Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States via Wikimedia Commons

Under a new executive order recently issues by President Joe Biden, tax payers will now be on the hook for the cost of transgender surgeries for any active duty military members or veterans that want them.

The order is a reversal of an Obama era policy which prevented the use of federal funds of transgender surgeries, some of which can cost upwards of $200,000 a piece.

As The Washington Examiner reports:

Taxpayers will now foot the bill for gender reassignment surgery for active military personnel and veterans, with some treatments costing upward of $200,000 under an executive order signed by President Biden.

Tucked inside Biden’s Jan. 25 transgender order, “Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform,” is a clause that repeals an Obama-era policy that prohibited federally funded reassignment surgery. This was followed up by memos from both Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough specifically stating that surgery is now an added benefit.

“This revised policy will also ensure all medically-necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all Service members,” Austin wrote.

In a VA email to employees, McDonough echoed: “Perform an assessment of the necessary steps to eliminate the exclusion of ‘gender alteration’ (gender affirmation surgery) in the medical benefits package.”




    1. And it doesn’t appear it is going to get much better in the near future as long as this radical group is in power.

      1. It will get Changed and all will stop if “Opophus” hits the earth on Friday 13 2029 it won’t be about money or gender or special interests then , it will be about “SURVIVAL” ! OPB

    2. iemtoo
      Now are we talking about those Russian Women soldiers who were the deadliest fighting force in Russia during WWII, and the Russian Women snipers who killed more of the enemy than any other fighting force in history, during WWII. Then there was the German Women’s infantry, which American forces feared more than German male infantry. mainly because they took no prisoners. Why does the militaries of the World have so many of these women in their main fighting force, a very good example at present was the Kurds who actually stopped ISIS in their tracks, made up of over 40% women on the front lines fighting just like the men. Now one of those Transgender persons belongs to my American Legion post after serving 30 years and honorably discharged, now I do think that a few regret calling him a queer because she dresses like a man.

      1. You have an extremely limited knowledge of the actual World War II history, and who the Americans were afraid of or not! But hey it’s your agenda, liberals don’t care about the truth do they?!

      2. In Vietnam, as a 21 yo 6 ft 3 inch 230 pound marine, I was carried 11 kilometers to a chopper pick up station by other marines. Good luckwhen you have 130 pound women trying to do that.

      3. Those Russian women were not as effective as you claim. The movie “Stalag 17” accurately depicted their ‘effect’. Most of them surrendered to the German army after their tepid resistance to blitzkriegs or extended combat operations. They languished in those prisons for the remainder of the war. As far as females in the German army: You do know they lost that war, don’t you? American women were very effective in their role as instructor pilots, ferry pilots, target drone pilots, test pilots and aircraft/weapons/shipyard/factory workers. We could not have achieved victory during that war without them.

      4. ISIS soldiers feared the Kurdish women soldiers. They believe that being killed by a woman would prevent them from entering Paradise.

      5. You sound just like a Biden propaganda mouthpiece! Where the hell did that bs come from? Oh, let me circle back to you on that! Your a dumb ass!

    3. I thought Obama was the worst president ever but this senile Biden is trying to be even worst. Trying to bring the standards to its lowest denominator of imbecility. I seriously wonder if we can recover from the coming 4 years of a biden “presidency”

    1. John O Hall
      Does that apply to all the cosmetic surgeries to mostly Officers wives and other persons in the military and retired. My neighbor is a retired Colonel and his wife is a retired LT Colonel and both have had facial and abdominal cosmetic surgery 3 times in the past 8 years, and I was old by a friend that the wife has another surgery scheduled at Walter Reed for cosmetic surgery on her neck. neither were hurt in any way in the Military and never served in any combat zone in any capacity.

      1. If I have to pay for my cosmetic surgeries so should they.Our military deserves so much more in medical benefits but Americans shouldn’t have to pay for foolish scrap like this.

      2. I can see veterans healthcare being limited to emergencies and basic health maintenance (I switched to VA Healthcare after Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” caused my Kaiser premiums to shoot up beyond my means to pay them) These procedures you describe are elective, and should only be provided by the VA under specific guidelines.

  2. This is the most redickyouless pile of cow patty I have ever heard. What a disgrace the communist democRATS are and if not stopped there will be no hope for our grandchildren.

