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According to a new report, President Joe Biden is set to unveil a draconian series of executive orders tomorrow on gun control.

As Fox News reports:

President Biden will announce new executive action on gun control on Thursday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki indicated.

Psaki, during her press briefing Wednesday, declined to go into details on what the action would entail but said the president would have “more to say” tomorrow.

Earlier Wednesday, Politico first reported that an executive order is coming – after three recent mass shootings in Boulder, Colorado, Atlanta, Georgia, and Orange, California.

Sources told the outlet Biden would begin the process of requiring those who buy “ghost guns,” firearms that lack serial numbers since they’re sold in pieces and put together at home, to undergo background checks. Biden is expected to be joined at the event by Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Biden’s decision to directly use executive orders to impose gun control on the American people marks a dramatic escalation of the Democrat party’s ongoing war on the second amendment.



        1. Let’s wait and see. They might do the right thing. Lawsuits will be filed immediately after retard joe signs his commie orders. But come what may, I’ll never comply with that idiot. I’ve been an outlaw for all of my life. I’m too old to change now. We have the power. Let’s buck the system.

          1. There is no wait and see it’s already been settled it’s called the U. S. Constitution. They are the ones that are bucking the system. You have it all backwards. Read the U. S. Constitution for the very first time and while you are at it read the Declaration of Independence.

          2. Steve you missed my point. I know that the constitution is clear on our gun rights. I’m just saying that too many judges like to legislate from the bench. I’m hoping that the judges that claim to be originalists will rule by the constitution as it was written.

          1. Now, now. There’s a difference between being mentally retarded and one suffering from onset dementia. Of course he is a prevaricating caitiff par excellence like “You need to pass it to read it” Pelosi.

    1. We’ve lost there. Suckberg donated $350million to the scotus purse pockets right after the fraudulent election. So no help there!!

      1. Are you talking about mark suck-off-berg?biggest traitor ever?i was banned from facebook because i called him a muslim butt kisser

  1. Not the real President. Florida will never allow confiscation. Don’t come to my door. Biden is a joke and a moron! WWG1WGA

  2. I have said it many time: DEMOCRATS do not GOVERN…They intend to Rule……they plan to bypass Congress and bypass the Constitution of the United States of America to implement their Socialist agenda……people deserve what you vote for, you voted for this obscene debacle, then you own it.

    1. “people deserve what you vote for” if that’s the case then you and everyone in America will find their selves living like the people of Germany under Hitler.

  3. Slo Joe’s going to find himself being an Enemy Combatant in a war of his making. Such actions against the 2nd Amendment activate the very reason we have it. To resist and overthrow a Tyrannical Government.

    Tread On This Snake At Your Own Peril President Dumbass!

  4. Dementia Biden’s executive orders will only punish the law abiding citizen and not the criminals. They are called criminals because the ignore the laws that we have now. What DEMENTIA JOE does not realize is the fact that if a person is determined to kill another they will find a way without using a gun. BIDEN needs to reread history SITTING BULL WIPED OUT CUSTER WITH A STICK AND STRING ! Is BIDEN going to BAN,OUTLAW AND CONFISCATE TREES AND STRING ? What about baseball bats, hammers, knives, cars get the PICTURE he will have to ban and outlaw everything including hands and feet !

  5. EO’s do not trump the Constitution or Bill of Rights. POTUS doesn’t draft laws but is bound by the Constitution to enforce the laws already on the books.
    Congress writes the laws.

    1. The older gentleman sitting in OUR house is being fed inaccurate information to even suggest such nonsense. And while many are holding their tongue, the end result will not change what would happen if any attempt to usurp the 2nd Amendment were attempted.

  6. This is stupid there are no stipulations in the second amendment which give the president the right to make executive orders against the second amendment. The end result will be going to the supreme court for a ruling and they know this is unconstitutional. The democrats always talked about Trump acting like he was a king but in reality Biden has decided he is a king and can do whatever he wants to. Dream on President Biden you do not have the authority that you think you have.

  7. Too old to fight, too old to run, for self defense I need a gun. To defend myself, my loved ones, my home, a gun I have a right to own.

  8. Everyone who sees Joe Biden on TV knows that he is brain damaged, and can’t think very well. Now it has become obvious that he can’t read. Either that, or he really doesn’t care what the Constitution plainly says – that the American citizen’s RIGHT to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Of course Biden’s handlers will say that poor old Joe doesn’t know what “infringe” really means. Do you suppose the US Supreme Court could help old brain damaged Joe to read – a little?

