Every adult knows that politics is an ugly business. But even in this hyperpartisan era, there are universally accepted truths, like leaving children alone. At least we thought there were.

For the two young women in the video below, adhering to even that minimal code of conduct was impossible. Incensed at the sight of a boy and his mother waving pro-Trump signs, and his Make America Great Again hat, the duo flew into a rage.


Fox News’ Caitlin McFall reports:

The video posted online shows both sides yelling at each other in a parking lot. The mother and son were eventually joined by two males who attempted to get the hat back.

The video was shared by Students For Trump.

Violent or aggressive encounters have been common since President Trump took office in 2016, with countless videos appearing of people wearing so-called MAGA hats being accosted in some fashion.

And universities have had an increase in aggressive behaviors towards Trump supporters on and off campus, with what some have deemed attributing to “cancel culture”.

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  1. Assault, theft, destruction of private property, verbal assault (probably profanity to a minor).
    And the worst of them all – LITTERING!
    Good job and applause to the liberal educators and all the universities for turning out such compassionate, caring, supportive, self-respecting young people. But they have self-esteem – no self control, but they feel good about themselves and that is all that matters, right?
    Liberals everywhere should be proud.
    Sadly, if I said something about retaliation it would probably be me that the liberal thought police would scream at and seek “justice”.

    1. I happen to be a retired marine (E8) and i am near 80 yrs (young)..I still do 5 miles at a fast jog pace..Well, one am about 0500 i was out doing my thing wearing a Trump cap when two “low life’s” tried to stop me and threaten to knock my cap off ..Well, I better not tell you where that occurred because I left both of them in a ditch,and went on my way ! Stand up and fight..Or, lose it all !

      1. It’s called ‘taking out the trash’. Of course – If the media found out they would have twisted the account around without seeing any of it: ‘Angry rage-fueled Marine goes on rampage – attacks poor defenseless Biden supporters’. Trump supporters will never win in the narrative-twisting media. We have to collectively pull the load – ourselves, sometimes at great expense. Stay tough, and Thank You for your service.

  2. Hopefully the Trump campaign invites young Riley to the RNC. Then hopefully they show the video to all Americans to show what Biden, Harris and rest of the left are REALLY about-harming anyone who doesn’t agree with their radical agenda to destroy America.

  3. The pics are good enough to identify these women. Find them and make damn sure they never pull crap like that again. Sooner or later the response from someone will be that they will end up in the hospital or dead.

  4. Good Morning you know why this is happening because where not standing up for ourselves if that was my little boy my wife would kicked there ass or if it was my grandkids my daughters would have kicked there ass start standing up sometimes the only way to stop violence is with violence words to live by

  5. If the boy was named Jussie, and this harassment didn’t really happen to him, and the (imaginary) antagonizers were (imaginary) Trump supporters, then this story would be HEADLINE NEWS on all the major news channels. But, since it REALLY happened to a handsome little boy who admires Donald Trump, the news could give a fig.

  6. I was raised to never strike a woman, but attack any child like that in my presence and you’ll find out what Berserk really means! I’ll give you the arsekicking your mum neglected too.

    1. “Never strike a woman”? That’s “the patriarchy” talking. That is white male privilege. Worse, it is an insult to the LGBQT community. “Gender”, after all, is not a biological fact (*), but a social construct and therefore has no meaning beyond that with which we, personally, subjectively endow it. Put simply, punch the b***h’s lights out or prove yourself to be a bigot! Social justice demands that you trash these “people classified as female at birth” the same way you would anyone else. It’s a new millennium. You need to change and adapt (plus it will make you feel better after you cold-cock the pair of ’em).

      [* And even if gender were a “biological fact”, as we all know from Joe Biden, the Left “values truth over facts” – yes, I know how idiotic that is, but HE said it, not me…]

  7. What a Shameful demonstration by two Girls that made a young boy cry and stole his personal property and they assaulted his Mom ! If they are Biden supporters, I hope Biden doesn’t get enough Votes to hold a “Dog Catcher’s office” That’s What you have to look forward to America if the Democrats get into Power because that’s all they desire “POWER” Besides all the Looting ,Burning, Destruction of Cities and Businesses all in Democrat controlled States and Cities. That’s All they Have as a Plan to move Forward , That and Empty Promises of “Head-in the -Clouds” Ideas
    if you have a clue as to who these girls are Please let the Authorities know!

