Fox News has now announced that Rachel Campos-Duffy will be the new co-host of  ‘Fox and Friends Weekend.’

As Fox News reports:

Fox News Channel made two major announcements Monday, naming FOX Nation host Rachel Campos-Duffy a co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend” and Lawrence Jones an enterprise reporter for the top-rated “Fox & Friends” franchise.

“The success of FOX & Friends can be attributed to the program covering stories Americans care about with relatable co-hosts and reporters they can trust,” said FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott. “Over the years, our audience has connected with Rachel and Lawrence through their frequent guest appearances and as fill-in hosts on the curvy couch. We are delighted to name them permanent fixtures on our signature morning franchise.”

Campos-Duffy will make her official debut on Saturday, June 12, alongside co-hosts Pete Hegseth and Will Cain, to become the only Hispanic woman to co-host a cable news morning program. Jones’ new position is effective immediately, and he will continue to fill in as co-host of both the weekday and weekend editions of the show.

“Fox & Friends” Weekend airs from 6 to 10 A.M. ET, showcasing a broad range of newsmakers from politicians to athletes to experts in lifestyle and entertainment. It consistently wins its timeslot across cable news with both total viewers and the significant 25-to-54 age demographic.

Campos-Duffy is married to fellow Fox contributor Sean Duffy, with whom she has 9 children.


  1. Excellent choices. Love Pete and Will. They compliment each other. Don’t change the new group

  2. Gotta love it! Rachel and Lawrence are intelligent staunch conservatives who will do an outstanding job! We have seen and heard enough of them already to know how they conduct themselves, I approve!

  3. Is this fox news reaction to Newsmax topping fox news in the polls? I like Campos Duffy but I’m still not watching

  4. Could care less. Until Fox allows truth and real news without censoring, I will not ever watch it again. None of them, not Sean, none of them though Tucker tries his best,,,tells the truth about the corruption, the lying plandemic, the hoax by Big Pharma, Fauci, and the Big Gov’t agencies with the media as corrupt as all. None of this election coup could have taken place without the approval and participation of Fox. We get our news from the new independent platforms that we can really trust.

    1. Enjoy CNN an MSNBC. They are racists and liars. I’m sticking with a network that presents both sides in a discussion.

  5. Rachel is one sharp cookie. And, a sharp devout Catholic Christian Conservative cookie. I love her. Also, Lawrence is too. He’s very right about what the republican party needs to do for the minority community .. I just wish they’d listen!!! I like him too. Now if they can just rethink a few of their regulars….mainly Juan Williams. Fox saved his shirt 15 years ago and he has since stabbed it in the back with his hate for any supporters of Trump and his policies. He should go!

  6. Finally! What exciting, and long awaited news. We could never understand what the former host brought to the weekend program; she was short on commentary, humor, appeal and friendliness. Rachel Duffy is energetic, happy, seems genuinely concerned about issues(not merely picking up a paycheck)and has a good rapport with the other co-hosts.
    Thank you, Fox News. Now if you could replace two others, it would be great.

  7. This is a wonderful choice. She is a most lovely, relaxed, smart woman, and works so well with Will and Pete. Moreover, she is a real mom who lives in Minnesota (not in the NYC or DC bubble). I can’t wait!

  8. Great addition to Fox and Friends. Now if only Fox would get rid of Rivera, Wallace and Juan Williams.

  9. Rand, if you need someone to come to Kentucky and protect your family. Me and my AR15 is available and I guarantee their safety. You cowardly liberal left wing bastards just try me.. It will be your last. We don’t turn the other cheek down here

  10. I was hoping for Kayleigh McEneny! I’ve never heard of this newby? AS soon as “Geraldo-drunk shirtless selfie-Rivera,” resigns with Wallace I might tune in again..

  11. I’m glad that Hispanics will be represented by a perfect example of our culture,proud to be an American!

  12. Yay, we love Rachel! She will be the perfect addition to the show with Pete and Will! Thank You, you do know us out here!

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