Monika Flueckiger, World Economic Forum via Wikimedia Commons

Ever since election night 2020 there has been controversy about Fox News’ decision to call the state of Arizona for Joe Biden, in spite fo the fact that many of the votes weren’t in and no other network had yet called the state.

But according to the new book “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” the person responsible for the notorious call was none other than Rupert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News himself.

As The Hill reports:

In the book “Landslide: The Final Days of the Trump Presidency,” Rupert Murdoch told his son Lachlan Murdoch, the CEO of Fox Corp., to project Biden as the winner of Arizona, Insider reported.

“Lachlan got his father on the phone to ask if he wanted to make the early call. His father, with signature grunt, assented, adding, ‘F— him,’ ” Wolff wrote in the forthcoming book, a copy of which was obtained by Insider.


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    1. I often wonder why anyone would watch television offerings these days, particularly content that advances more liberal concepts such as Gay Rights, or Globalism and Proxy Wars. This is propaganda, and unless people know what they’re looking at, they’re being conditioned to accept the advancement of culturally destabilizing, government expanding, liberal ’empowering’ Globalist/Marxist pabulum.

      1. Fox News has gotten what they deserve. Everybody should stop watching. Use to be my favorite. I don’t even turn to that station anymore, and will not.

          1. LS, I agree with you. They just give you the news and not trying to be personalities. AND you don’t have to hear Hannity and his inane repeats of his jobs as a kid.

            1. Grinnie, I agree! I have always wondered why he invites guests and then talks over them and the guest can’t get a word in edgewise. I just can’t watch him
        1. I haven’t watched fox since they helped steal the election. I watch newsmax but sometimes I wonder about them

  1. President Donald J. Trump is our duly elected president.The United States of America is operating under a fraudulent imposter.

      1. Biden is CATHOLIC..
        Control the media and you control the nation. (Joseph Goebbels,CATHOLIC ).
        Hitler was CATHOLIC.
        The media is controlled by the CATHOLIC “C” traitors. Look! Yahoo has about 5 articles recently on the wonderful Poopie.
        Have you ever heard of a honest CATHOLIC “C” nation?
        Have you ever heard of a successful CATHOLIC “C” nation?

        Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and science is denied. All Catholics are traitors.
        Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and the borders will never be secured from the ILLEGAL ALIEN CATHOLIC INVADERS.

          1. Nah I am an AMERICAN. NO CATHOLIC TRAITOR is an American. All CATHOLICS are traitors.

          2. It appears you have some kind of mental illness. Ranting like a nut nobody is going to agree with you.

        1. Biden is a detestable person but it has nothing to do with being Catholic! The Church has opposed his views on abortion, etc. Your comments about Catholics show how ignorant and bigoted YOU are!

          1. Bigot: a person who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people. Note the word UNFAIRLY.
            Observation of proven failure forever is not ‘bigotry’. This would be observation, not bigotry.
            Observe and then decide if you are voting for a destruction of the USA.
            Questions to ask yourself:
            How many successful CATHOLIC “C” nations are there? Proven failure is a factor in future projections.
            Save the USA! Vote wisely, not by knee jerk dogma and propaganda.
            Give me a nice long list of a successful CATHOLIC “C” nation … Hey, you have a hundred to choose from all just south of the USA.. A hundred nations, a thousand years and exactly 100% failure! . I am waiting.
            Vote for ANY CATHOLIC “C” and you vote for failure forever.

          2. Hey name me one successful CATHOLIC nation. you have a hundred to pick from just south of the USA. I am waiting.

        2. Nothing to do with which religion! It has to do with belief in Jesus! The enemy is trying to tear this nation down from the inside out! Marxist agenda folks!

        1. They’re doing what they want to do in Washington, because their party dominates congress, the courts, the White House, and most importantly, the media. There’s still a Constitution they must adhere to, but the bulk of liberal politicians employ Latin (’cause they’re lawyers..) to make tyranny sound so palatable.

          1. CATHOLICS do not need to follow any stinking Constitution! They have the SCOTUS behind them. SCOTUS is CATHOLIC. SCOTUS decided that corporations are ‘people’ and can put as much money as desired in any ‘candidate’. Biden is CATHOLIC. The Vatican corporation put billions and every dead CATHOLIC voted for Biden by way of the CATHOLIC voting machines.


    1. I don’t trust ANY news media, including FOX. DICTATORSIP. CONTROL. That’s what the dems want and if we don’t fight back, we are much closer to being under this type of rule. AMERICA! Where did you go? You’ve lost your way! We must fight to get you back and on the RIGHT track.

