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Big tech has now unilaterally decided to begin censoring the content of distinguished military veteran and GOP candidate for Florida’s 13th congressional district Anna Paulina Luna.

Luna won the GOP primary for her seat and has received the endorsement of both Rep. Matt Gaetz and President Trump himself.

Luna discussed the big tech censorship targeting her in a post to her Facebook page:

One of the things that apparently triggered the social media censors was a picture of Luna with a gun. Luna, who is staunchly pro-Second Amendment obviously didn’t have a problem with it, and neither do millions of Americans who value their constitutional rights. But apparently woke social media scold do.

This kind of censorship, of a candidate backed by the most prominent names in her party and who has already won her primary, is never applied to the Democrats. Only to Republicans. A double standard that threatens, not only her candidacy but potentially even American Democracy itself.

Luna is the type of candidate that Americans who value their freedom and constitutionally protected liberties are bound to flock to, and the kind that they need in congress if America is to have any hope of fighting off the far-left plague currently threatening its shores.


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  1. Sue Big Tech on race issues, harrassing a Latina.
    Alone shake up Dems
    Make= make fair, Goes both ways X100

    1. Some have tried and failed. Congress carved out special protections for Big Tech media companies, allowing them to censor whomever they wanted to.

      I’d say it’s time to demand that Congress remove their protections, but seeing as how they’re the Pravda of the socialist Democrat Party, it won’t happen.

  2. Big Tech needs to be investigated! We don’t hear about them censoring DemocRATS who regularly say terrible things about Conservative Republicans!

  3. It is time to shutdown these anti American communist pigs for good! Viva la revolución, good and decent citizens of the United States of America! It’s time to drive these communist demons into the sea!!!!!!

  4. We need a shit ton more just like her. Those wanting a better America. Not more riots over criminals being killed.

  5. She is one of the many rising stars of the GOP. Really smart, motivated, constitutionalists are going to turn the USA back into the USA. They are mostly women, Black, Latina, White…and as a 3 war vet, I’m damn proud of them.

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