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Radical congresswoman Ilhan Omar berated Secretary of State Anthony Blinken over what, at least in Omar’s opinion, was a refusal by the US to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Agreement which had previously been abandoned by President Trump.

Omar expressed a position which was implicitly pro-Iran demanding that the US rejoin the agreement even before Iran had come back into compliance with arms control measures.

Omar seems to be asking the United States to blindly trust a dangerous and fanatical Islamic regime hell-bent on the destruction of Israel without even requiring them to first uphold their part of the deal. But as shocking as this seems, perhaps it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, given Omar’s sordid history of sympathy for radical Islam.


  1. Omar moved from one country to the next several times. Perhaps she should do it again and become an Irani citizen and maybe part of their government, if they would allow curs.

    1. Yebbut she can’t get there what she can get here. Why become guppy prey for the Mullah whales in Iran when here she can be a remora destroying our civilization while reaping our benefits?

    2. Think about it…
      She finally found a permanent home..
      Only in Amerika could a Muslim loving, Amerika hating pos like ilhan omar get elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.
      (The only other western country that could happen in might be Great Britain.)

    3. I’m so friggin sick of this crooked female who has gotten away with marrying her own damn brother to using millions of dollars of left over campaign funds to support her crooked assed husband to voting fraud and she is still a member of congress upsetting our constitution with her disrespect I could 🤮. Get her sorry ass out of our country even !!!

    1. She’s been a Trojan Horse. Under Biden Admin she will be able to greatly show her hatred for American Values and act on it

    2. throw this bag of SH1T into a GARBAGE SCOW and float it to… haiti !
      Those SH1T-bags will welcome it with open arms.

  2. Another commie SAND TURD. Please go away, we see your efforts to to convert America to Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ass kisser. We don’t care, go marry somebody else in your family and disappear.

  3. And we’re surprised by her comments why? She’s a Muslim terrorist herself trying to destroy our country from within. Disgusting!

  4. Cair helps her raise money I read used another family’s name to get in country because her dad worked for a warlord she married her brother for immigration fraud there’s film where she bought votes she should be investigated a real one not a democrat cover up and deported

    1. There’s a third choice . Have her eat a pulled pork sandwich for lunch , pork ribs for dinner and ham & eggs for breakfast everyday for a week . Then deport her 😄

  5. LISTEN UP….DON’T Let the BIDEN Administration join the IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL. MILLIONS of AMERICANS Will Get KILLED. LIST EN to GOD’S ADOPTED DAUGHTER. From SamuraiQueen. 😩😩😩

    1. Well since her constituents from her district are largely Muslim , I am sure they are . Maybe we can deport them as well

  6. How about we do this without the name calling. She is a traitor to our country, and that should be sufficient to have her removed from office. But its ridiculous to look at her, when we have so many traitors on both sides of the aisle. All of which are ready to sell out the USA, as long as its lining their pockets. How about we investigate everyone in both houses, the same way they investigated President Trump. And by all means, let’s start with Biden, Obama, Clinton, McConnell , Paul Ryan, Bush Jr & Sr, Graham, Pelosi, Waters, Schiff, etc…. The list keeps growing, it’s time we kick them all out. America hasn’t failed, our representatives have ???

    1. Very well said and oh so true. The word “Representative” is a joke. The only thing most representatives represent is themselves and their personal greed. Other than a small few, the Senate is no better. I’m sick of politicians and the horse they rode in on.

    2. They’re by-and-large all traitors. Embroiling our country in these cat fights does little more than tack on huge defense and diplomatic expenses to our mounting debts. We’re also engendering enmity within those nations, which may translate into domestic terrorists or another round of airliner hijackings and other retaliations. There is more than a passing resemblance to Empire Building here. The U.S. is a sovereign nation, not an Empire.

  7. Another sterling example of our government ignoring America, and finagling wars, regime changes and trade schemes with foreign countries. These people need to go. Our government is supposed to steer clear of such entanglements, not embroil our nation in these international cat fights and banana revolutions. If Israel wants to attack Iran, it should be their responsibility, their troops, their weapons and their funding. We should demand our sovereignty, and insist that our leaders concern themselves with our domestic issues.

