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Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) rarely shies away from attacking President Trump. Still, his latest salvo surprised many by going so far as to accuse the commander-in-chief and his congressional allies — without evidence — of scamming supporters out of millions by challenging the presidential election results.


The Daily Caller’s Christian Datoc has more:

“Where I feel really bad though is just the people that are struggling during the pandemic that are giving President Trump’s campaign for this recount because they believe him, it’s just a scam. It’s a big grift,” Kinzinger said on CNN. “After an election, it has turned into an undermining of democracy, and that’s the differentiation.”

He claimed that “people that work hard for their money are giving their money to this because they’re convinced because the president’s telling them they can win, and they can’t.”

“All these members of congress that are posting crazy things so they can get a ton of followers and retweets and raise money,” Kinzinger closed. “I think we have to call it out finally because if we don’t people are just going to believe it.”

By December, the campaign and Republican National Committee had jointly raised more than $200 million in post-election donations.


    1. Who really cares what he thinks/does? I sure don’t … he’s a nothing. Just another loud mouth wanting some much needed attention.

    1. why didn’t I think of that ……………..Flake is another phony that quit because trump hurt his feelings with the truth

  1. This pos should be stripped of his tax-payer funded position for supporting the blatant corruption and fraud that permeated the 2020 Presidential Election. How dare he disrespect our country, his office and We The People in such a shameful way. All we want is a fair and honest election so that we can have faith in the integrity of our system and fully support the result. Don’t think that is too much for our citizens to ask or expect!

    1. Adam Kilnzinger is wearing “mule blinds.” What a traitor to the Republican party! I feel sorry for his lACK OF THINKIING, LOGIC AND HONESTY TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR COUNTY! Where is he getting this attitude not based on fact or history in this day of age. Does he have any type of education, or reading skills? Is this George Soros rhetoric influencing him?
      I could write a book as to this negative biased self centered attitude. Who is he representing? I hope they are concerned and maybe intolerant of his so called grand standing!

      1. When one Starts from the wrong place, you get the wrong Results ..

        ” I pledge Allegiance to the United States of America ;
        Unto the “Democracy” for which it stands ..

        See anything wrong here ?

        City’s on fire , Destruction of national monuments, Mob rule , THAT’s Democracy..

        1. These are the correct words; “democracy” specifically excluded.

          I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

  2. Hey, Kinzinger, if we, Trump supporters, want to continue to support Trump in any way financially either for now or for a future campaign, that is our business, not yours. Mind your own affairs. If we have any future complaints, we will be sure to notify you (wink wink) but as for now, Trump is still the man for us as president and that is not going to change no matter who gets inauguarated in January. So, let us worry about how we spend our money and go on with your life and do not worry about us. We, Trump supporters, are doing just fine.

    1. Exactly! “Conservative” in Illinois and many other places means 1-second clock tick to the right of left (i.e. no real difference, different wallpaper).

  3. HIs career is over ! There are some Republicans attacking Trump about recounts , the Republicans that are attacking Trump are doing it to get on the good side of the liberal party and their attack dogs the liberal media but are digging their own grave because their careers are over and some might even have a recall on their seats . They are so stupid , kissing liberals behinds is pissing off Republicans which PUT THEM IN OFFICE and their career’s are over !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. News Flash Republican and Conservative politicians we the people love Trump , love he is loud and love it he has a backbone and he’s not afraid to call people that lie liars to their face . The ones that hated Trump because he is loud and bossy they better get with the program we your voters want more Republicans like Trump we’re sick to death of weak quite Republicans that will let the liberal party and the liberal media say and do what ever they wanted to our party and never fought back, if Republicans would have fought back when liberals started the racist crap our party wouldn’t be called racist which we’re not and the only reason we are is because weak Republicans let democrats/liberals and their liberal media label us as racist without a fight and never ever demanded the liberal party and their liberal media buddies come up with proof , which liberals never had but as long as Republicans remained like a quite little mouse the liberal party and the liberal media was going to continue to spread liberal BS about our party! Trump is a breath of fresh air and we knew he wasn’t a saint going into the election so all the sex scandals they came up with to damage Trump to Republican voters didn’t work we knew what we elected and we love him !