  8. No adult with a brain would do such a thing to a child. Would those two morons do the same thing to the child’s father? Not l likely. He’d beat the crap out of them.

  9. Democrats victimize children. 60 million murdered babies, 13,000 boy scout sexual victims of Democrats, human trafficking and of course Democrat thieves stealing from children.This is what the slavery party has always stood for.

    1. Please don’t lump the Boy Scout issue into the political mess. A lot of Republicans support the BSA as well, and it has to be a two-sided issue, in all fairness.

  10. When someone steals a Trump hat, it simply forces the victim to give the Trump campaign more money for a new hat. Please, steal my hat!

  11. They accomplished one thing that stands out and that is how completely brainless and gutless to attack a child for his right to proudly display a hat in support of his chosen hero. I guess this is what real college education is all about in this hate filled world the Democrats have thrust upon us from day one of President Trump’s office. IF I hear one more time; “We are all in this together”, the person mouthing those words to me will get a response they hadn’t expected. It’s just a slogan that means absolutely nothing when having to view incidents like this and the months of hate filled slander against a sitting American President. This hatred has had the stamp of approval given to the rioters to burn; destroy and injure our Police Officers just doing their jobs. A vote for Biden will insure that this behavior will continue and be condoned by supposedly intelligent people that we have the misfortune of watching this country be destroyed by radical left, power hungry losers.

  12. A proud moment for the parents of these two trashy girls! Wow! I bet they will throw them a party for picking on a seven year old.

    really, is this what Biden and camel-la advocate. Torture of little children.


  13. Looks like a couple of really ugly women who shouldn’t be wearing spandex to me. Liberals only attack those who they think won’t fight back or in groups. All nothing but cowards who probably never finished high school. I would have loved to have been there.

  14. Nasty Ass Women. These two thugs are a shining example of how the left behaves. I would of laid that Cow of a lady out the monent she swung on me with those man like arms. I pray to the Lord above no men are tapping those He-She’s.

  15. These two disgustingly disgusting low life Women need to have done to them what the left does so well and that is to cancel cultures these vile violent thugs. There employers should fire them. They need to be charged with about a half a dozen crimes maybe even more. Lock them up with people just like them.

  16. These two liberal minded woman are pure evil and hate anyone who has conservative values. It is obvious that both of them are being controlled by Satan, The Great Deceiver and Father of Lies.
    Unless they repent their sinful ways, they will be condemned to the Lake of Fire, where they will be gnashing their teeth and weeping forever, and ever.

  17. Typical millennial democrats. Their parents must be SO proud. Seriously. Only idiots could raise their kids to be this stupid.

  18. Assault (criminal and civil), trespass, theft (both criminal and civil), intimidation… One could go on a long time listing the causes of action and complaints, but I have a better answer – I carry a stun gun (protected by the 2nd Amendment under Caitano v Mass.). Take my hat? Have a jolt – or two, or three, or… well, however many it takes until your head is low enough to curb stomp. Welcome to YOUR America where civility does not exist and violence in defense of political opinions is considered a virtue. And don’t bother calling a cop – they’ve been defunded.

  19. I thought children were off limits…Guess not….Truly Horrible. Here on the left coast of SoCal I have to be careful what I say and what I wear……People are really animals.( Retired Policeman )

  20. pretty typical of these deranged Democrat morons..cowardly, vile, hate filled, lunatics… KARMA has it’s name written all over this….

  21. You can’t blame the women but their attitude with is governed by DemocRATS, this what make them like what they are. DemocRATS = lying and party of KKK

  22. This is what liberals do They can’t tolerate anyone else having freedom of speech. Try that in Texas. Or in Missouri.

  23. Do these morons actually believe that Attacking those Americans that have a different opinion or view, is going to change minds ?what these AH’s don’t understand is that it just reinforces their targets beliefs. It is in our revolutionary war DNA. Americans do not roll over or kneel to the opposition.

  24. Those two disgusting excuses for an existence would have been taught a very valuable lesson and obviously their parents never instilled in them social surprised they would just have to learn the hard way especially on how to be respectful in the presence of a minor no matter what the situation. Trump 2020

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