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Cultural revolution…

Flickr user: Amanda Walker Reston via Wikimedia Commons

A group appointed by Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) has compiled a list of monuments to “remove, relocate, or contextualize.” They include some of America’s most famous landmarks.

Bowser’s minions have also identified “problematic” schools, buildings, and parks in the District. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin are among the legendary historical figures in their crosshairs.

Here are the most outrageous targets of their attempted political purge.

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Washington Monument

Diliff via Wikimedia Commons

The iconic obelisk that dwarfs the National Mall commemorates George Washington, the commander-in-chief of the Continental Army for the entirety of the Revolutionary War and America’s first president.

Jefferson Memorial

Micahmn via Wikimedia Commons

President Franklin D. Roosevelt sponsored the construction of the most famous monument to Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence, the founder of the Democratic-Republican Party, and the third president of the United States. 

Columbus Fountain

AgnosticPreachersKid via Wikimedia Commons

Unveiled in 1912, the entire District welcomed the marble memorial adorning Union Station with three days of parades and fireworks.

Columbus’ 1492 voyage across the Atlantic paved the way for European exploration and colonization of the Americas. The world was never the same.

Key Bridge Boathouse

Famartin via Wikimedia Commons

The Key Bridge Boathouse, named after Francis Scott Key, lets D.C. residents and visitors escape the city’s perpetual hustle by renting kayaks and paddleboats to take on the Potomac River.

Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem of the United States: “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School

Lucélia Ribeiro via Wikimedia Commons

A national hero during the Mexican-American War, Zachary Taylor would eventually become the 12th president of the United States.

George Mason Memorial

Zachary R. Ziccardi via Wikimedia Commons

The Virginia Declaration of Rights, George Mason’s magnum opus is considered the inspiration for the Bill of Rights.

Mason’s stamp of approval is evident in many portions of the U.S. Constitution. However, he ultimately did not sign it for several reasons; most principally, its lack of a bill of rights and failure to immediately end the slave trade.

Tyler Elementary School

Airman 1st Class Cody Dowell via Wikimedia Commons

John Tyler served as the tenth president of the United States. A proponent of manifest destiny, Tyler spearheaded the effort to annex the Republic of Texas following its split from Mexico.

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  1. Why Liston to ridiculous demands made by obvious communists trying to erase our culture. The National guard must continue to protect these monuments and Federally charge anyone attempting to cause destruction to them and those crossing state lines to riot.

        1. here is what this black mayor of D.C. really wants.

          1. Abolish all monuments and buildings for WHITE people.
          2. Declare that all black people are the ONLY first class citizens.
          3. Confiscate all property belonging to white people and give it to the blacks as REPARATION.
          4. Abolish the constitution and make us into a COMMUNIST NATION with them in charge.
          1. White liberals gave it to them and you other whites just let it be so who’s fault is it really LOL!

    1. She will want our Vietnam wall torn down, There is a lot of my Black Brothers names on that wall and she better not touch it…..

    2. Why do think their communists? far more likely to be far-left wing America hating liberals who want America to be over-run by non- American Democrats.

    3. Black Lives matter has the racist goal of cleansing white people from this earth. As white men,  we at White Lives Matter,  are offended by Black Supremacy and racism. There isn’t a city in the USA that does not have a street named for Martian Luther King, Jr. This man’s whole life is was a lie! His name isn’t even Martin Luther King, Jr. The name on his original birth certificate — filed April 12, 1934, five years after King was born — was not Martin. Nor was it Luther. In fact, for the first years of his life, he was Michael King. And it wasn’t until he was 28 that, on July 23, 1957, his birth certificate was revised.

      Photo of King at Communist Party Training School can be found on the Web.
      Photo taken Sept. 2, 1957 of King attending the Highlander Folk School which the Communist Party operated at Monteagle, Tennessee.  Identified in the picture are King, Abner Berry, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and writer for the “Daily Worker,” Aubrey Williams, Communist Party agent and president of the Southern Conference Educational Fund (SCEF) a red front organizing blacks in southern states, and Miles Horton, head of the Highlander Folk School King was listed on the schools’ letterhead as a “sponsor.” 
      MLK, was a liar, cheat, womanizer, and a communist sympathizer – if not a party member himself. The MSM keeps perpetuating the myth that this guy was a saint. It is common knowledge he had drunken sex orgies with women and had had one in Room 306 of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis prior to being shot. Just before his death there was a movement to rescind his doctorate degree for plagiarism.

      We, at White Lives Matter, feel very uncomfortable around one of his statutes or driving on a road with his name on it.

      MLK is the only person to have his or her own Federal Holiday. What happened to DIVERSITY? Is he more important than George Washington? Get rid of it and honor Washington.

      All statues of MLK need to be torn down, streets and buildings named after him need to be changed. History books need to be rewritten by eliminating any mention of him. We find all of it offensive!
      Demorat socialists, does this make you break out in a sweat? This is exactly what you are doing to our founding fathers and our country!