      1. You’re correct. The Framers did their level best to ensure our leadership would not expand to usurp the civil rights of Americans, nor seek to cast off the limitations specified in our nation’s charter. Americans don’t realize that we’ve been given the authority to remove politicians and/or government officials who ignore their limitations. Numb Nuts parading up to the podium to inform us that he will disarm Americans is a very profound example of what our ancestors vowed to prevent. Only an idiot (See “Liberal”) would wax enthusiastically about such a prospect.

        1. Biden is CATHOLIC….NO CATHOLIC “C” is an American…. ALL Catholics are traitors…. There are two sides to a coin, heads, tails. There is The USA OR the Vatican…. The Constitution OR the bi-babble… the President of the USA OR the pooopie…. .. they are opposite and not compatible… ALL CATHOLICS make the CHOICE of being an American OR a CATHOLIC TRAITOR supporting the Vatican, a foreign, hostile NATION that destroys all nations it touches. /..R and D mean nothing. ..

  2. As per liberal protocol, we’re going to get our noses rubbed in the power of their media, along with the level of influence media moguls exert on our elections, legislative processes, cultural evolution (More like devolution…) and Global prominence. Nothing will change, except these people will become even more haughty and arrogant about their ability to ruin nations, and chuckle while they’re doing that.

  3. There is NO ONE in existence, that cannot be bribed, compromised, threatened, or in some way made to do someone else’s bidding. Murdoch is no exception. So, he’s really not that powerful when seen through those glasses. When will someone as powerful as those that brought him around, work their magic on the Soros garbage?

    1. It appears the Epstein caper bears out your observation. Our leaders function under some form of extortion, and they’ll face exposure for their previous crimes and misdemeanors if they don’t toe their handler’s lines. You folks might study how a historic president, Woodrow Wilson, was ‘compromised’, and coerced to sign the Federal Reserve Act into Law. He also put his John Henry on our World War One participation. One thing Americans should insist upon is the immediate arrest and trial of any media personnel, government agent or individual who releases information about past indiscretions of our elected leaders after they’ve attained office. That would be a form of extortion.

  4. Rupert Murdock is an ass. How could he be down on Trump when Trump made Fox News what it is today.

  5. This how most of America’s most potent POTENTATES viewed Trump. He took from their right full thought importance. They thought they were the top 1 percent. I hope he enjoys his fall and the eventual fall of Fox due to HIS chosen candidate.

  6. Mr. Murdoch has to live with himself. I take great joy in knowing that I don’t have to deal with the baggage that he has. There are honorable men in the world, and then there are the Rupert Murdoch’s.

  7. As we found out this very week, the Big 6 Families and the Rothschild owned media and World Economic Forum Americans met this week in Sun Valley to plot out the winners and losers. They need to be stopped for subversion using monopolistic meetings and decisions about what to publish. Yep, the Rothschild owned the major media in the 19th and 20th Century and now the 21st Century only those they approve are able to merge or buy up big media platforms. This meeting was most probably on how to take down the new alternative independent media. Please be sure to subscribe to Epoch or OAN, or even Newsweek.

    1. JFK was all set to pull the rug out from under the Rothschilds. By Executive Order, he would abolish the Federal Reserve. He even had currency issued to further that goal. We know where that got him..


  9. This is the way our federal elections should be run. No state should be allowed to release the voting results until after the last state to vote (Hawaii) closes it polls. That is the only fair way to hold a nationwide election. Once a state announces a winner, those in that state that have not voted yet have a tendency to just not waste any more time going to vote. Let the mass media wait along with the voting public. Get over it.

  10. All elites seem to be arrogant and want to rule us as their ancestors did slaves and farm animals. God bring harsh judgment on all of them, but communism puts the elites into permanent power!
    The people’s tanks ran down the students at Tiananmen Square. The bureaucracy supports the elites, who pay the bureaucracy well for suppressing the people. People, who don’t submit, will be purged. Don’t be sucked into a communist revolution to punish the elites. They will be using the bureaucracy and the press that they bought to deceive you.
    All media communications are public utilities and should not be allowed to influence content. Law enforcement is fully capable of hunting down and arresting people suggesting violence.
    All citizens, who advocate violent acts, even elected vermin, should be arrested and offered confinement in a mental hospital, instead of the jails that just make people worse. Maxine Walters is an excellent example of a person, who insights riots and looting, and needs to be put in a room with no phone or computer. As a person, who calls for violence, Walters’ communications need to be screened by her psychiatrist, for legal compliance.

