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The self-described ‘only conservative’ in the race for Arizona Governor Kari Lake has now been outed for a series of past donations to Democrat politicians.

As The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The self-proclaimed “only conservative” in the race for Arizona governor has had her campaign launch derailed by reports of her political donations to Democrats John Kerry and Barack Obama.

Former news anchor Kari Lake announced her candidacy in June, positioning herself as the “only conservative, America First Trump Republican in the race.” But instead of spending the opening weeks of the campaign touting her conservative bona fides, Lake has sparred with local media over her donations to liberal politicians.

Lake on June 15 accused one local reporter of conducting a “hit piece interview” when he attempted to confirm the contributions, saying the line of questioning was “unethical” and “slanted.”

While Lake’s campaign did not return a request for comment, she has explained her contributions to Democrats in other local interviews by saying she “was really excited about the first black president” and “thought the Republican Party had lost its way with the endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Are past donations to Democrats forgivable for modern GOP candidates? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. RINOs masquerading as ‘conservatives’…seem’s to be a lot of that “going-on” in the DC-swamp, and the rest of the country, not just Arizona❓

  2. Anyone who wasn’t able to see through Obama’s socialist goals and slick talk is without the judgement necessary for political leadership. I’m thinking Arizona may need to find a candidate more like DeSantis, Abbott, Noem, et al. A smart person perhaps.

    1. Leave Abbott out of the mix, Abbott is an opportunist a puppet for
      lobbyists. Lt Col Allen West is the real deal.
      “Ethics Matter Allen West for Governor”

      1. Allen West is not the man for Texas. He moved here from Florida, waited 6 years and
        then ran for the Chair of the RPT and didn’t even finish his term. He ignores local
        counties if they are not heavy contributors to HIS campaign. There is no transparancy
        about the finances of the state party. Governor Abbott has his faults, but he has
        come out strong on the border and that is not something Allen West is capable of.

  3. With the family history, Kari Lake has got to be just one more CATHOLIC traitor. Kerry is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR, Bomma is Muslim and likes the CATHOLIC traitors.

      1. You must be just one more sidestepping CATHOLIC TRAITOR. Hey, a thousand years and exactly 100% FAILURE. Look south of the USA to see the proof.

  4. Like anyone who was “taken in” by Obozo, I have to question her judgment, and rule her out as not having the foresight and perception to rule him out. Not that Obozo’s opponents were much better, Romney was after all on, or in the thrall of, the left to begin with, but I believe they would have been better.

  5. Reagan. Trump. Diamond and Silk. Vernon Jones. Myself. We all gave Democrats the benefit of doubt based on previous affiliation until the badness compelled us to walk away. Converts often make the best advocates. We should consider Ms. Lake as she is now, not as she was.

    1. I, wholeheartedly, disagree!! While I’m not a resident of Arizona, having “give her a chance”, means let’s see if she’s another Mitt Romney. Just my honest opinion, Arizona residents will ultimately make the choice for the best candidate.

  6. Trump used to fund democrats. Don’t give in to judgement based on past or family. What do her actions say now? Not her words but her votes. That’s what counts here. Past decisions can be forgiven or we’re all lost causes. Current choices and actions must be the deciding factor.

  7. People can change when the party they supported no longer supports their belief system. I do think that additional investigation is warranted. If Ms Lake can show valid conservative principles in the last few years, then let’s support her against the radical left.


  9. OF COURSE EVERYTHING IS FORGIVABLE. I mean duh, we do say we are the Christian party. What is not forgivable is her trying to deny what happened. Be a unique politician and own up to it. Give an explanation and get on with it. The next time the question is asked, refer the asker to the day that you answered the question and mover on.

  10. It’s not my Circus, but in Kari’s defense -Look at who was running against Obama- Our worst, both times.

  11. Sounds like a FAKE Republican like McConnell or Cheney. They talk Republican in public SUCK Democrap RECTUM in private.

  12. Too bad you don’t show that interview. I saw it and this liberal reporter kept harping on the subject and refused to move on. Like she said then, repeatedly, her husband made those donations which was his right to do. This sounds like nothing more than a hit piece and is not showing both sides.

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