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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki attempted to downplay the recent surge in gas prices by claiming that they were ‘well in line with recent decades’ during a press briefing on Friday.

As The Hill reports:

White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Friday said that gas prices have “stabilized” and defended them as “well in line” with recent decades as they reached the highest prices since 2014 ahead of Memorial Day weekend.

“As Americans are hitting the road, they are paying less in real terms for gas than they have on average over the last 15 years — and they’re paying about the same as they did in May 2018 and May 2019,” Psaki said in a statement.

“While prices have increased from the lows last year — as demand drastically dipped — prices at just about $3 per gallon are still well in line with what they’ve been in recent decades,” she added.

In spite of Psaki’s assertions, gas prices are now the highest they’ve been since 2014, and certainly higher than they were at any time during the Trump Administration.


    1. Hillary was their standard bearer. That woman shouldn’t have made it past the primaries. Maybe Trump was a deliberate ‘coup’…

  1. Sleepy Joe Biden is planning to replace the WH rose garden with banana trees!

    El Senileo will then have his own banana republic and fresh banana pudding every day!

  2. People ARE hurting.

    1. Lost jobs due to Democrats shutting down the majority of businesses
    2. Cancel the Keystone and the price of gas soars.
    3. Demand that the welfare payments be kept high so no one will want to go back to work.
    4. Kids want to go to school but can’t because of FAUCI.
    5. OVER 4000 have died from taking the covid vaccine.
    6. Thousands are being harrassed by wide eyed fanatics who scream and chase you for not wearing a mask. (From the start, the CDC said that the masks DON’T work) (Every nurse who treated me in the THREE WEEKS I was in the hospital for covid HAD had the covid. Sure they had worn the BEST masks available and it did not stop a ONE of them from getting sick

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