of sexual assaults against several women and he is still in office. I guess FOX has higher standards than the Democrats.

  14. Hahahaha, went to the anti American side in hopes to keep quiet. A lesson for all of the RINOs that think they are bipartisan in selling out working and voting Americans. Once you perpetuate more lies, nobody’s there to catch you.

  15. So Napolitano invites a person with the implied intent to have a sexual relationship, the guy says no, and that’s the end of the interaction between them but now Napolitano is fired? That’s what the definition of “sexual harassment” has devolved into? Or is there more to this than is being reported?

  16. Shocking new allegation of sexual battery were leveled against Numb Nuts, if I’m not mistaken. Indeed, he was groping, sniffing and kissing little girls on camera during official proceedings. Why Fox News chose to ignore Biden’s proclivities during a heated election (In other words, a Coup) makes one wonder why they would drop that particular ball, then pick this one up.

  17. He was not a very good commentator. His interpretation of the constitution was off base more often than not.

  18. Never liked that gay RINO anyway. acts like bill clinton and the epstein gang! Disgusting pole roller

  19. Very sad to learn of this!! I really enjoyed Judge Napolitano! I liked his analysis and he was quite a character! I loved his hearty laugh too!! I do understand why Fox News felt that they had to fire Judge Napolitano, but I wish him luck in finding another job at another news channel. We do all make mistakes, I only wish that Fox News possibly would have given Judge Napolitano just
    ONE MORE CHANCE!!! Because I have always believed that everyone deserves a second chance!!

  20. Judge Napolitano was a complete demonrat traitor…They got rid of him for incompetence. This guy was bad news and hated Pres. Trump. Glad he’s gone.

  21. there are a lot of people on Fox that should be fired, thats why i don’t watch fox anymore. they are like CNN and MSNBC

  22. Another Never Trumper meets his Karma. This phony loud mouth deserves whatever his Karma dishes out for him.

  23. Napolitano trashed Trump and now we know why. Someone must have been blackmailing him and threatening to expose details of his personal life. Sounds like he should give Cuomo a call to strategize.

  24. Of course the Left wants to harass a conservative! The media has the power to smear whomever they think is too powerful.
    welcome to Russia

  25. Do you think having all the women on fox wearing “suggestive” clothing has anything to do with the problems. I no long watch anything on fox!

  26. Disgusting!!
    Is there anyone that ISN’T a total F&#^KING pervert, in some kind of power seat, that’s supposed to be helping guide this country???
    Is this what happens???
    After money and power comes perversion???
    What a bunch of derelict, POS people !!!!

  27. Great news! Another never-Trumper bites the dust! Although, I won’t want Fox News for the same reason, I like to see bad things happen to bad people.

  28. I am a woman that could say something happened 3 years ago with out a thing to back it up and that should be enough to get someone fired? You people that are believing this live in a very sick small world! Shame!!!!

  29. The story of Fall from grace Napolitano is absolutely stunning. How wonderful it is to see these Jackasses and their rise To pinnacles only to fall on their faces for all to see!! But I wonder at the length of time it takes for their falls from grace. I also wonder about the fools out there who put up with such shenanigans. I have made mince meat out of Jackasses who attempted to approach me in any sleazy way regardless of their position. The trick is to put yourself first foremost and always.

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