    1. I don’t watch any news program. In days of yore, 6:00 PM would find me glued to the set absorbing the daily events broadcast on local networks. About the 2000th time some Gay issue was screened, I stopped watching television altogether.

  11. Murdoch may be “a” villain but the DNC and the courts are the real villians. The DNC cheated and the courts allowed it by not enforcing state laws about how election laws can be changed and not enforcing oversight at polling places (where ballots are counted). The courts also should find that ballot harvesting should be illegal as it is tantamount to fraud and election tampering. If you can’t get your behind to a polling place or request a mail in ballot because you have no transportation or are disabled, then you don’t deserve to vote because you are either lazy or incoherent or don’t care so why should someone be able to basically fill in a ballot for you? Do you allow someone else to fill out your test at the DMV or have someone stand in for you when taking a drug test or using someone else’s ID to board a plane, etc.? No. That would be insane but we allow it with ballots in one of our most sacred rights in America. Now I know why the founding fathers only allowed land owners to vote, they didn’t want uneducated people to vote or allow for fraud.

  12. First off…he probably knew the fix and fraud were in…but this is the part that confuses me….Fox is beating all the other networks because of pro conservative…Trump supporting..newscasters like Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Waters and Guttfeld etc. so is he not “biting the hand that feeds him” ? I guess he just can’t stand Trump but he can’t afford to go the way of the other networks…which are tanking….? He must be such a bitter old man…at least he looks the part….

  13. Rupert and Lachlan are both nothing but dumb F..king stool pigeons and they’re shitting on each other making it smell really rancid and leaving now a sour taste in the voting process forever and the person United States Government should have the U.S.Marshals service along with the Secret Service pick up the both of them and lock them up for the next 100 years. Her is Madoff crimes have no comparison to the Dumb Murdoch’s.


  15. That was the night I quit watching Fox. Anyone wonder why their ratings plummeted? He also made some nasty remarks about conservatives who watched his channel.

  16. First of all murdulf if ur going to sponsor fox and friends dont be a back stabber ur making tons of money and the which ur show is making u number 1 do give credit where its fue put ur ego aside please I’m one of ur viewer

  17. All with half a brain know that the whole voting was a sham/fraud. Joe Biden is an old fool that has no control of any of what he says or does. SAD that he is even titled PresidentHe is being told what to say and his peers that hate America and have forgotten how citizens believed and voted them into office all those years ago. How can this be happening?

  18. This is why they need to ban all from calling a winner until the morning after Election Day. I have seen them call a winner when there has been Zero Precent of the vote counted. Not calling a race until the next day would do two things. One it would put an END to those on the East coast causing those in Hawaii and Alaska not voting. The second thing it will do is allow TRUE vote counts to be given not projections. Another thing that needs STOPPED is the polls taken of those leaving the polling place. This would also reduce races being called without actual vote numbers. After the spanking they took in the Bush/Gore race you would think those in the MORON MEDIA would learn not to buy what voters leaving the polling places say. I mean those in the MORON MEDIA should have waited till they had at least 75% of the votes counted before saying Gore won so they would not look like the UTTER FOOLS they were that night well early morning and the weeks following until the Supreme Court had to end their LIES about who won and who was the real person trying to violate Florida Election laws.

    1. The media was more vengeful than moronic. Trump called out our media for broadcasting fake news (He was right, you know.) In response, those reporters and their bosses conducted an endless campaign of accusations and insults against our president. They even turned their eyes away from the coup that occurred during this “Pandemic”. What vapidly ignorant Americans should learn is that these campaigns are nothing new, and they invariably advance tyrannical forms of government with the able assistance of the media.

  19. The ENTIRE Main sewer Stream fake Media capitulated to the leftist, progressive neo-liberal Demoncrapicshariarinos years ago and opted for gaslighting and propaganda instead of “news”…

  20. Listen Murdock, you dirty old man Donald Trump won fair and square. You nasty idiots stole the election because you hate to lose. May God forgive you for you know not what you do.

  21. Ever since election night we left Fox News for good because we couldn’t believe the early call. We knew Fox had hired some hacker to mess with the voting calculations. Fox shot themselves in the foot. The truth is coming out.

  22. It made no sense to us on election night. Then all the counting stopped. Then the “ballot” dumps (I stayed up all night with my sister). It was obvious something unscrupulous was happening. We all know Trump won.