    1. You hit a certain nail on the head. According to liberals, the world is vastly overpopulated. Their scheme is to abort/prevent pregnancies, feminize men, promote homosexuality, disparage marriages for heterosexuals, start wars, famines, pogroms, revolutions, etc. to cull a huge proportion of humans. This scheme has put women out of business. The ‘role’ of women now is to clamor for more ‘power’ to promote such agendas, and to place them in harm’s way as soldiers, police officers, etc. The funny thing is, pogroms have been the culmination of liberal efforts long before this current scenario.

  3. Totally disgusting. That kind of surgery is what call “election surgery”, not a must surgery. We as citizens do not get reimbursed for surgeries that are not life saving but strictly electional. It has always been that way. If they want to be a different gender, then pay for it. Otherwise you don’t want it that bad. And I do NOT want to pay for you to have it. I have my own bills to pay.

    1. PS And don’t forget people, we don’t only pay for their surgery but for the necessary drugs they have to take to maintain the gender change for the rest of their lives. They only stay the new gender as long as they take the hormones.


  5. Did we get a bite. Biden can pay for it no more raising of tax it’s my hard working money have their parents pay

  6. Wow! If you didn’t already know that Dementia Joe was a lunatic this should convince you.

    Here is a concept for you Democrats – IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, – PAY FOR IT YOURSELF. It is not the job of the American taxpayers to finance your insane beliefs.

  7. First of all it is not ‘gender’ surgery unless done by a brain surgeon. How gender ever replaced sex bewilders me.
    Does this mean that the military will allow for two clothing allowances, male and female, sort of the before and after?

    Having been a WAF I know that most of the women in the Air Force would be disgusted by this program. They did not enter a psychiatric ward but a military fighting force.

    This is the most idiotic thing that Biden has done.

  8. God assigned these individuals a gender, Now these conceited individuals think they know better than God?

  9. I am a veteran and I can’t even get a tooth implant. I served 13 months in a war zone. Don’t get me wrong I am not asking for anything, my country owes me nothing. But this is a waste of taxpayer monies. Why can they get an expensive operation and I can’t even get a tooth?

    1. You’re a little late. Our nation was ‘destroyed’ when the machinations of cultural Marxism divided our populations into competing factions, each being ministered to by the media, government, NGOs and pressure groups to circle their gender/race/sexual orientation/religious/citizenship wagons for ‘special’ dispensation from the government. Meanwhile, we’re a bankrupt, dystopian collection of sheep who’ve become cannon fodder for wars, and subject to increasingly restrictive speech codes and other infringements upon our Constitutional Rights.

  10. This stupid moron belongs in an insane asylum instead of our white house. He gets loonier every day. He must sit up all night thinking of another idiotic idea to throw at the American people, I sure hope you people that voted for this nitwit are real proud of yourself, just remember you are the ones who voted to take America down.

    1. Numb Nut’s “Hairy Legs” anecdote should have had the same effect as Howard Dean’s “I’ve got a scream” campaign speech. Instead, the media (See “TASS”…) carried that dimwit along until the ‘election’ (See Venezuela”..)

  11. Another Biden move to degrade the military. I swear, this brainless “puppet” that’s running our country is taking it straight to hell. This POS has got to go before things get worse!

  12. Just think this is noting new, by some I saw it in my 26 year career in the US Military, anything to disrupt the people in the civilian sector. I saw the same type total BS when the Military was integrated, saying it was the down fall of the military putting blacks in jobs not suited for their mentality, while at the same time denying credit to black infantry units which excelled them selves in WWII, and black flying group which did the same, yet were denied credit for anything.
    Then there was the thing about putting women in jobs traditionally held by men, once again bringing the military to its knees, which proved wrong in every way you could think of, now we have women in charge of combat infantry groups who have excelled and gotten medals for their bravery and expertise, we now have women in or special forces, and in one case a woman leads the team. When I was in Nam the gays never made a secret of being gay, hoping to be sent home for being gay, but little to nothing was said about it in any way then as soon as Nam was over there was a huge push to get gays out of the military, where gays hade been in the US military since before the US Civil War. Now it is about Transgenders who have also been in the US Military since its inception, during the Civil War hundreds of women dressed as men and went into battle right along s ide of the men and died just like the men, a few women excelled and are mentioned in the History books. Now in my day in the military we called them cross dressers, soon as they were off duty they put on their dresses and high heels and went to town.
    There is one thing missing from the argument about transgenders, now in every 1000 births there at least 1 child which is intersex, meaning they could have both sex organs or they could have a penis and female ovaries or they might have a vagina and all male sexual organs. This has been the same since before there was a Bible written, that some see as saying that thee are not mentally right.
    The last thing is that more money, almost double the amount is spent per year on cosmetic surgery mainly on officers wives, than will be spent on reassignment surgery which only about 20% of transgenders ever receive.