  8. Yes, she should move to another country, or start reading the Bible to find out what Israel is about.

  9. why hasn’t this woman bent sent packing back to Somalia–she is a disgrace to America
    for one thing she hates America–the country that took her in, fed her, sheltered her and
    educated her all probably free of charge and then became a radical islamist she hates jews
    and Israel and has opening said so-she loves Iran–the largest terror supported nation but oh
    Trump was satan!! she’s also under investigation for money laundering and marrtaige and
    immigration fraud–where is that going?? shameful–her and her anti-american squad!!

  10. I would say that she has violated her Oath of Office, and should immediately be expelled from Congress. That same statement would pertain to many Democrats in Congress; plus a few Republicans.

  11. Iran is country that has not invaded any other country – they are not “ragheads”. America initiated the mistrust between our two countries way back in 1953, with our overthrow of their legitimately elected President. The Shah that we placed in control looted the country for 26 some years until the Iranians had their Revolution.
    We need to leave Iran alone – we are the guilty party in this. And Israel – what a bottom-feeding creep of a country that is – a thieving, lying, racist POS.

    1. Richard V Vajs, please, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out to Iran. You are on the wrong site to muster any sympathy here for yourself or the Mullah that wants death to America. Kiss off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. She is nothing but a treasonous tramp. She needs to he taken and dropped off in Iran and left there.

  13. If this traitor wants diplomacy over violence why doesn’t she preach that to her people who are constantly bombing and beheading people. She is total fraud people wake the f up!

  14. Maybe she should immigrate to Iran. Then she can run for office thier. We would all miss her genuine sincerity!

  15. In case you haven’t noticed,,,she wears a ‘di a p. er’ for a hat. That should give a clue as to what she wants.

    1. If you had a mop of Brillo like hers you’d wear a diaper , a table cloth or a dish towel to hide it . She is typical of what the Britsh once called “Fuzzy Wuzzy’s” in the 19th century . The mentality hasn’t changed much either from when the murdered Gordan at Khartom .

  16. apparently there were no openings available at a local 7/11 store, so she decided to become a member of the House of Represenatives…..why we allow radical Muslim;s to serve in Congress doesn’t make sense to me..it is NOT religious freedom, as it is much more a radical ideology that has no place in our goverement.

  17. The only reason Omar wants Biden to rejoin the Obama/ Iran deal is that Iran has promised on numerous occasions that they will destroy Israel, and for some reason Omar is okay with that.

  18. How could such a sorry piece of trash become a congresswoman? Anti American to the core, she should be tried and executed for treason.

  19. Anti-Americam, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian Islamic terrorist Omar is a Democrap sh*thead, protected by crazy Nancy until Republicans retake the US House in 2022!

  20. I’d like to know what happened to the investigation of Omar’s connections with Iran and her getting lots od money from Iran through proxy Katar(sp). Where is the investigation of her active voting fraud she runs? She is plain and simple an enemy of the State. She’s bold, in your faces! Not like the hiding spies of old.

  21. Herer is an istancd of how the votes in this country never counted. Omar should be arrested, tried, convicted and given the worst sentence possible. If that isn’t the death penalty then after she serves her sentence she should be deported. I am tired of people saying these politicians should just leave/resign/what ever. We need to hold people accountable period.

    1. The worse sentence possible ? Ok here’s her choices . She can eat pork chops and pulled pork for each meal while serving her sentence , or she can have one of Comic Lenny Bruce’s “Hot Lead Enamas” something that is sure to clear her mind . Strap her to a table face down , stuff a funnel up her butt , pour in a pot of molten plumbing lead .

  22. Seems like Congress Woman Omar would serve all better by moving to Iran . I am sure her resignation would be accepted . There is No way that this person should have ever been allowed to run for political office let alone get elected . There is a word for individuals such as Omar and their thoughts . That word is TREASON !

  23. Oughta drop this head-cutting garbage scow off in the desert we FOUND her in. Ungrateful sh*t-bucket.

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