  5. I was always told “If you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say anything at all”. Why would this so called “Congressman Adam Kinzinger” try to destroy a member of his party especially the outgoing president. President Trump is trying to build the republican last chance of holding onto office from a dishonest group of cheating democrats. Kinzinger is not a very bright person so therefore he must be part of the rino republican insiders. Adam you may be better off if you join the other side they willl love to have you.

  6. What a back I wonder how much money he is being paid under the table by the crooked politicos democrats
    It’s a shame he sold his soul and honor will his children be proud

  7. He’s right. Trump can use this money for anything; he’s just going to pocket it. Do you see Millions worthof effort going into his quixotic quest. We’re being scammed, alright

    1. ToAll Republicans who support Mr.President Trump.we need promise to vote out all RINOS out in 2022. Especially big RINO Mitch.

  8. An ignorant RINO that doesnt care that he is showing the Republican voters that he deceived them and is in fact a liberal plant. Vote that pos out.

  9. Adam…’re a perennial loser from the loser state you represent. Had you had any scruples, you’d join Josh and stand up against Soros and act as a conservative….
    History will find you on the trash heap of failure and blood sucking RINOs

  10. These elitist condescending snobs, pontificators, etc. are in fact JEALOUS of Trump’s success, despite the world of lies, hatred and plots against him. While he came from money acquired through work and skill, his development as a person also came from working class men (his father’s construction crew) and it colors his ideas to this day. And regular Americans hear it. This combination is why the globalists cannot control him and see him as an enemy. Perhaps we need a new political party/movement because these treacherous, two faced sell-outs have got to go!

  11. I think Kinzinger collecting donations all these years under the guise of being a Republican is a “big grift”. Kinzinger, how about you take your political donations and give to the people struggling during this pandemic. Time for you to go. Start looking for employment in the private market cause your political career has come to an end. Democrats aren’t going to accept you and you’ve permanently pissed off all the Republicans. You’re not smart enough to understand Trump.

  12. Kinzinger is just a Pelosi puppet…….he’s as much a Republican as Dick Durbin….he marches to what ever tune Pelosi tells him to.

  13. I am not real sure why these never-Trumpers think they can lead the masses back to playing Kabuki theater with the Democrats and managing the decline of America, while they personally get rich, selling out our country to the rest of the world. The Republican party has moved on to become the party of Americans. The Democrat party has moved to become the CCP-America.
    Adam- we have had a taste of freedom, and it’s sweet nectar indeed. We refuse to sacrifice our freedoms and our country so you can be richer and more powerful. Take a hike clown… we are not going back there, ever again. Its not about Trump, as good as he was, he’s only one man. It’s about America and American exceptionalism. If you don’t get it, you belong with Hollyweird and the CCP group.

  14. Careful there, Skippy. Your job is not guaranteed either. Don’t bash a man that got 75 million votes from all demographics.

  15. This man’s actions are very predictable. Illinois is a Democrat stronghold. In the state they’re only about 5% of Congress that is anywhere near an honest person.

  16. I have so say I think Kinzinger has a valid point. Those $200M could be better put to use to hold the Republican senate seats in Georgia. Donald Trump’s continued insistence on challenging the presidential lection results is undermining voter confidence in those critical run-off elections!

  17. It’s a shame that Republicans are donating to the RNC instead of donating directly to Trump’s legal and groups that support Trump. The RNC isn’t going to do anything to help the steal and as we know their are a lot of RINOs in the party.

  18. With the giant Communist Democrat propaganda media machine and big tech so against President Trump and We The People, his and our only means are the American people. Unlike RINO’s like you we want to save our country from Socialist Democrat rule so we answer the call to demand justice and save our constitution and freedoms from the likes of people like you.

  19. I’d like to tell him what I think of him too. Not that he would care. Those kind don’t care, they just want publicity and power. Get out.

  20. He might do well to get his head out of whatever dark place he has it and come out to see the light. I ahve seen more fence post with more brains then he has.😚

  21. Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill), I don’t know what they promised you but it’s very apparent you have been bought off by the Liberal Leftists. I sincerely hope your constituents throw you out of office next election because you are a disgrace to the Republican Party sir. I am not a Republican but rather an Independent and have no loyalties to anyone but myself and I will call it like it is and you, SIR, are a RINO plain and simple…..

