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This month, as Hamas-linked terrorists in the Gaza strip, have launched thousands of rockets and targeted innocent Israeli civilians, and now their unhinged and disgusting anti-Semitic sentiments have come over to the United States, where anti-Semitic attacks have now hit record record.

Here is a list of all the recent hateful, anti-Semitic attacks this month, according to the Anti-Defamation League, which tracks anti-Semitic attacks:



  1. Is this coincidental? They’re trying to stir up a conflict in Iran, and now everybody hates them. Hmm, I think I detect a pattern here…

    1. The only difference between Muslim and Catholic is the continent they destroy. Look south of the USA for proof.

  2. lISTEN UP….GOD Will BLESS Those Who are a FRIEND to ISRAEL. It is WRITTEN in the HOLY SCRIPTURES. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

    1. Why don’t you just go there with our blessing? America can no longer afford to support Israel. We have mounting domestic issues to deal with, and our Sovereignty should top the list. Israel can take care of their own problems. We need to take care of ours.

      1. France helped us win our revolution; should we abandon our allies because we are uncomfortable? Abandon Taiwan too?

      2. Really? And we can afford to send billions to other countries for “LBGQT” gender studies in those countries and other laughable crap that is not funny? We are really fk’ngup the domestic issues with 2 million more coming into our country each year that we know about, and you want the taxpayers to support them and their kids and families as well as they are also brought over – along with COVID, terrorists, drugs, etc. What part do you not get – this administration does not care about Americans – we are only voting tools. Period.

  3. This is COMMUNISM!!! biden/harris are the WORST pres. & vice pres. ever in our history!!! What makes it worse is msm, they aren’t just lying outright, they lie by OMISSION!! There are VERY FEW REAL journalists, and none of them work for msm. I want to see law suits leveled at abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, msnbc!!! Can they at least be charged for lying? There are NUMEROUS REASONS, and they have to be held accountable. IMPEACH ALL OF bidens cronies and himself! They ARE ALL BUCKETS OF STINKING PUSS!! AMERICANS NEED TO TAKE AMERICA BACK FROM THESE COMMUNIST politicians!!!

  4. In last 50 yrs how many israeli are killed versus Palestinians . How would U feel if some one ccame & threw U out of your home

  5. A water gun attack? You mean a squirt gun. Better pass new laws giving Jews more privilege and protection and $$ I guess.

  6. Islamic hatred of Israel and Jews is demonic and entirely irrational. Hamas is a jihadist organization funded by Iran and Turkey. It cares nothing about the Palestinian people it intentionally puts in harm’s way because dead civilians feeds its evil propaganda. The single goal of Hamas is the annihilation of Israel and all Jews. They’re jihadist mentality is ‘death to all infidels’ per the Qur’an. This means anyone that is not Muslim…..including Christians. So, don’t believe for a second that supporting Hamas equates to supporting the Palestinian people. It’s not only a lie, it’s a damned lie.

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