  9. All they have to do, is get you to take the shot. Then when you drop dead in a few months to a year after suffering a terrible agonizing death, they can just go to your place and pick up your iron cuz you will be dead from following the sheep to the slaughter and they can bury you with your mask on you pathetic sheep! Throw the mask away and get some balls. I think the average dung sheep American likes the mask and they think it is a fashion statement.

  10. The USA ceased to exist with the advent of the “Wuhan Virus.” Overnight came the flushing of the constitution, rule by decree, and now the mass surveillance of “extremists” (AKA those with alternative points of view0 along with the death of free speech. It is very unlikely to return. China won WWIII while the USA slept…and they didn’t fire a shot!

  11. SCOTUS has no courage, weak cowards didn’t even have the fortitude to look at the crooked 2020 election!! Gutless frauds lied about their oaths with their hand on the BIBLE!!

  12. Biden and the globalist communist democrats might let you have a back yard forth of July barbecue if you are a good sheep and get the gene altering shot. I say screw the communist democrats. Do what you want. We were a free people until they brought this fake BS down on us. Only be a sheep for Yahushua our savior.

  13. First off when 6 thousand plus criminals coming into our country daily thru southern border. Mass shootings by morons that support this fake administration. And gun free zones being targets. I from just south of Chicago. All that live there anymore are ignorant to allow this BS gun control narrative to continue. Gangs are the reason for most deaths. Think that whole city be going crazy. But no they sit back and wait for checks. I don’t own any guns but glad my fellow Americans do. Time to impeach Congress Biden and rest of anti American scum wasting our lives with their BULLSHIT. Sorros and the rest of the billionaires need to STFU and go somewhere that citizens care what they think and get all happy seeing them led around by armed bodyguards. God bless us if we don’t straighten this out soon.

  14. Nope. No way. Not ever. No gun control. Don’t come on my property without a legal warrant. I’ve had 4 speeding tickets in my life. That’s all. The 2nd Amendment is not up for discussion. War is the only way.

  15. Well as we know they are ANTI AMERICA& AMERICANS AND RUN A HITLER style party you can not expect different. the Constitution,bill of rights mean nothing, but as OBAMA THE REAL ANTI AMERICAN STILL RUNS EVERYTHING, They have their law we have ours! IT comes down to total Control no guns no freedom.
    As Joe keeps working on his concentration camps for unruly pesky AMERICANS!!!!!

  16. I firmly believe that this would constitute a basic violation of our right to bear arms under the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. In my opinion, the President has no authority, without legislative approval, to change or amend the Constitution of the United States, through executive orders.
    By issuing executive orders, one after another, Biden has take upon himself to govern this great country. He is doing exactly what Stalin did, in Russia, and what Hitler did in Germany. He is turning into a dictator the likes of which has never been seen in the US before.

    Oh yeah, how’s your GOOD friend, the grand dragon in the KKK? HYPOCRITE!!!

  18. Biden and his fellow corrupt satanic nazi democrats are facing some really devastating news, very soon!

  19. This cognitively challenged occupant of the White House is quickly becoming an even greater gun salesman than his boss odumbo. His assault on the second amendment will result in an even greater shellacking of the dimokraps in the midterm elections than would have occurred.

  20. Stop Biden policy before it’s to late, we are about to set the middle east on fire again, Israel will not tolerate a nuclear Iran. Biden’s {b12} shots are not working any more, he lacks any physical to continue, along with his confused mental state it’s really bad, caused too many unnecessary bad decisions to be made. Time to go. Stop his tax increases, stop tax spending, stops the Biden economic disaster plans, crazy partisan tax and spend democrat, liberal, socialist idealism plans will hurt our countries effort to reduce debt. We have an old man, with old ideas, that thinks he can change our country’s principals, based on his corruption, paid for by the Chinese communist government. Support a criminal investigation into the Biden family corruption. Close to 300,000 thousand, have already signed this petition. Hunter Biden still has strong ties to communist Chinese companies which represents a conflict of interest for our Country, sign the Judicial Watch Petition today and help save our Country before it’s to late.

  21. Do you miss Trump Yet ? I’m one of those never give up kind of guys and I predict that these Demo-rats are going to bring him back on the scene sooner than later. What say you?

  22. Go ahead Biden and sign all the executive orders you want…..your signature is worthless to me….I will take a stand, when ever possible, and not fall in line with “orders” from some doddering old fool….and his puppeteers.

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