  23. I have quit watching Fox for a long time now, other than about 2 programs, one on Fox and one on Fox Business, they are as much fake news as CNN.

  24. Everyone should abandon FOX News. Before you go tell the women over 40 to cut their teenage long hair.

  25. Fox News is a POS network now. They are on their way to becoming like all the others. Tucker, Hannity and Ingram are still fairly good but I can’t stand the rest of the daytime line up. After the election I switched to newsmax. I so subscribed to some online news outlets. These are startup outlets run by patriots and somewhere you can get real honest reporting.

  26. Reply to Alfie
    Your brain has been poisoned. I am sorry for you, but a little afraid, too, as you could be the next
    Mass shooter on a Sunday morning at a Catholic church. You are truly nuts. Please get some help!

  27. We all know who the real president is, Donald Trump. You can report all the lies you need to but Joe Biden isn’t presidential material. He can’t remember things. The man has dementia or something along those lines. And it’s sad that they are using him. The world knows the truth.

  28. Why is every news media left wing? Like a force of nature. A total mystery to me that no rich conservatives buy up media and go anti-woke.

  29. rupert is a damn IDIOT! So are his sons! He caused a lot of people to turn against fox. Reason why I no longer watch fox as a whole. Only the five and Watters world. Trump won the 2020 election by a landslide. The democRATS cheated their asses off!

  30. Look all these rich people stick together because they are the only ones that can run anything. All of us pions can’t run anything. Each rich person contributes to the agenda of taking over the world. There are leaders of these rich, the suoer rich (people like soros, bloomberg, etc.). Did this one incident cause the frsud in this last president election, NO, but the combined effect of msny fraudlant actions, many of which were committed/supported/incouraged by these ruch did.

  31. Until this I blamed the kids for destroying FOX–perhaps the old man has dementia like Joe Biden?

  32. The Murdochs are snakes in the grass . Never patronize them or buy anything that is advertized on their sites . Go directly to the source .

  33. I no longer live in the US, but I was under the impression that the votes, as determined by the elected leaders of the state, are the basis for calling the winning candidate from each state. I never heard that the TV networks determined the winner. They make projections, but the way this report is worded, it sounds like Fox news determined who won Arizona. Please be more careful with how you write, because even though things may have changed since I left the US, I doubt they’ve changed that much.

    1. If a state is called early by a news outlet, voters don’t bother to cast votes while the polls are still open! THERE is the travesty!

  34. Murdoch like all the rest of Fake-news Media was “in” on the rigged-elections…is what you’re really saying, that’s why they knew the ‘results’ even before the counting was over…”it’s not about the people that vote, that counts, it’s the people counting the votes” Joe Stalin.

  35. Murdoch is just one more CATHOLIC traitor. Hey, is the fact that Biden is a CATHOLIC TRAITOR have anything to do with it? YES!

  36. Allie. You’re very sadly wrong.I’m not Catholic by choice but was raise Catholic. The best of the best I’ve known have come out of Catholic Christianity. and Catholic Schools.
    Some of The worst have also come from within Catholicism ( or were that way before).
    The evil one plants his Angels (that’s right, there are evil angels) within Society especially Politics and Powerful Religious Organizations.
    Biden hasn’t a Catholic bond in his body. He’s a Abortionist by trade and will probably control Catholicism as past Power has at some stages.
    I’m not saying that the Catholic monarchy and pope or Cardinals are good but the people for the most part are Great
    I left to go to a More Biblical Backed sound Doctrinal Faith to Learn and To know Jesus.
    The Catholic teachings are pretty devoid iof this and I was not going to be a Sheeple
    But you my friend need to come to Jesus or you will continue in a Misguided and Hateful life

  37. This is just history repeating itself. Nazi Germany used the tactics we are seeing the news media today. Gain control of the media and you gain control of the citizens.

  38. America died on that cold January day when that senile old fool and that ho got sworn in . You all know it, civil war is looming on the horizon. How many gaffes is enough. ” Can’t answer that question, I’ll get in trouble if I do” in trouble from who?.

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  41. Murdoch is a rich old wrinkly bag of shit. I never watch Fox now. I only like Tucker from that news. Wish he would join Newsmax

  42. Of course the communist democrat cult wants elections to be called without an actual honest count of legal votes!

  43. It was evident what they were doing. Their ratings show it too. They have silenced most of their employees but we the people know who is on the right side of the fraud information and it is not Fox!

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