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Outspoken leftists on two major city school boards are facing charges of sexually assaulting children. 

In Denver, 22-year-old Democratic Socialist school board member Tay Anderson is accused of sexually assaulting 62 children and raping multiple women. 

In Salt Lake City, liberal activist and school board member Joel-Lehi Organista was arrested on charges of rape and child pornography.

Anderson, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, campaigned to remove police officers from Denver schools.

Now we know why he doesn’t want children speaking to the police.

“Denver parent Mary-Katherine Fleming, who works with sex-crime victims, had told state legislators last week that 62 students confided in her that Anderson subjected them to a range of unwanted sex acts ranging from forcible touching to “violent” rape,” The New York Post reports. “His youngest reported alleged victim was 14.”

Anderson specifically assaulted children he believed would not want to speak to the police.

“All but one of the victims was either an undocumented immigrant or enrolled in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program,” the Post reports.

Anderson also allegedly raped women.  In March a woman approached Denver’s “Black Lives Matter 5280” affiliate to report Anderson raped her.   After Black Lives Matter 5280 banned Anderson from their offices, more women came forward to allege he raped them.

Anderson is also an anti-gun activist, participating in failed pillow magnate David Hogg’s “March For Our Lives,” seeking to disarm, among others, potential rape victims.

In Salt Lake City, 29-year-old school board member and liberal activist Joél-Léhi Organista resigned after his arrest on charges of child pornography and rape.

“Court documents filed today show he’s facing 1 charge of object rape of a child and ten counts of sexual exploitation of a minor,” KSL reporter Alex Cabrero tweeted.

Local Fox 13 reports:

Officials were led to Organista through a CyberTipLine report provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. A Dropbox account owned by Organista and connected to his Salt Lake County address contained at least five images or videos containing child pornography, the probable cause affidavit states.

Following his arrest, Organista admitted to having downloaded, viewed and kept the child pornography in his Dropbox account.

According to the affidavit, Organista also operated a Snapchat account where he communicated with children who identified themselves between the ages of 12-17. On the social media platform, Organista allegedly asked the children for naked photos and for them to perform sexual acts.

An outspoken liberal activist, Organista wrote an anti-Trump column for the website Medium and declared his interests were “Decolonization and Liberation.”  He served as the national vice president of youth with the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Organista’s rabidly leftist Twitter account features what he says is a TedX lecture from him on “Decolonizing Leadership Development.”  The video has since been set to “private.”

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  1. Thats why a 22 year old would be on school board in the first place. The other reason is political aspirations. So I’d guess he is a Democrat

  2. For those of you that “poo-poo’ed” PIZZA-GATE–and the Washington D.C. perverts.

    1. now now now—don’t be too hard on toilet paper. At least it serves a good purpose. Most of these people?? would just make good boat anchors!

  3. Their are more pedophiles than we know. They all need to be hung by the penis until it falls off. Then maybe they will leave are kids alone. It should be mandatory for all pedophiles get the firing squad.

  4. Either the school district condones these actions or doesn’t bother to check out the records of whom they hire. That makes the school district just as guilty. The school principal, the teacher and the school board administration should be held equally responsible otherwise, this will continue.

  5. Both of them should have a quick conviction, bypass prison and straight to the “ Lethal injection room “ ! We need to bring back the Electric chair !

  6. If I told what shoud happen to this guy you just delete the comment anyway soooo just use your imagination!

  7. All Leftists are Evil and potential Pedophiles. They demonstrate this everyday. We have a Pedophile in the White House and no one says anything about his blatant verbal sexists pedophile language. Oh and he is a bigot too!

  8. Well, not to malign all the good people in these professions, but SOME people who serve as School Boardsters or as scoutmasters connive to get close to children for a REASON; Think ulterior motives.

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