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After Joe Biden unveiled his plan to create “vaccine passports” to prove someone has been vaccinated before patronizing a business or attending a concert, etc. Many high-profile organizations and people have come out against the vaccine passports.

Here’s the full list of everyone who has come out against vaccine passports:


  1. This vaccine passport is another way democrats are set on controlling what we can and can’t do. They will discover that it’s expensive to replace these passports when ppl lose them or they are easily produced fraudulently. So, they’ll decide those who been vaccinated will be chipped or marked permanently which is nothing more than the Mark of the Beast. The democrats are the anti-Christ’s minions. Biden isn’t smart enough to be the anti-Christ himself, but one will pop up as that person who will convince all he is for peace, everyone equal, and he is God. The ppl are dangerous.

      1. It will more than likely be the one that all of the so called Christians are looking for; The false savior Jesus. Jesus is the one that came in his own name, and all the sheeple will chase after him. Our saviors name is Yahushua, the Son of Yahuwah. Yahushua said, I come in my Fathers name and you do not receive me. If another comes in his own name, him you will receive. The whole world has been deceived just as the scriptures said would happen.

    1. god is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi CRIMINAL organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping priests .

      1. Sir , they do NOT have the Almighty’s blessing . Satan has always had dominion on Earth . It is the Faithful and Wise’s decision as to which they will follow .

        1. He does only until our Messiah returns to restore all things. Stay in faith, brother; it’s going to get a whole lot worse as the ‘birth pains’ intensify. Still, Maranatha.

    2. I will never willfully be marked or chipped. It’s leading up to the mark of the beast as told in the Bible. And I’m not taking the vaccine. My choice. If I contact Covid I will survive if it isn’t my time to go. And if it is, I accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized several years ago. I won’t obey man’s law if it’s against my faith.


    1. globalists are pushing their classic socialism all around the globe, classic socialism all around the globe equals globalism .

    2. I say my prayers daily. I pray daily I will read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, and their thugs in Congress and elsewhere all catch the coronavirus with a terminal result. Or get struck down with a good heart attack or stroke. God’s help is needed now, not later!

  3. Senile Democrap sleepy Joe Biden strikes again: a vaccine passport, gun registration, but no ID to vote???

  4. The globalist puppet, aclu finally got something correct, globalist puppet $oro$ will cut funding to globalist puppet, aclu .

  5. This is the Great Reset idea of Ing. Klaus Schwab. Founder and Director of WEF that planned the end of the individual freedom and the end of Private Property before the 2030. In agreement with Soros, Rothschild & Partners, Jorge Maria Bergoglio, Bill Gates, ONU and Others into a Big World Elite. Warning because they want that USA wont be the First in the world. President Trump knew it for this reason his electoral campaign was called America First and for this reason the Big Elite was against him. Warning Americans, Rothschild,Soros,Bergoglio,ONU, Schwab, Gates,Democratic Party, CCP, are Enemies and the Great Reset Members.

  6. Let’s think about this. Biden wants proof people have been vaccinated but in order to get vaccinated you need to proof of ID. But he doesn’t like the idea you need to have proof of ID to vote. What am I missing?

  7. Americans need “vaccine passports” ILLEGAL’S DON’T EVEN GET TESTED!!! biden you must be finally realizing this is your last hoorah, I don’t think your going to get the votes you paid for, YOU WON’T STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION!!!

  8. Why have a vaccine passport if a voter ID or showing your driver’s license to vote is racist? Better yet if people want to show they’ve been “pricked” (vaccinated), let them have their Driver’s License pricked with a novel punch. Then we will see if voters have that ID that they supposedly “don’t” to vote. Just another tag on Americans for “CONTROL”!

  9. Vaccine Passport, This is America The Land of the Free. We the American People have free travel with in the United State. America is not like Europe or any other Foreign Countries. America was founded to have Freedom to Worship, Free of Speech, Right to bear Arms and many others. I am an American Fighting Man and will not accept any sort of Restriction the Administration tries to impose on us. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. For all the Left Wingers you have been put on NOTICE “NO”America Love it or Leave it.

  10. They trying to cover up the real problem, the dem party has the border open for unaccompanied minors to refill their pedo rings, they are not being reunited with their family, they are being hoard just like the girls 12-17 to the San Diego Convention Center from Texas instead of taking them to their family, the dem are stocking their prostitution pedophile rings. 

  11. There is more to the virus than what they are telling you, it attacks more than the lungs. No vaccine will save you. Not only are the vaccines experimental they are dangerous and they know it.


  13. Vaccine passports:
    Add more to passport IE
    HC files
    Personal data
    & track U 24/7
    “Show me your papers” from WW2, Cold War
    Very 666

  14. Having to show papers of any kind in order to shop or travel reminds me too much of dictatorships and a police State.

  15. Your website is unreadable with all the ads, popups, etc.
    I enjoy your content but, my God, you make it frustrating to get the whole story.
    If you don’t clean it up I will be forced to unsubscribe.

  16. im sick and tired of politics entering sports , i pay a lot of money to go to a game ,you involve politics and im out ,thats it plane and simple!!

  17. One step away from becoming China! A vaccine passport!!! Gimme a break. Or as Joe the Biden would say “C’mon man!!”

  18. I think it is stupid. We don’t need passports we are not stupid. Time for you to start acting like an adult and realize people don’t need to be monitored.

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