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A new report from the Wall Street Journal about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the nursing home crisis in his state has some calling for criminal charges.

According to Fox News:

Top advisers to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo influenced state health officials to remove data from a public report that showed coronavirus-related nursing-home deaths in the state had exceeded numbers previously acknowledged by the administration, a bombshell report says.

The final report focused only on nursing-home residents who died inside those facilities and did not include nursing-home residents who were transferred to hospitals after becoming sick, the Journal reported.

That means the state’s reported tally of 6,432 nursing-home resident deaths was significantly lower than the actual nursing-home death toll, sources with knowledge of the state report’s preparation told the newspaper.

State officials now place the nursing-home and long-term-care facility death toll in New York at more than 15,000 residents, the Journal reported. The number represents deaths since March 2020 of residents confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus or presumed to have contracted it, the report said.

Calls for criminal charges followed:

Gary Holmes, a spokesman for the state Department of Health, issued the following statement trying to defend the actions:

“This report, which establishes that the March 25 advisory was not a driver of nursing home deaths, was a collaborative process between DOH and the COVID task force. The report’s purpose was to ensure the public had a clear non-political evaluation for how COVID entered nursing homes at the height of the pandemic. All data sets reviewed came to a common conclusion – that spread from staff was likely the primary driver that introduced COVID into these nursing homes. While early versions of the report included out of facility deaths, the COVID task force was not satisfied that the data had been verified against hospital data and so the final report used only data for in facility deaths, which was disclosed in the report. While the out of facility deaths were held aside for verification, the conclusions were supported by both data sets. DOH was comfortable with the final report and believes fully in its conclusion that the primary driver that introduced COVID into the nursing homes was spread brought in by staff. Even Bill Hammond of the conservative think tank Empire Center found that the March 25 advisory was not a primary driver of COVID in nursing homes. The decision was made to initially release the report without the out of facility data and to later update the report to include the out of facility deaths. This was done in February and as Dr. Zucker had testified to the legislature, the conclusions remained the same as in July.” 


  1. This is Cuomo’s version of “new math”. What a shmuch! How much more is NY going to take from this guy? The old saying goes…”You can fool some of the people all of the time, you can fool all of the people some of the time, BUT you cannot fool ALL of the people ALL of the time.” Give up your ghost Cuomo.

    1. But for power and control, you only need to fool most of the people some of the time. By the time they wise up, it’s too late. And that’s where we are.

      1. Cuomo, is your typically politician, Lying, cheating and can’t keep his hands to himself. No doubt he is guilty as charged and adding the nursing home fiasco when the old was allowed to die without help is the final straw. HE NEEDS TO GO!!!

    2. Let’s see. Who’s the bigger pathological. sociopathic, parasite? Cuomo, Pelosi, Swallwell, AOC, Omar, Nadler, Schiff, Schumer???? I believe that’s called a tough question!

  2. I guess lying, sexist jerks and stupidity are all we can now expect from the people some of you elected to serve us.

    1. What are you talking about, it’s just playful office banter…. Strip poker anyone? How about a sloppy kiss from a guy who could be your dad, before you go home to your husband!! OMFG this makes me cringe and laugh at the same time!!

  3. Some manager! (Sarc)

    Andrew Cuomo manages the numbers and the news to cover his criminality and incompetence.

    The great Bob Grant had a word for Mario Cuomo: Sfaccim! Like father, like son.

    1. This is nothing with all these Democrat’s now in office and white house its going to get worse. They lie, cheat, and steal. Now no American is safe. There going to make it they never will get out of office and we won’t be free. So with all the deaths in the nursing home and hospitals that happened Cuomo doesn’t care. He will lie and the Corrupt Justice system of the United States will let them all do what they want. So it comes down to either we the American people are not going to keep putting up with it. We need to show them we are through with them.. We are not safe their letting all these Illegals in for votes. If we the American people don’t do something about it then this country will never be a free country again.

  4. That SOB needs prison time …Say 50 years WITHOUT PAROLE should do it..Strap him in the COVID-19 PRISON INFIRMARY section…And let him ROT.

  5. Classic response from Mr. Single ready to Maul/mingle! I was elected by the people, not politicians/lol So the people who elected him, many he sent to their death! He may fair better if he just would stfu and disappear like his geriatric Leader basement Biden! It’s always great when the left eat their own! Getting popcorn ready, for when another employee under captain creep comes forward.. He is such an arrogant narcissistic pos, he’s probably soliciting movie gigs to write his back story. Netflix, hello! You gave the pos AOC a million, and the Obumble criminals a gig, how about a little something for an “EMMY WINNER”!! HELLO, HELLO……
    I hope they lock this mo – fo up!!

  6. Smoke and mirrors…..the bottom line is anyone with a single functioning brain cell would know enough not to force covid positive people into the most vulnerable population,people in nursing homes. This guy is either completely incompetent, or evil, take your pick. Either way he needs to be held accountable and removed.

    1. He was only looking out for the bottom line of NY which is bankrupt. Follow the money, less people on social security and off of state benefits, more to circulate. He really thought he wouldn’t get caught. Had he known this b.s. bill coming down the pipe from the Piglousy blue bail out scheme, he may have stalled. But he thinks he is untouchable, and not all but many New Yawkers are stupid enough to think he is for them, hence he gets re-elected.. 2020 election was a major wake up call, and he may be part of the dominion ring ! I would expect to see him walking around sporting a brand new black eye, like Mittens Romney who just joined the club..

  7. They keep overlooking the real story.
    Trump broughtr in a Hospital ship – if any patients were placed on the hospital ship – the state did not get the per-patient COVID money – if any agtient died on the hopsital ship the state did not get the Federal COVID mortality money per patient. So instead of losing the money Cuomo put the patients in Nursing homes so that when they dies the Stae got the federal money. That is why the Hospital ship was removed – it was all about the money. It’s not just Cuomo. Deblasio in NewYork city was also after the money and wanted the ship gone. It’s also the reason they kicked out Franklin Grahams group out that was helping the Homeless through Covid with a tent hospital – it wasn’t about the Covid Pandemic patients it was about the money – more deaths in areas they controlled meant more money for them.
    Cuomo and Deblasio and many others should be in prison

    1. And Trump paid for that ship and all those beds WITH HIS OWN MONEY! NOT the taxpayer’s money, his own! Tell me again how HE’S the bad guy now, Cuomo?!?!

  8. Isn’t a attorney general or some prosecutor trying to charge Trump with some BS charge? I would be furious if relative was one of the casualties. Incompetence is no excuse. They will drag this out. New Yorkers should be demanding him be investigated. I bet him and his sis start throwing all there so called buddies under bus. Cuomo cares about no one but himself.

    1. Deblasio is as well. What was your point? You just need to vent so you can vote them BOTH in again?

  9. Cuomo’s needs to spend some time in the gray bar hotel for getting them people sick and died bad management

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