  22. Adam — start looking for another line of work – U are finished — like all of the traitors in this republic (Demorat and Republican )– the new look of the world will have no use for you — after President Trump is reelected

  23. Okay. We’ve been told we can’t win so we should just give up. Give in. Accept defeat without a fight. Roll over and accept it. Sorry, not in my DNA. You want my country you’re gonna have to pay for it, and cheating won’t pay the bill.

  24. The video evidence in GA is there and presented to the state legislature. People know this is a scam abetted by governors, judges and politicians like this clown. Recall him, fire him, get him out of office if he is this brain dead.

  25. It’s a good thing that these types are being revealed. How else would we know who the real Adam Kinzinger is? Look at the smile of satisfaction on the CNN Leftist as Kinzinger is talking. What does that tell you?

  26. He is like a others that want to be on media and are totally out-of-touch. We have a democracy and without President Trump and his efforts to get to the bottom of all of this election fraud people like Kinzinger (and others running as Republicans) will never have a chance. The democrats and their fraud in these elections should be who he is critisizing and get on the bandwagon! He should write the first check!

  27. Kinzinger, is a Nancy Pelsoi hand puppet….I’m surprised if he is able to actually breathe unless she tells him to…inhale…now exhale…inhale…..exhale.

  28. The saddest part of your statement is that there would be no reason to raise more funds if the election had not been tampered with what a concept legal election no reason to ask his 74 million voters to help him prove what should have been done and over with. It’s hard not to notice millions of votes counted that had no voter attachment. The best ones were the deceased voters. So give that some thought.


  29. Get ready teacher , chaining white kids together telling them they should apologize for being white. !!! I believe there will be lot of run ins this with teachers and parents ahead. Let me see it closes they can teach that garbage in the OUTHOUSE !!!

  30. Well—-I’m missing the point or something…… I see it, here’s the point-the Republican party doesn’t have all the big money swamp people in their corner like the Demoncrat’s party swamp-you know the ones-the ones we don’t even know about -the REALLY BIG secret ones behind GLOBALIZATION. UNDERMINING of Democracy????? That would be you and the likes of you, “y i y”-as Ben Shapiro may say, but the folks who run this post would “edit” that so I certainly wouldn’t call you an idiot, my goodness. Oh my I misspelled Demo-crat, too. oops I did it again.

  31. If you Google RINO, you’ll no doubt get a photo of Kinzinger, but then if you Google asshole, you’ll get the same picture. I just love how the Democrats and their lying Republican brethren are concentrating on saving our democracy. They commit the crime of the century with the grandaddy of all voter fraud schemes and then accuse the person they screwed of destruction of that very democracy by complaining about it. Anyone with a functioning brain knows there was voter fraud. If you have a brain that is not only functional, but useful, you can see that the voter fraud was monumental. As one mathematician discovered, take the grand sum of all the registered voters in the US-subtract votes won by Trump and you’ll find that Biden got every remaining vote and 13,000,000 more. This is voter fraud writ large. I’ll guarantee you that if the total scope of the fraud is NOT uncovered and addressed, there will NEVER be an honest election again. Selecting our leadership is the bedrock of democracy and if it is gone, democracy is gone, the Constitution is gone and the rule of law is gone-leaving behind a shell they will call democracy. Which brings me to my final Google-Google idiot and I’m sure you will get the same photo of Kinzinger.

  32. He is NOT a republican. When will he be removed from the republican party? Soo tired of these non-Republican commints. When is the republican party going to clean it’s self of non-republicans?

  33. Kinzinger is a Traitor to the Republican Party Our Great President Campaigned for that Slime ball And Romney to Both Will Burn in hell for there lousy Way of lying here on earth . i will be praying both of them to get voted out next time around there ASS kissing Assholes. oh and Susan Collins and murky ass Murkowski in Alaska not sure what there gender is !!

  34. Republican my A–. He is no republican. Another democrat from Illinois, Chicago machine. I was a pole watcher in ’64 for Goldwater, was appalled with the corruption and made me apolitical for 20 years.

  35. Now we get to see the true personalities of these politicians and their allegiance to themselves. Wonder what the Republican leadership promised him?

  36. For years we have been passing this Omnibus bills that lined the pockets of foreign programs which in turn, the moneys end up in foreign central banks while at home we continue to pay taxes that our poor, in need, and seniors do not see or get.

    This is CRIMINAL!!

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