    1. The military is now ineffective. They can’t even fight people who don’t fight back. Once we get into a true shooting war, all your accolades will prove to be wishful thinking. One aspect of war entails the approbation of those who must not only underwrite the costs of conflict (Which are now beyond hideous) but they’ll be asked to sacrifice their sons and daughters in some God forsaken camel hole to help Israel, Big Oil or Communists to subjugate yet another population to their rule. Once those fed up Americans start to grumble, and march around Washington with upside down smiles, the process of demilitarizing our foreign policies will commence. Anti-government/Anti-military campaigns and protests-on-steroids will taint the patriotic hubris that characterizes pre-war propaganda. You and I experienced this activity first hand during Vietnam. At least we learned that American Sovereignty is paramount to our Freedom, our Security and our Economic Vitality. Wars should be our absolute last resort to defend these attributes.

  13. The order is not a rejection of the Obama policies the order is a reversal the trump policies and a continuation of the Obama third term presidency, cause this is exactly what Obama was doing during his presidency…

  14. I can just see a bunch of transgenders joining the service just to get that surgery need to put some stipulation like must serve at least 2yrs and another 2 Yrs after the surgery

  15. That is an elective surgery, just like nose jobs, breast augmentation or other surgeries that people CHOOSE to have. You choose it you pay for it. Don’t hang that bill on anyone other than the person making the choice to have it done.

  16. biden & his cast of clueless politicians are totally f@#king up AMERICA. I can not believe what these communist are getting away with, you know biden is allowing untold numbers of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS INTO OUR, I REPEAT OUR COUNTRY, and AMERICANS ARE LITERALLY HURTING, but the jerk off’s are giving you 1400$ to satiate you, not only that but do you understand that we are paying for it, not just that ridiculous 1400$ but the WHOLE 1.9 trillion. This has to end, he’s only in office 2 month’s and just look at the state OUR AMERICA is in!!! It will take alot of hard work, and serious time to fix his 2 month’s of FAILURE.
    WE HAVE TO FIND A WAY TO END biden, harris, pelosi, schumer, aoc, swalwell, the rest of the swamp scum.

  17. This happens and WE THE PEOPLE pay for it, will not stand long, there is gonna be trouble in DC, like there isn’t already ? They are stepping on a LOT of Toes up there and they know it !

    1. You’re missing the point here. These people are not only troublemakers, they’re mentally defective and driven to molest male or female soldiers to satisfy their sexual urges. Our military requires the utmost devotion of our troops to protect our country, not to take advantage of their enlistment to gain access to young males for their weird fetishes. Military commanders shouldn’t be made to walk on eggshells around these liberal (lawyer…) guarded deviants. They should Section 8 their butts out the gates.

  18. Biden, Harris, and Pelosi etal said they were going to do this during the run up to the election. The Dems to thier credit almost always fo what they say they will always to the detriment of our country. Why is everyone so surprised they kept this promise. What I see happening is people who want this surgery signing up so the American people pay for thier surgery. I retired from the military as a drill instructor and when 9/11 happened a lit of soldiers said they only entered for the educational benefits. Same thing will happen with this policy. They will deny with everyone else it’s up to them how they perform. Do I agree with the policy no. However I am not surprised that the dems kept their word.

    1. “..people who want this surgery signing up so the American people pay for their surgery.” They also have the option to be imprisoned in order to have their surgeries. Let’s not leave our illegal aliens being offered these benefits to encourage their weirdos to cross the Rio Grande.

    1. Numb Nuts might disagree with you. He has never served a day in our armed forces, so he cannot assess the effects such orders will have on our troops. He’s only flexing his political muscles to test the extent to which he can personally make Americans jump through hoops (This ‘virus’ was a sterling example of how liberals operate.) Being control freaks, liberals cast out for more and more justifications to increase their scope of authority; The Constitution be damned. If we do not put the kibosh on these people, we’re going to witness the dismantling of our Bill of Rights, and the subordination of our population to international, non-elected administrations.