  2. There IS one monument that needs to be moved to the National Archives, representing a severely egregeous
    time and national leader — The Lincoln Monument.
    The true history of the Civil War and all facts leading up to and after indicate that Lincoln was a TRAITOR of the U.S. Constitution. His untimely death shows that
    many Americans held this view, North or South.

    1. You are so right. I’d replace the Lincoln Monument with a statute of Rev. Al Sharpton, with a smaller one of LeBron James by his side.

      1. Neither of those two loud mouthed morons has contributed anything constructive to our society, so why would we erect statues to them?

      1. Eddie, you might want to read my Sue thread below … I studied in Ohio and Mississippi; the difference in OHIO SLANTING is obvious…

      1. Sue,

        From Contemporary INDEPENDENT History Scholars who have studied this total matter with the TRUTH in mind, not the political correctness blindly followed by history sheep. P.C. is brought about by those “academia” who are funded by our government and will SAY whatever the “shepherd” tells them to.
        The Internet is a very powerful search tool;
        I recommend you do some current research.

    2. Lincoln was the ‘great emancipator’, certainly!!! not a traitor,not by any means! before you mouth off with your ‘revisionist history’, and before you push for The Lincoln Monument to be moved, or for that matter, any statue representing our history, whether it offends you, or not, remember, that you, and the lot on the left, have no business removing, or destroying, ‘any’ of America’s history… and, unbeknownst to you…America does not revolve around the liberal left’s every whim, it’s absolutely disgusting to witness the lefts destruction of America, you have, and continue to destroy us.

      1. Actually, Cynthia, I’d suggest that Lincoln was a mixed bag. It continues to be debatable whether secession was allowed under the Constitution (unless one believes that might makes right). However, the attack on Ft Sumter was an act of war which required a response and Lincoln deserves some credit for preserving the Union. Was the “Emancipation Proclamation” worthy.. yep, but it was not the actual cause of the war. Lincoln also gets the blame for beginning the unsavory federal habit of bribing states to do things the federal government wanted (many of which may be beneficial) with their own land or money thus creating the seeds of our current behemoth.

  3. Who would ever imagine such nonsense. Why doesn’t this mayor do their job and get off of this ridiculous “woke” bandwagon. And who was the genius that titled this movement “woke” anyway? Was it Obama? These people are mentally insane!

  4. arrest this traitor

    enough of this ignorance

    real problem w urban america is electing unqualified and ignorant leaders

    1. The REAL problem is immigrants who brought their culture with them instead of assimilating ours. They came for our RESOURCES.

    1. They should return all the part that doesn’t include the Government buildings back to Maryland and leave the government buildings independent. If these fine citizens want representation Maryland already has it.

  5. This is absurdity at its finest
    These memorials represent our country good or bad
    These groups are attempting to erase our history to appease people but more importantly remove them and we will make these mistakes again
    These jumping to rash decisions is not the way

  6. Most of what this pinhead and her so-called committee want removed she has no jurisdiction over. Even attempted removal by these hyenas should result in jail time for all involved.

  7. How about instead trying to tear down our history why don’t we build some monuments to famous black, Native or Latino historic people! ? y did I have to think of this and not all those politicians!!

  8. Remove the Terrorists, anti Americans, Socialists, Communists, Rioters, and other such idiots and keep our history, you do not see Indians aka Native Americans destroying what was their country first but taken away from them. This is insanity. Read again Thomas Paine’s book Common Sense.

  9. best plan is to remove the mayor and keep the monuments! haven’t the know-nothings who only kowtow to the ‘ destroy-our-heritage’ idiots done enough damage? too bad we can’t send them to some far-off deserted place where they can just destroy each other.

  10. This is NOT a new idea. The Nazis and Marxist did the very same thing in Russia and Germany!
    Is that same result what we are going to accept?
    I honestly believe it’s going to come down to a civil war. Blood in the streets of American cities.
    I hope I’m wrong!! But I don’t think I am!

    1. She’ll be out of there in a matter of months and they will always be there. Ignore the mouth. Can you imagine the steps involved to remove these works of art? Providing of course the heathen mobs don’t take action.

  11. Does anyone ever say no to this BS. IF history continues to be removed from America then Americs will no longer exist as we know it. I think Bowser and the special committee be removed and not aloud to exist. Bowser is a raisist for allowing black lives matter to be put on the street. If you aren’t a rasisest your wording should say all lives matter. Because of your wording you are part of the rasisest problem.

  12. How about we just bulldoze the mayor’s office with her and her committee in it. That should solve the problem. At least until they elect another insane mayor.

  13. Soon there will only be statues of blacks everywhere. Maybe they should erect a big one of Anthony Johnson who was black and was the first black slave owner in the colonies.

  14. This is nuts. So wrong to destroy our country. You can take something down or erase something but it still happened. Our country was built on warriors and hero’s to try and denie that is proof that some people are stupid to say the least and an embarrassment to say the most.

    I say erase those who want to destroy our country.