  19. I can see the “Trannys and the Wannabe conversions rushing to Enlist and all Pre-Existing Conditions covered and is “Mental Health” covered also?

  20. What is this Socialist,”Spread the Wealth” administration going to do after they run out of “Taxpayer’s Money” ?


  22. We fought King George over Tea and yet we do nothing about them stealing our money to create FREAKS!! WTF

  23. Getting a Dickectomy, or cutting off boobs, does not make a male to female, nor a female to male! The US Military is created to keep freedom, period. This does NOT enhance operational ability, it just makes a confusing mess by ultimate identity politics! But hey, the Liberals don’t believe in a Constitutional Republic, the want Comrade Biden and Commie Harris to cram down their Socialist/Communist Agenda at all costs! Pathetic.

  24. Again: how does this improve our war fighting ability?

    What does rehab cost? Full pay and benefits during recovery for patient and his/her family?

  25. I’m going to try and watch the #46 IDIOT, I kinda think it’s going to be a comedy show, that’s far from funny. I am sure that biden will take credit for the vaccines, that PRESIDENT TRUMP secured for Americans!!!! What about all these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BEING RELEASED INTO THE US POSITIVE FOR COVID. Something needs to be done and NOW. These IDIOTS attached to the current administration, are KILLING US. What about the shredded mail in ballots that were found in Az. THE SHIT NEEDS TO HIT THE FAN AND NOW.

  26. I am a disabled veteran with a TBI from 1977 and after all these years the U.S. government still refuses to accept my description of my injuries and the symptoms that I have explained to government doctors since 1977! The V.A. doctors I have seen are unqualified to diagnose my condition and the government has rejected all the opinions of the qualified civilian AND government MD’s I have seen. They say they want to give me the benefit of the doubt but can’t because THEIR records don’t support my claim. It is THEIR records that are wrong, but I can’t get them to listen to the truth. I can’t fix their problems, ones that the U.S. government created and my situation proves the government has no business controlling anyone’s healthcare.

    1. Do you want compensation for your TBI? What are you trying to accomplish with your campaign? If you were discharged under honorable conditions, and your length of duty was sufficient, you should get treatment.

  27. I ever there wa something called “Elective” surgery.. THIS is it!! Are they going to pay the bill for all elective surgeries now??? Or only if its related to LGBTQ issues???

  28. Effect morale & readiness day 1
    See early retirements big time
    & No re enlistments ahead
    Eyes on China/Iran/Russia

    1. Those attributes were missing during Odumbo’s reign. Military morale is still in need of improvement, and this latest wrinkle won’t do much to help.

  29. I served 26 + years in the service, fought in Vietnam, Serve overseas all doing the ColdWorld with other countries. I was a platoon leader and I needed men to complete our mission. I also had some very good female soldiers and they were good assets; however, we do not need for girlies to worry about what they want to be. The Armed Services need men and women to fight. These Services do not an ENCOUNTER GROUP.

    1. Females were okay, as far as the 702 AFSC (Administrative). When they started infiltrating operations units, they became a problem. I supervised women in flight operations. It was not something I’d recommend. There were cat fights, fraternization with superiors, jealousies, copious time off for child care or ‘personal’ matters, crying fits, speech codes and declining morale among our male troops. (One man even attempted suicide after our female flight ops specialist rejected his advances. I had to fly to the base where he was treated to bring him home.) The military–now a political entity–ignored the many unique problems women created within units. I’ll guarantee this: If America engages in a conflict with enemies that fight back, and become profitable for body bag/metal coffin manufacturers , women will commence a mass exodus from combat units.

  30. Does this mean the Commander-in-Chief can get a brain transplant on our dime? Seems he needs one….ASAP. Having been in the military, I can attest to the effect this will have on that outfit. Pretty soon, those weirdos are going to demand comprehensive speech protocols, such as mandatory “Preferred Pronoun” identifications. California lawmakers legislated these pronouns, which are punishable if violated under our penal code. We can rest assured that the Trans-Species crowd among our troops will clamor for similar benefits, which will tie the tongues of normal soldiers, and collapse what morale and esprit de corps our troops could muster. Our military is a fighting force for our protection, not a petri dish for social engineering experiments on our young people. It’s no mystery why people who’ve never served in our military should not be placed in public offices that oversee our forces.

  31. Boy Biden is worst than Obama! I didn’t think anyone in the Presidency could be worst.

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