  15. I would say pull this mayor’s head out of her butt however I am afraid it is to late . Instead she must be removed and regulated to the scrap heap of stupidity . Anyone wishing to remove monuments to our founding fathers and those who have help create this nation deserves nothing less . Even removing statues and monuments to those who’s views you disagree with , those of the Confederacy . You may not like them but they are a reminder of America’s past and how as a nation Americans have strived to overcome our faults and mistakes . Removing them is to deny history in an attempt rewrite it for one’s personal agendas .

  16. These monuments are the American culture and history and belong to all country. Stupid Mayor does not have rights to remove and relocate these monuments. He has to be removed as a Mayor immediately as the enemy of American People and held accountable for his action.How long we have to tolerate such foolish people in power without punishment.?

  17. They are trying to delete history. Well, our history actually defines what happened in the past. THE PAST SHOULD BE REMEMBERED. Great things happened and very bad things happened. We have learned from both. Don’t let them take our history away

  18. As a native of Washington DC I vociferously protest any actions taken to reduce minimize remove over otherwise change our glorious national monuments and those who do so should be hung from the highest tree!

  19. I am not surprised by this. There is an element in our country who are intent on destroying the America we know by any means possible. Then they think they will be able to reconstitute the country in their image of what America should be. These tactics were used to overthrow democracy in Russia, Germany, Italy, China, and Cuba. If they successful it will be the end of “Rule of Law” and freedom. There will no longer be a land of the free and a home of the brave.

  20. This Mayor Swamp Monster is dangerous and evil to America. It’s past time to purge our country of such stupidity. We are at war people so choose your side carefully, Americans versus Marxist!

    Pray for peace but be prepared for war!

  21. Why hasn’t anyone considered getting our monuments covered under the national historic preservation act- historic preservation?

  22. Muriel Bowser should resign. She should try to help her constituents instead of trying to become ‘infamous’. What has she done to improve the lives of the poor in DC? What has she done to improve the schools. So sad to see these leaders have an opportunity to help and all they can do is spread hate and racism.

  23. How about removing Bowser. She seems to be the problem not the Founders of America. Maybe she would be happy in her Ancestral Homeland. I doubt it as people like her are never satisfied with anything.

  24. It is long past the time for these lunatic leftists to rounded up and sent back to the mental institutions from which they escaped.
    If those sad, tragic clowns force We The People to do it, it will be quite messy….

  25. They need to remove bowser !! the main problem in D.C. she is a shit stirrer ,and won’t be happy to she gets people killed ,rid this vermin from D.C. government post haste ,like yesterday!!!

  26. All symbolic ideals of our great exceptional nation, the exception because of the provided liberty.

    Of course Democrat would hate them!

    All the more reason to never elect a Democrat

  27. Big talk! Since these monuments are on Federal property, the mayor can’t do a dadgum thing about them! Yet more hate speech from the demented Left!

  28. Obama once said he wanted to be the father of the country -so they are erasing all of the US culture and replacing it with Marxist paper-hanging third world African chaos. Africa, the one continent that has seem communism but has never seen an industrial revolution. Except for Egypt, it’s the one continent that has never got past tribalism (South Africa has denigrated back into tribalism). It’s the continent that had slavery long before the US – and STILL does. This is the culture that they want to replace ours with? Really? And the Democrats are good with that?!


  30. We really need to rename all the streets in America named for a serial sexual predator and rape conspirator…. Martin Luther King, jr.

  31. Those are America and American’s statures. NO NO NO. Who are these people to destroy our history and our landscape that we are so very proud of. If you do not like this country – GET OUT , LEAVE. This can not be done just because of a few people who are being selfish, hateful, and hateful to this country. Alot of people fought and died for this country and these statues are part of us all. This country is not for a few to make decisions like this.

  32. Believe most of those monuments are on federal, rather than city property. If any are not, President can, by decree simply declare them national monuments and make them umtouchable.. As a followup, all payments to Dc “in lieu of taxes” should be stopped immediately. We can call this the “Starve the Scum” Program.

  33. Muriel Bowser is another vile, anti-American activist who wants to destroy the history of the United States. The monuments mentioned here were to imperfect men, men who were of their age and who had imperfections of their age. These men also had great courage and moved this country forward in many ways. Muriel Bowser has done nothing to advance the stature of the United States; she does not deserve to have a say in what made this country great.

  34. Washington’s Mayor is extremely ridiculous and stupid. Why he can want to erase the American history? HE should respect the American History! He is so IGNORANT. HE DESERVE TO GO TO THE JAIL. How about the rioters and looters turned down the other monuments, last month. All these people deserve to go to the JAIL, Period!

  35. This originalist “CON” (against) “FEDERATE” (federalism), gets quite a laugh out of all you Yankees FINALLY catching up to all us ignorant Southern Boys (well, except the proclaimed racist part….I still don’t like that, and WE never did).

  36. Anyone who attempts to damage or mess with these monuments and schools needs to be arrested and thrown in jail. Here’s where we need a president who in control! Not Biden. Trump had a plan to take care of these left-wing Communists. Guess the American people weren’t intelligent enough to reelect him!! Disgraceful.

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